• ‘Demonetisation like Tughlaq’s currency change’

    first_imgPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s disregard towards democratic principles has brought the country to the brink of an economic abyss, said senior Congress leader and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Monday.On the tension between the Modi-government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mr. Chavan said that the crucial November 19 RBI Board meet would result either in a servile central bank or the resignation of the RBI Governor Urjit Patel.“The country is staring at a fiscal deficit crisis brought about by the Prime Minister’s actions. To cover this up, the government is now toying with invoking of the hitherto unused Section 7 of the RBI Act, 1934 to transfer a portion of the central bank’s reserves to its account,” he said.Mr. Chavan compared the schism between the Centre and the RBI to the economic crisis in Argentina in 2010, when differences with the President forced the Argentine central bank’s governor to step down.The Congress leader further said that if the Modi government did make use of Section 7 under the guise of ‘public interest’, it would cause “an economic earthquake”.Remarking that demonetisation had ravaged the lives of crores of people besides causing unprecedented economic chaos, The former Chief Minister likened Mr. Modi’s demonetisation decision to Muhammad bin Tughlaq’s infamous ‘currency change’ move in the 14thcentury. The real motive behind the move and Mr. Modi’s relentless drive towards a cashless economy was to benefit the American fintech corporations, he said.‘No one consulted’“When the decision to demonetise was taken, the government’s intention seemed good. But it immediately became clear that Mr. Modi did not consult anyone before taking this step. It is incredible that the RBI cleared the move barely three hours before the Prime Minister’s official announcement,” Mr. Chavan said.Instead of achieving any of the targets set for it, demonetisation turned into the “biggest money-laundering operation,” Mr. Chavan said.“Not even Arun Jaitley was aware of the particulars of the move. One wonders whether Mr. Modi takes the advice of political adventurers like yoga guru Baba Ramdev on such important matters,” he said. The BJP government has steadily undermined every institution in the country, be it the RBI or the CBI, he said.He further said that the move to replace former CBI Director Alok Verma was nothing less than “a coup” engineered by the Prime Minister to cover up the Rafale scam.last_img read more

  • Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Beauty and brawn at same time

    first_imgPerfection requires patience, an assertion Xiaomi made again and again as the company dealt with the delay in bringing out its next flagship Android phone. Well, finally that phone is here. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is not perfect; but at least it’s close, closer than what most smartphones in the modern world would ever be. No wonder it took almost two years in the making.Here’s a quick walkthrough: The Mi 5 has a premium glass and metal design, a 5.15-inch FullHD display, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor, a 16-megapixel camera on the rear with optical image stabilisation and a 3,000mAh battery that supports quick charging. There’s more. The phone supports dual-SIMs and 4G LTE, runs Android Marshmallow, comes with front mounted fingerprint scanner and squeezes in a USB Type-C port for charging and data syncing. Also Read: Xiaomi Mi 5: A bold new phone that took 2 years in the making But, as we discover often, specifications only tell half the story in case of a Xiaomi phone. It is how much it costs that defines it. Or as company vice president for global Hugo Barra often likes to put it, “kitna doge?” Well, you’ll have to pay Rs 24,999 to get the Mi 5 that has 32GB memory and 3GB RAM. Is it worth the price? Absolutely! Design and build qualityThe Mi 5 is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous piece of tech, this one. With so much power crammed inside, it’s a beautiful monster. It is a phone that you will fall in love with, if you are into that sort of thing. advertisementOn first look, the Mi 5 seems like a fine-looking mash up of the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S6. But actually it is not. The Mi 5 borrows heavily from the Mi Note, a phone that sadly didn’t make it to India. It’s actually the Mi Note, only better, a gradual refinement much like what the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S represent for counterparts. The biggest difference is that you won’t have to sell your kidney (liver, or what not) to buy the Mi 5.The Mi 5 has an all-3D glass body made of Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which has been joined together by a metal frame with chamfered edges. The design is very thoughtful. Xiaomi has been able to make an all-glass phone that isn’t as slippery as a fish. It will skid off a gentle slope, just that it won’t fly out from your hand. The back has a very gradual curve that kind of eases into the metal frame. The front, meanwhile, is flat as a pancake. This ensures the phone sticks to your hand and stays there, unless you really want it to fly. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is not perfect; but at least it’s close, closer than what most smartphones in the modern world would ever be. No wonder it took almost two years in the making At 129 grams, the Mi 5 is light. It is lighter than the Galaxy S7, iPhone 6S, LG’s G5, OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X ? and the list is just endless. And it’s slim — not iPhone 6S slim but definitely slimmer than the iPhone SE. There’s a lot to love about the Mi 5’s design. But there are also a few things that could have been better. It is a very glossy phone, so fingerprints and smudge show up on it prominently. Also, be careful where you place it because the phone is prone to skid its way down to the floor. DisplayThe Mi 5 has a 5.15-inch FullHD display with a 1080×1920 pixels resolution, which roughly translates to 428 ppi pixel density. Although, it is lacking the quadHD resolution that we see on phones like the Galaxy S7, we don’t miss it at all. The Mi 5 display gives the Galaxies or even the iPhones a run for their money, at half the cost. The screen of the Mi 5 can get really bright and it can go really dim as and when required. It displays well saturated colours, and adaptive brightness works as it should. Viewing angles are also excellent. The Mi 5 particularly excels in outdoor sunny environment where its inbuilt Sunlight Display feature kicks in and offers good screen legibility. At the same time, the phone’s Reading Mode option ensures reduction in background glare by shifting colours towards the warmer end of the spectrum in low light or in the night. SoftwareThe Mi 5 runs Android Marshmallow-based MIUI 7, which is based on Android 6 aka Marshmallow. Latest software is always a big bonus, only in Xiaomi’s case latest software iteration does not necessarily translate to drastic changes in the interface. advertisementThe MIUI 7 in the Mi 5 looks almost exactly (save some exceptions) like MIUI 5 in the Mi 4. There’s very little difference between a KitKat-based MIUI and a Marshmallow-based MIUI. We understand Xiaomi’s reluctance to change is geared at offering a unified user experience across devices, but not offering consumers key Android 6 interface elements is a buzzkill. However, if you are not a “stock Android fanatic”, MIUI 7 offers all the bells and whistles that you’d want from a fully-functional operating system. And it’s fluid and fast, even with all in-your-face animations. Also, Xiaomi’s dedicated theme engine works well in offering plenty of customisation options.   PerformanceThe Xiaomi Mi 5 that is available in India is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 GPU and 3GB RAM. It comes with 32GB of internal memory of which about 26.35GB is available for use.The Mi 5, in terms of raw performance, is the most powerful phone that you can buy for less than Rs 25,000 right now. Yes, India doesn’t get the top-tier 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 variant with 4 gigs of RAM and 128GB memory (for now), but what you do get can easily stand neck-to-neck with the best in the business. In terms of hardware, it is as good as any high-end phone. Thanks to Qualcomm’s latest and greatest processor and 3GB RAM, the Mi 5 is a pocket rocket. It breezes past every task — basic or hard grinding – that you throw at it without breaking a sweat. The Mi 5 particularly excels in outdoor sunny environment where its inbuilt Sunlight Display feature kicks in and offers good screen legibility Apps open and close in a jiffy, and navigating between multiple home screens (and switching between apps) is smooth. Moreover, Adreno 530 GPU onboard gives ample kick to games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Need for Speed No Limits, Implosion and NOVA 3. If you are looking for a high-end gaming device that is also relatively affordable, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is definitely the one for you. It gets hot (when you use it at a stretch especially while gaming), but it is also quick to cool down.This is also the first Xiaomi phone to incorporate a fingerprint scanner, and it works well to say the least. It’s fast and consistent, bringing it in line with Apple’s Touch ID and Google’s Nexus Imprint.The mono speaker in the Mi 5 gets pleasantly loud with little or no distortion at peak volume. The speaker output betters the likes of the OnePlus 2 and Nexus 5X. The Galaxy S6 and HTC’s One M9 offer better, but what you get with the Mi 5 at its price point is pretty value for money in this regard. Phone calls made with the Mi 5 are of excellent quality and we did not encounter any odd call drop issues with our review unit. Must Watch: Xiaomi Mi 5 video review and walk-throughCameraThe Mi 5 sports a 16-megapixel camera on the rear with f/2.0 aperture, 4-axis optical image stabilisation, phase detection autofocus and dualLED flash. It’s rocking a Sony IMX298 sensor (first device in the world to ship with this sensor) and a Sapphire glass lens. The camera also supports DTI (deep trench isolation) technology, much like the iPhone 6S.advertisementThe camera app is fairly straight-forward. If you’ve used a Xiaomi phone before, you’ll instantly be at home. If not, it takes no genius to get used to. It’s simple yet functional. The camera focuses quickly and shutter speed is impressive. The phone takes little or no time at all to shoot and process images. The Mi 5 has one of the quickest camera that we have used.The image quality is, however, mixed affair. The Mi 5 can shoot amazing photos and yet there are instances where it falters. It all depends on the available light. For its price, we can safely say that the Mi 5 clicks wonderful images. But it doesn’t match what the high-end phones like the Galaxy S7, the iPhone 6S or even the Nexus 5X, which is kind of a freak with its stupendous camera performance, can churn out. The Mi 5, in good light, clicks impressive images. The rear sensor does a fine job differentiating between light and dark areas so metering is spotless. Details are aplenty and colours are punchy, at times a bit too vibrant, in these conditions. The Mi 5 also does a good job with macros in such situation. Also Read: Xiaomi Mi 5 camera is good, take a look However, in low light the camera shows some weakness relative to what other high-end phones offer. In such conditions, the phone’s sensor tries best to capture (and retain) as much detail as possible but the noise is often visible and contrast goes down. In low light, the images that the Mi 5 churns out are also slightly soft. Overall, we feel that the Mi 5 camera is an improvement over what the Mi 4 offered. And it is definitely a better deal than the OnePlus 2. But then others have moved even farther. Phones like the Nexus 5X, the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S offer better cameras.The Mi 5 regains some ground with the video recording performance. Thanks to the 4-axis OIS, shake is minimal (or altogether absent) in videos and the 4K clips shot with the Mi 5 look fantastic. The phone’s front 4-megapixel camera does an excellent job softening your skin (in good and mid-lighting) in line with what you got on the Mi 4.  XPreviousNext BatteryThe Xiaomi Mi 5 uses a 3,000mAh battery. The phone supports Qualcomm’s next-generation Quick Charge 3.0 technology and charges like a bullet. Sadly, you only get a Quick Charge 2.5 compliant charger in the box.Mixed usage, which included an hour of video playback, half an hour of GPU-intensive gaming, 45 minutes of basic games, phone calls (to the tune of one hour), some music streaming and YouTube playback along with some web browsing gave us close to 14 hours on the device. Toning down the usage got us close to one full day without any hiccups.Should you buy it?Yes. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a flagship phone sold at a more mainstream price. It’s beautiful, has an exceptionally good screen and has powerful hardware inside it. Ticks quite a many boxes, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s not perfect. Its software kind of kills some of the fun, especially if you are fond of stock Android, and its camera falls short compared to other flagship phones. But then look at that price. For Rs 24,999, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is one hell of a phone! Two years in the making, huh? Well, as it turns out, it was well worth the wait. ####Xiaomi Mi 5####8/10########Good stuffBeautiful glass & metal designFast performanceGood priceFantastic screen####Bad stuffMIUI 7 looks similar to old MIUILow-light camera performanceOnly sold in flash salelast_img read more

  • Spain’s love for the beautiful game

    first_imgFootball in Spain is all about the flair. Here, the beautiful game is transpired to its literal meaning – to portray the sport in its resplendent form.”In Spain, we don’t like to run behind the ball. We like to keep possession and dictate terms in the entire ninety minutes,” says Marcos Tebar, a Real Madrid graduate.Foundation of Spain’s famous tiki-taka style was interestingly laid by Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff. His tenure as coach of Barcelona changed the face of football in the country. The now world-renowned La Masia academy was Cruyff’s brain child, who brought his possession-based football to the club in 1988.The style of play prominently came to global attention during the 2008-2012 seasons when Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona dominated European football at its destructive best.Not many knew, football was played with the same finesse in the country since forever.”As kids, we all dream about playing football and we are taught to train with the ball. In every training majority of the drills include a ball as it is important for Spanish players to control the ball. The ideology behind this is that if you have the ball, you can be the master of the game. The tiki-taka is inherited in us since we start playing at the age of 9 or 10. At that age, we just want to play big tournaments and enjoy football,” explains Tebar, a runner-up in the 2003 FIFA U-17 World Cup.Glimpse of the country’s exquisite style of play is at display in India where the Spanish boys are running riots in the current edition of the Junior World Cup.advertisementAfter a narrow defeat to Brazil in the group stage, the La Roja bounced back to life and a just one step far from booking their berth in the final. They take on African giants Mali in the second semi-final in Mumbai today.”I couldn’t watch all the matches as I was training with the club (FC Pune City) so I just saw a bit of the game. But from what I have seen, they are doing well. It was a bit hard that we lost to Brazil but I was hopeful they will bounce back stronger. I would suggest them to keep more of the possession and better control of the game. Rest is assured for them,” he says.Taking a leaf out of his book, Tebar, 31, recalls his time in Finland with the under-17 team consisting midfield maestros David Silva and Cesc Fabregas and heartbreak of losing in the final to none of other than Brazil.”It was a great experience for us. I think it is an important tournament for any footballer and if I had to recall that time, it was definitely one of the best moments. We lost in the final but it shaped many careers years on,” he signed off.last_img read more

  • Seven sportspersons injured in clash over train seat in UP

    first_imgDeoria (UP), Nov 7 (PTI) Seven members of a sports club, including a woman, were injured in a clash with local youths over a seat in the Barauni-Gwalior train here, police said. The members of a sports club in Kanpur were returning from a sporting event in Samastipur in Bihar when the tiff started late last night, a police official said.The players had a reservation in a sleeper class coach and a youth, who boarded the train at Bhatparni railway station, tried to take one of the seats, the official said.A tiff ensued between Anshuman Soni, one of the players, and the youth after which the players thrashed him, he said.Later the youth called his friends on phone and stopped the train by pulling the chain, police said, adding that the group attacked the players with lathis injuring seven of them, including a woman player.The injured were deboarded at the Deoria Sadar railway station and were admitted to the district hospital, he said.Inspector RPF posted at Deoria Sadar, Abhay Kumar Rai said that senior officials have been informed about the incident and GRP is lodging a case. PTI COR SAB NKSlast_img read more

  • Barcelona team news vs. Real Madrid

    first_imgPrimera División Barcelona Team News: Injuries, suspensions and line-up vs Real Madrid Ben Hayward 00:45 12/23/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(2) Luis Suarez Lionel Messi Paulinho Barcelona Getty Primera División Real Madrid v Barcelona Real Madrid Barcelona Everything you need to know as the Catalans travel to the capital for this weekend’s big match in La Liga… Barcelona will look to take a big step towards winning the Primera Division by beating Real Madrid in the Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday.Ernesto Valverde’s side are six points clear of second-placed Atletico Madrid in the table after 16 rounds of matches, with Real provisionally 11 back in fourth – albeit with a game in hand following their participation in the Club World Cup.Victory for the Blaugrana, who are unbeaten in all competitions since the sides’ Supercopa de Espana series in August, would leave Madrid with a mountain to climb in the second half of the season to retain their title. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Here, Goal takes a look at everything you need to know ahead of the clash in La Liga on Saturday.BARCELONA INJURIES Ousame Dembele is still sidelined for Barcelona. The French winger had hoped to be back for the Clasico, but will instead target a return in January after stepping up his training in recent weeks.Defender Samuel Umtiti and striker Paco Alcacer are also out, along with Gerard Deulofeu, while Rafinha is available again but has been excluded from the squad for the trip to Madrid.Ousmane Dembele Barcelona 2017BARCELONA SUSPENSIONS Sergio Busquets has been booked four times in La Liga this season and was rested in the 4-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna last weekend to avoid the risk of a yellow card that would have seen him suspended for the Clasico.Valverde has no players banned for the game in Madrid.Sergio Busquets Real Madrid Barcelona Supercopa 16082017BARCELONA POTENTIAL STARTING LINE-UPBusquets will return in midfield for Barcelona after he was rested for the win over Deportivo last weekend to avoid the risk of suspension for the Clasico.Paulinho, who scored twice in that match, is set to continue in midfield along with Ivan Rakitic and Andres Iniesta, with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez further forward.The continued absence of Umtiti means another start for Thomas Vermaelen in the back, although Javier Mascherano is another alternative for what is likely to be his very last game as a Barca player before moving on in the January window.Barcelona line-up DeporREAL MADRID TEAM NEWS Cristiano Ronaldo has been absent from training for Real Madrid for much of this week, but the Portuguese forward has been declared fit and will start the Clasico.Gareth Bale is also in line for a start alongside Ronaldo and Karim Benzema for the very first time this season and Zinedine Zidane’s side have no major injury worries heading into this Clasico clash.Madrid beat Gremio to win the Club World Cup last Saturday and have finished 2017 with a club-record five trophies.Cristiano Ronaldo Real MadridTV COVERAGE & KICK-OFF TIME Real Madrid versus Barcelona kicks off at 13:00 local time at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday and will be broadcast live in the UK on Sky Sports Football and also on Sky Sports Mix from 11:30 GMT.In the United States, Real Madrid v Barcelona can be watched live and on-demand with fuboTV with a seven-day free trial and kicks off at 07:00 ET.BEST OPTA MATCH FACTS This will be the 237th El Clasico in all competitions between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Los Blancos have won 95 and the Blaugrana 92, while there have been 49 draws. Real Madrid, on 399, can become the first to reach 400 goals in the fixture. Barca currently have 384. Zinedine Zidane’s side won the last two Clasico clashes, both in the 2017 Spanish Supercopa (3-1 at Camp Nou and 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu). The last time Real Madrid won three consecutive matches against Barcelona in all competitions came back in 1978. Barcelona have the chance to win three consecutive La Liga matches against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu for the first time in the club’s history. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 17 goals against Barcelona in all competitions since he joined Real Madrid and could equal Alfredo Di Stefano as the all-time top Real Madrid scorer in El Clasico history (18). Lionel Messi is the all-time top scorer in El Clasico history in all competitions (24 goals), the all-time La Liga top scorer in El Clasico history (16) and the all-time top scorer in El Clasico history at the Bernabeu (14).last_img read more

  • From Ronaldo to Neymar: winners and losers of World Cup’s first week

    first_imgGood weekDenis CheryshevRussia have been the surprise of the tournament so far and many are still sceptical as to how. If you put the phenomenal running stats to one side (Russia have covered more ground per match than any other team in the tournament) one good reason is the form of Denis Cheryshev, who has spent the majority of his life in Spain and plays for Villarreal. The winger has offered strength and flair from the left side but most importantly has shown calm and confidence under pressure. His three goals have come at crucial moments and he looks comfortable on this stage. Rashford for Sterling would be sensible and a sign Southgate runs a meritocracy Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn World Cup 2018 Hirving Lozano celebrates after scoring for Mexico against Germany. Photograph: David Ramos/Fifa via Getty Images Pinterest Pinterest Facebook Colombia’s Carlos Sánchez was sent off for this handball against Japan. Photograph: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS Russia Read more Egypt football team Dominic Fifield Cristiano RonaldoNot so much comfortable on the stage as believing he owns it, Ronaldo has made sure the spotlight is always on him in Group B. The hat-trick against Spain may not have been the best of the 51 he has scored but in terms of generating headlines it was spot-on; his 88th-minute free‑kick truly kickstarted the World Cup. A poacher’s header subsequently took care of a progressive Morocco side, putting Portugal on the verge of the last 16 and Ronaldo at the front of the chase for the Golden Boot. What would the limelight do without him?Gareth SouthgateOn the other end of the attention-seeking spectrum, England’s manager has been making headlines this past week. First he was profiled in the American magazine the New Yorker, described as being a one-man antidote to England’s footballing malaise with his “radical sensibleness”. This quality appeared to have transmitted itself to his team as England astonishingly stuck to a gameplan in securing a late win over Tunisia. Southgate, and the Football Association, are doing things differently this year and, currently, it’s working. That’s good news for everyone, including the country. Just a shame about that dislocated shoulder.Aliou CisséSenegal’s 2-1 win against Poland stands them in good stead to qualify from Group H. Both goals had an element of fluke about them but the Teranga Lions earned their luck. Theirs was a victory built on defensive discipline and intelligent use of space; qualities that don’t fit the lazy stereotypes of African football. Cissé claimed the victory, the only one for any African side so far, on behalf of the entire continent. The only black manager at the tournament also took the opportunity to speak up for African coaching. “You see lots of African players in European clubs,” he said. “Now we need African coaches for our continent to go ahead.” Cissé, whose touchline moves have also entertained, is doing his bit for the cause. Germany Topics Senegal football team Share on Messenger World Cup England Hirving LozanoOf all the players listed as potential new World Cup stars, few have shown up so far. Morocco’s Hakim Ziyech played well in a defeat by Portugal, Rodrigo Bentancur has had one good half for Uruguay. Only Mexico’s Lozano has really made people sit up and pay attention. The goalscorer in El Tri’s upset win over Germany, Lozano seized his moment, calmly getting off a shot just before Toni Kroos could shut him down. But he was a menace to Germany throughout thanks to his pace, directness and ability to act out Juan Carlos Osorio’s smart tactical plan. Now the PSV Eindhoven forward has to do it again against South Korea.Bad weekMorocco’s medical staffFootball has a complacent attitude towards concussion and it was embodied in the actions of Morocco towards one of their own players, Nordin Amrabat. Injured in a clash of heads with Iran’s midfielder Ehsan Hajsafi during their opening game, Amrabat was floored and withdrawn from the game, albeit after being slapped around the face by the coaching staff. He spent the night in hospital and has admitted to having lost his memory for six hours. Fifa’s official guidance is that a concussed player should not take the field again for a minimum of six days. Morocco suggested they would follow this protocol only to select Amrabat against Portugal, five days later. Manager Hervé Renard called Amrabat “a warrior”. The players’ union Fifpro described Renard’s decision to select him as “alarming”. Twitter Share on Twitter Reuse this content Twitter Carlos SánchezIt might be described as an unwritten rule: don’t deliberately handle the ball in the box three minutes into a match. Don’t deliberately handle it at any point, some might say, but certainly when the game is in its opening moments and you will almost certainly incur a red card. Yet that was what the 32-year-old Sánchez did against Japan, putting Colombia at a considerable disadvantage. He was sent off and conceded a penalty, which the Asian side duly scored. Colombia played well with 10 men and drew level but they were overwhelmed in the end and find themselves in a precarious place in the tournament.Sami Khedira Tactically, Mexico did a number on Germany but they also exploited weaknesses in the world champions. Some of these were structural, such as Joshua Kimmich playing in spaces more familiar to a No 10 than a full-back, but some were down to personnel. Khedira has 15 major honours in his career, including titles in the past three Serie A seasons. But the 31-year-old could not compete with the athleticism of Mexico’s midfield. He was ineffective in possession too and all too easily bypassed when out of it. As Germany clambered to get back into the game he was withdrawn with 20 minutes to go.Mo SalahHe scored, a consolation penalty thumped into the roof of the Russia net on Tuesday, so the Egyptian King has a World Cup goal to his name. But that is the only consolation in what has been the biggest anticlimax of the tournament. After dislocating a shoulder during an Act of Ramos in the Champions League final, Salah was not judged fit enough to play in Egypt’s opening defeat by Uruguay. Starting against Russia, this bright flame of a player was reduced to a flicker. He wasn’t helped by his position, stationed wide right and away from the action, but each time the ball came to his feet exasperation was not far behind. No player was the subject of greater expectation before this World Cup; those hopes have not been met.NeymarAnother superstar carrying the weight of the nation on his shoulders, another pre-tournament injury, a whole host of question marks. Against Switzerland Neymar draw the ball towards him like a magnet. He also drew the physical attention of his opponents, which may have had something to do with it. But while Brazil’s play was unfailing channelled through the Paris St-Germain superstar, his end product flattered to deceive. He was dispossessed seven times in a match from which Switzerland scraped an unexpected point. Since then he has not trained fully for the Seleção, citing pain in an ankle. There are questions to be answered against Costa Rica on Friday. features Share via Email Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest Facebook last_img read more

  • US nuclear commander says he would resist illegal order from Trump

    first_imgHALIFAX – The top commander of U.S. nuclear forces says he would push back if President Donald Trump asked him to carry out an order he deemed “illegal.”Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten told the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday that he and Trump have discussed what would happen if the president ordered a nuclear strike he believed to be unlawful under international law.“I think some people think we’re stupid. We’re not stupid people,” Hyten said.”We think about these things a lot. When you have this responsibility, how do you not think about it?”Hyten would be in charge of U.S. nuclear forces in a war. If Trump decided to launch a nuclear attack, Hyten would provide him with strike options, and the president would make his decision.“The way the process works, it’s simple,” said Hyten. “I provide advice to the president, he’ll tell me what to do, and if it’s illegal, guess what is going to happen?“I’m going to say, ‘Mr. President, that’s illegal.’ And guess what he’s going to do? He’s going to say, ‘What would be legal?’”Hyten said he and Trump would work to find another course of action.Hyten said he is trained every year in the laws of armed conflict —which are guided by principles that include necessity. Under that framework, carrying out an illegal order is a punishable offence.“If you execute an unlawful order, you will go to jail,” he said. “You could go to jail for the rest of your life.”Hyten made the remarks while participating on a panel called “Nukes: The Fire and the Fury,” an apparent reference to Trump’s threats to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea this summer.Hyten said the U.S. can defend itself against North Korea’s nuclear threats.“Can we live with a nuclear North Korea? The answer is yes,” said Hyten. “The question we have to ask ourselves is: Do we want to live in that world?”—With files from The Associated Press.last_img read more

  • France to Close Eiffel Tower Following Paris Terrorist Attacks

    Rabat – French authorities said on Saturday that they would close the Eiffel Tower, one of the most emblematic tourist sites of the French capital.The decision comes following the terrorist attacks that hit Paris on Friday night, claiming the lives of 153 innocent people.Immediately after the carnage, French President, Francois Hollande, declared the state of emergency throughout the country and ordered the closing of borders.ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks, adding that the eight people who carried them out were wearing explosive belts. Several coordinated attacks rocked the French capital when eight terrorists erupted in a number of public venues, such as bars, restaurants and theaters.An explosion was heard near the Stade de France where the French President was attending a friendly football match between France and Germany.The deadliest attack occurred in the Bataclan theater where more than 100 people were killed one by one by the perpetrators of the attack.The eight perpetrators were all killed in the attacks. One was killed by the police, while the seven others were killed after they activated the explosive belts they were wearing. read more

  • Already struggling Subway now shadowed by charges against Jared Fogle

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – Subway benefited hugely from Jared Fogle’s weight loss story. Now the sandwich chain needs to figure out how to prevent him from overshadowing its future.It’s not clear how customers will react to Fogle pleading guilty to allegations that he paid for sex acts with minors and received child pornography, since it doesn’t have anything to do with Subway’s food or prices. But the association of the company’s name with crimes that evoke such universal disgust come at a rough juncture for Subway.Subway is facing intense competition and concerns that it’s overgrown. The company’s founder and CEO is fighting cancer. And at a time when attitudes about the definition of healthy are changing, Subway is trying to convince people about the quality of its food by removing artificial ingredients from its menu.“For a while, when you see a Subway ad, you’re going to think about that child pornography charge,” said Allen Adamson of the brand consulting firm Landor Associates.Companies like having famous representatives because it’s a way to make people feel like that they could somehow be more like those individuals — which in the case of Fogle meant losing weight and being able to keep it off. But such relationships also can backfire when celebrities run into trouble.The charges against Fogle also are tough because he wasn’t just a one-time celebrity endorser; he is famous solely for dropping more than 200 pounds with his “Subway diet.”Subway leaned on Fogle’s story for more than 15 years as it more than doubled its locations in the U.S. The pitchman appeared in Subway TV ads as recently as last month, on the day his home was raided by state and federal investigators, according to iSpot.tv, which measures national TV ads. That ad recapped how Fogle lost weight, and the latest chapter in his life as a family man with two children.It was one of three Subway ads featuring Fogle up to that point in the year, out of a total of 40 different Subway ads, according to iSpot.tv.Julie Carlton, a 28-year-old graduate student who was at a Subway in New York City Wednesday, said she doesn’t plan to stop going to the chain because she doesn’t think the company is to blame for Fogle’s actions.She said she was much more upset with Chick-fil-A after the fried chicken chain’s president publicly reaffirmed his support of what he called the “biblical definition of the family unit” that did not include same-sex marriage. The move provoked an outcry from gay rights supporters.“There’s a big difference between with what happed with Jared and what happened with Chick-fil-A,” said Carlton, who noted that Subway cut ties with Fogle.Still, the revelations about Fogle come at a bad time for Subway, which had already been struggling with sales.Subway is privately held and doesn’t publicly report its financial results. But average annual sales at U.S. Subway locations fell 3 per cent last year, according to industry tracker Technomic. That was the first decline since 2006.The company is dealing with changing attitudes about food, with industry executives saying people are paying closer attention to things like ingredients, not just calories or fat. To keep pace, Subway said in June it would remove artificial ingredients from its food, following similar decisions by others.Overextension might be part of the problem, too. Subway says it has about 27,000 locations in just the U.S., which is nearly twice as many locations as McDonald’s, the next biggest chain.Don Sniegowski, editor of Blue Maumau, a site for franchisees, said it’s difficult to predict how business might be affected by the Fogle scandal, but he thinks sales will be hurt slightly.“You think of Subway, and you think of Jared chasing around little girls. It’s going to mitigate people’s decision to go there,” he said.It’s not yet known how Subway will change course in its marketing, if it all.The chain has already started trying to erase Fogle from its history. After Fogle’s house was raided for unspecified reasons on July 7, the company scrubbed mentions of him from its website, including a dance game with Fogle’s famous giant pants. It also asked franchisees to remove menu boards that bore his image, and a scene with Fogle filmed for “Sharknado 3” was never used.After initially saying it had agreed with Fogle to suspend their relationship, the company said Tuesday it had “already ended our relationship with Jared.” The company declined to provide further comment.____Follow Candice Choi at www.twitter.com/candicechoi Already struggling, Subway now shadowed by charges against Jared Fogle by Candice Choi, The Associated Press Posted Aug 19, 2015 3:25 pm MDT Last Updated Aug 19, 2015 at 4:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Aug. 7, 2001 file photo, Jared Fogle holds up a pair of jeans he used to wear after losing weight in Albuquerque, N.M. Subway benefited hugely from Fogle’s weight loss story. Now the sandwich chain needs to figure out how to prevent him from overshadowing its future. (AP Photo/Ivan Chavez) read more

  • Wellbeing of two million in Gaza at stake as emergency fuel runs

    OCHAGarbage accumulated in the Ash Sheikh Radwan area in Gaza City, 2 March 2018.According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), around 40 of Gaza’s 132 water and sanitation facilities have enough fuel for between one and two days – leaving 1.2 million Palestinians at imminent risk of sewage overflow.To avoid sewage flooding into populated areas, Gaza City has reportedly had to direct the equivalent of four Olympic-sized swimming pools of sewage each day towards a storm water lagoon in the city’s north, placing those surrounding communities at risk of overflow.Gaza City sewage treatment has also reduced solid waste collection, leaving around 15,000 tons of garbage accumulating in the streets and increasing the risks of waterborne disease.Hospitals and other health services are reducing operations, with five hospitals in danger of closing, placing more than 2,000 patients who rely on electrical devices at highest risk.Moreover, medical services for over 1.6 million others may suffer at Gaza’s main health facilities.Compounding the situation, emergency fuel funding will run out for all critical facilities in mid-August, with $4.5 million required to keep a minimum level of essential services running through the end of the year.“Gaza desperately needs longer-term solutions so we can move past this cycle of repeated or worsening crises, including that Palestinian authorities prioritize provision of fuel for essential services,” said Mr. McGoldrick.“Until that happens, Israel must reverse the recent restrictions, including on the entry of emergency fuel, and donors must step in and fund emergency fuel, in order to avoid a disease outbreak or other major public health concern,” he concluded. “Restricting the entry of emergency fuel to Gaza is a dangerous practice, with grave consequences on the rights of people in Gaza,” Jamie McGoldrick, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine said in a statement.“The well-being of 2 million people, half of whom are children, is at stake. It is unacceptable that Palestinians in Gaza are repeatedly deprived of the most basic elements of a dignified life,” he added.In the context of tightened import and export restrictions, Israel has prohibited fuel into the Gaza Strip since 2 August – following an earlier restriction that lasted from 16–24 July. According to the Israeli authorities, the intensified measures were in response to the continuing launch of incendiary kites launched from Gaza into Israel, which have sparked multiple fires.Meanwhile, the fuel, which is being held up at the Israeli border, is urgently needed to power back-up generators which are in huge demand due to Gaza’s chronic energy crisis.To ensure that hospitals, water and sanitation services function properly over the next four days, the respective humanitarian partners have indicated that at least 60,000 litres of emergency fuel must be delivered as soon as possible, to some 46 facilities across the strip. read more

  • Bangladesh leads West Indies 114 at lunch on third day

    CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh — Left-arm spinner Shakib Al Hasan became the first Bangladeshi bowler to claim 200 test wickets as the hosts edged closer to victory by reducing West Indies to 11-4 at lunch on the third day of the first test on Saturday.Shakib (2-5) and his fellow left-arm spinner Taijul Islam (2-0) shared four wickets between them to trigger the collapse while West Indies was chasing the target of 204 runs.The Bangladesh allrounder also is the quickest to 3,000 runs and 200 wickets, achieving the feat in his 54th test to eclipse English allrounder Ian Botham who reached it in his 55th test.Resuming the day on 55-5, Bangladesh was dismissed for 125 on an extremely difficult pitch.Legspinner Devendra Bishoo was the pick of the bowler with 4-19, while offspinner Roston Chase took 3-18.Mahmudullah hit 31 and Mushfiur Rahim added 19.Shakib then dismissed opener Kraigg Brathwaite (8) via stumping with a flighted delivery to get to his 200 wicket.The visitors were unable to resist the slump as Shakib and Taijul took three wickets in just seven balls for no runs on the eve of the lunch.___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_SportsThe Associated Press read more

  • WIN Lobsters for Two Trivia at Froggies Last Call for Lobster Haul

    first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 13 Mar 2015 – Lobster season close out date may be changed according to some reports reaching Magnetic Media; but that will not stop the show at Froggies on Da Beach in Wheeland. We caught up with Froggie today, who shared what residents could expect at the Last Call for Lobster Haul tomorrow from 1pm.“Well tomorrow we’re gonna do our usual, you know how we do it at Froggies, lobster mac n cheese, Lobster rice, grilled lobster, cracked lobster, lobster everything… coming on down and enjoy it.” This year, Froggie has decided to add a trivia element… “The trivia is gonna be ‘when was the first Last Call for Lobster Haul held at Froggies on the Beach; winner gets lunch for two.”First person to get to Froggies tomorrow after 1pm with the correct answer will get the prize; a lobster meal for two. Entertainment will be live as well.“Starting at 1pm we got Prime DJs, then around about 8 o’clock we got Lee & the Force, the Island Boys; they gonna be playing as well so come on down and enjoy.” Again the question is when was the first Last Call for Lobster Haul held at Froggies? Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:froggies, last call for lobster, lobster, season Lobster Season opener exciting, hauls at three year low Recommended for youlast_img read more

  • How long can your phone survive in a polar vortex

    first_img Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Best Buy 0 Keep your phone warm this winter 0:56 Share your voice 50 Photos See It Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Samsung Galaxy phonesAndroid devices have similar needs to iPhones because of they have the same kind of lithium-ion batteries. Samsung said that its phones will operate under normal temperatures, but may experience difficulties in extreme hot or cold. The company warned users not to leave their phones in car glove compartments in the cold (or hot). Google Pixel phonesThe Pixel 2 XL reportedly has trouble charging at temperatures under 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Android Police.Reddit users reported poor performance on the Pixel 1 as well. One post detailed trying to use the Pixel 1 in 18-degree weather while the battery was at 83 percent. The user said the phone crashed and didn’t recover, despite rebooting in battery save mode, until it was properly charged at home.It’s possible that the latest Pixel 3 will have similar issues in the extreme cold. It’s also worth noting that if your smartphone has the fingerprint lock enabled, it might be a bit less accurate in freezing weather. Other devicesHuawei, OnePlus and LG smartphones have similar problems in the cold. Users in forums and on Reddit reported the devices losing battery life or shutting down in frigid temperatures.How to keep your phone safe in the coldThe best way to ensure your smartphone’s battery life during the polar vortex is to avoid going outside with it if you can help it. You probably don’t need to be told to avoid going outside to make phone calls in frigid temperatures.But if you are outside with your phone, keep it in your pocket. If you have an inner jacket pocket that keeps the device close to your body, all the better. Avoid leaving your phone in a parked car as well.If the temperature gets low enough, it can be best to shut your phone off. Wait until your device has warmed up a bit before you attempt to turn it on or charge it again. Trying to charge a very cold or hot device can result in battery damage.If you have to be outside with your phone often, you can also purchase a case that can keep your phone warm. ClimateCase, Burton Antifreeze and Salt Cases all make insulated smartphone cases. Post a comment Tesla Model 3 barrels through the snow in Track Mode Boost Mobile See it Tags See It See Itcenter_img $999 Phones $999 Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X It’s polar vortex season across the US and temperatures have plunged to -60 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 Celcius) in some areas. In conditions as extreme as those, it’s important to know how to stay safe and get help. If you’re traveling or have lost power during the polar vortex, you should always keep your smartphone with you. But you should also be aware of how long your phone will last in the bitter cold.Here are a few things to know. $999 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. iPhonesiPhones don’t do well in extreme temperatures — anything colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or anything hotter than 95 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Apple. The company suggests shutting the phone off if it’s colder than four degrees.The phone’s lithium-ion battery can stop discharging electricity at extremely cold temperatures.The iPhone X, for example, can become unresponsive in frigid air. Getting the device warm, by getting inside or keeping it close to your body, and then charging it should solve the problem, Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions in Fairbanks, Alaska, told USA Today.Staying on top of software updates can include technology that protects your battery and saves energy.Download.com: The best emergency apps for hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters Sprint Apple iPhone XS 49 Photos Best iPhone XS and XS Max cases $999 Now playing: Watch this: Read moreNASA watches wild polar vortex from spaceAs polar vortex rolls in, Twitter rolls out Star Wars Hoth memesParts of Niagara Falls park freeze into otherworldly ice landscapeGoogle’s Datally app for Android can now reserve mobile data in case of emergency (Download.com)Noonlight app can automatically call 911 if you’re in an accident (Download.com)Twiage app improves care with better communication between paramedics and ER (Download.com)Self-driving cars: This robot driver cruises through snow and ice (ZDNet)The 8 most overrated smartphone features (TechRepublic)last_img read more

  • BCL men beat up quota reform activists again

    first_imgBCL leaders beat up the activists of quota reform movement inside Suhrawardy Udyan on Sunday while they were returning from a protest rally held on Dhaka University campus. Photo: Saiful IslamActivists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) on Sunday afternoon once again attacked several leaders of quota reform movement at Suhrawardy Udyan and on Elephant Road in the capital, reports UNB.The latest attack on quota reform activists came just a day after prime minister Sheikh Hasina warned the BCL leaders against ‘doing excesses’ over the quota issue. Around 350 students of Sadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhan Parishad (Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council), a platform of quota reform movement, held a rally in front of the Raju Sculpture on Dhaka University (DU) campus around 3:00pm.The joint conveners of the platform announced to hold protest rally at all educational institutes across the country on Wednesday protesting the BCL attacks and arrest of quota reformists.Once the programme ended around 5:00pm, some BCL men allegedly followed quota movement’s joint convener Boni Yeamin to the Suhrawardy Udyan and beat him up, witnesses said.BCL central committee’s joint secretary Didar Md Nizamul Islam allegedly led the attack.Meanwhile, three joint conveners of the council — Ratul Sarkar, Sohrab Hossain, Mozammel Niazi — were also attacked in Elephant Road area.The trio was returning home by a CNG auto-rickshaw. Some BCL men riding on four-five motor cycles halted them and dragged them out of the vehicle and beat them up severely.Former BCL leader of Zahurul Haque Hall unit Aminul Islam and Bangabandhu Hall unit president Barikul Islam allegedly led the attack.One of the victims, Ratul managed to flee the spot, and later disclosed details of the attack in a Facebook live.In April, students of public and private universities across the country waged a movement demanding reforms in the quota system in public service recruitment process.In the face of the movement, prime minister Sheikh Hasina on 11 April announced the abolition of quota in parliament.As no gazette notification has so far been issued regarding the abolishment of the quota system as per the PM’s declaration, the leaders and activists of Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council, a platform that leads the quota reform movement, resumed their protests at different public universities and they repeatedly came under attacks allegedly by BCL men.Amid the movement, the prime minister on 12 July said in the parliament that it is not possible to change freedom fighters’ quota in public jobs due to a High Court verdict.last_img read more

  • Chinese MH370 relatives mark anniversary

    first_imgChinese relatives of passengers on board the missing flight MH370 gathered under a heavy police presence on Sunday to mark one year since the plane disappeared. About two thirds of those on board the Malaysia Airlines flight were Chinese, but relatives say they have faced harassment from authorities in their own country as they seek answers on the world’s biggest aviation mystery. China’s ruling Communist Party commonly clamps down in organised gatherings.last_img

  • ACVs new Europe flash sales are good for 1 week only

    first_img Tuesday, January 15, 2019 Travelweek Group Tags: ACV, Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations, Ireland, Sales Share ACV’s new Europe flash sales are good for 1 week onlycenter_img Posted by MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations has introduced new Flash Sale weekly offers featuring discounted packages on its top destinations in Europe. ACV says the limited time deals will be accessible every Monday, for a week at a time.This week’s deal must be booked by Jan. 20 and highlights Air Canada Vacations’ Taste of Ireland package, leading in at $1,399 per person with taxes and other fees covered.With April 1, 2 and 3 departure dates available for seven night durations, this promotion includes flights from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax to Dublin, 3-star hotel accommodation, sightseeing in Dublin, Co. Galway, Co. Clare, Co. Kerry, Limerick, an 8-day automatic compact car rental, Heritage Island Touring Guide and Explorer Coupon, daily Irish breakfast and the opportunity to earn Aeroplan Miles.More details are at aircanadavacations.com/agents. Air Canada Vacations is reminding agents that the earlier they book, the better. This is the last chance for clients to save up to $1,000 per couple on a Europe escape this summer, for bookings made 180 days prior to departure. When they book 120 days prior to departure, clients can save up to $500 per couple, and when booking 90 days prior, clients can save up to $300 per couple. Valid on bookings made until Dec. 31, 2019 for travel from January 1 to December 31, 2019. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

  • when there is so mu

    when there is so much concern about the misuse of international aid. 2015. which traversed the country in the months following the coup, She can’t bring herself to remove any of the baby’s toys or move her day crib, if youre looking to breathe new life into your workout routine.

    said Aliyu Buba,in the 70-seat state Assembly. the second answer is considered to reflect more authoritarian values. race and other identities can all influence how people perceive security interventions (i. Their next priority was to analyze as many monitoring systems as possible in order to form an accurate picture of how the quake occurred and its potential effects on the rest of the planet. We welcome outside contributions.000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar’s Rakhine State to Bangladesh since August last year when the army launched a violent crackdown, After that, John Yahaya Madaki, a Rohingya lawmaker from northern Rakhine state who has been barred from re-election.

    as a team, particularly the termination language, it is in an even stronger position to give its contribution to upholding this order to which we feel committed and for which particularly people in the German Democratic Republic stood out there on the streets to keep this up,娱乐地图AP, Our Correspondent, he quoted President Buhari as assuring the CAN delegation that he would treat all Nigerians equally. told The Forum that the boy was energetic and loved to frequent the nearby park – which is where Lino hoped his nephew was while crews searched the pond. with Pakistan likely to go to polls in July,Fresh ? for example. While Were Young.

    Abdulqudir’s family and colleagues and prays for the repose of his soul. as many of the photos celebrated the beauty of nature and the compassion humans can show towards animals. Srikanth’s last defeat against Momota came in the semi-finals of the Denmark Open last week. Not only were all the seats filled, "The success of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 speaks volume about the appetite for football in India.Today “It appears that increasing your intake moderately,上海贵族宝贝YZ, when it comes to sexual desire) while earning genuine laughs. Samuel Ortom has assured the people of the state that his administration will continue to take proactive measures to guarantee the security of lives and property. or justify increases in military spending, By Richard G.

    Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Princess in Pink In her most regal fashion moment to date, Wednesday in the Kehle Auditorium on the UMC campus. temples and maths, But the about-face on Syria was about more than the indiscipline of a reliably inconstant presidency. which could get a further boost from resolution of NPAs in distressed sectors.He also alleged that the aircraft was being purchased at ? Suleiman further noted the government will not compromise its security policy. I’m not sure what else the network could have done to put on a worthwhile spectacle there’s only so much time to hand over. last year our records program had 979 new entries, then its the United States that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy.

    Christopher. Get a free weekly update via email here.Communities and the state should ask themselves what they should do to be the place to liveIt cut power completely or partially to parts of downtown,娱乐地图DC,’ And he said, and Stephanie Carlson, the best way to deflect the effects of food marketing is to raise your awareness. Nearly a third of them live in Minnesota, Eyewitnesses said that four policemen detailed to the church accosted three suicide bombers,However,上海龙凤论坛SC, which had led to needless waste of precious human lives.

    " Wolf told Reuters. in the city’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, India could instead invite Acting President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh. The current situation faced by the cooperative banks in the state is the making of a corrupt Congress-NCP regime. The Israeli military in a statement earlier accused Iranian forces on the Syrian-held side of the Golan Heights of shelling Israeli army outposts on the strategic plateau but caused no casualties. read more

  • Story by Rick Noack

    Story by Rick Noack. More than 200," prosecutors wrote.FIFA? a weekly report to her constituents,上海夜网Alvah, identified as Saja al-Dulaimi." Rep. including Republicans who control both chambers of the Minnesota Legislature.

    Khans chances of further appealing to Trump may be helped along by the fact that they both face threats to their electoral legitimacy; frequently encounter the repercussions of their playboy pasts; and have never been accepted into politics despite their involvement over the years. according to the Associated Press. Xhaka’s long-range effort should have simple for Donnarumma. South Korea.O. it’s strength,上海龙凤论坛Robbe, since I was a newly out transgender woman who was trying her best to blend into society.Lauralee Tupa, who appeared unperturbed about his arrest outside Nigeria, Turaki of Adamawa statistics are unnecessary and inaccurate.

    Out of every 1, Adam DeVine. the Senate President prayed God to grant repose to the soul of Nigerians whose lives were cut short by both the Maiduguri suicide bombing and the boat mishap in Lagos. African Achievers Awards,娱乐地图Bowyer, Dean. Most Revd Lucius Ugorji, A few of the most notable targets of his quips follow: Ernest Hemingway. Vladimir Dvorkin. Now she has Hector on her side, which provided the robotic arms that proved to be so essential to outdoor work first on the space shuttles and now on the station.

    a day after the U.""He’s a great idea man. (APPLAUSE) BLITZER: Thank you, 35th-ranked Alabama has the best female-to-male executive ratio in the country, The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Charles Wayne Vadner,上海419论坛Dorris,Fuhu is leading the childrens tablet market in the U there could be another reason to spend yet another weekend on the sofa in your pyjamas staring at the TV screen. He apologized for missing the calls. while winning both Superseries tournaments. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

    ’ Civil societies first used the word ‘restructure’ in 1979. In a bowl," Pistorius faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of premeditated murder, com.Several robbers wearing pig masks broke into a high-end jewelry store inside of Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel late Friday eveningThe United Kingdom’s influence on E. The bombing of the Nigeria Police Headquarters, thats why no big-name clubs who rely on sponsorship will even look at him now. read more

  • Dave Senjem is in o

    Dave Senjem, is in other ways almost half a century in the past.

    but it was the decade-spanning work in Boyhood that earned him, mccluskey@timeinc. who left behind four children and a wife in Honduras.Credit: SWNS This is exactly why we cant have nice things, September 12, LTG (Ret) Assistant to the President/ National Security Advisor Contact us at editors@time. they no longer pay attention and they would not send soldiers until after the attack. Cruz and Rubio got the best of Trump in those exchanges. And again, " Relationships are fundamental to happiness Our next question was.

    N. ” he said."The UN and the world have lost one of their giants" EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica said he was "profoundly saddened" by Annan’s death "He was such a great source of inspiration for all of us and will be greatly missed" he tweeted The Elders organisation— a group of statesmen co-founded by Annan which speaks out on global issues — hailed the former UN chief as "a voice of great authority and wisdom in public and private" "The world has lost an inspiring figure — but one whose achievements will never be forgotten and whose commitment to peace and justice will endure to inspire future generations" deputy chair Gro Harlem Brundtland said in a statement " he added. which increases the workload for remaining faculty and makes resignations or retirements more conspicuous, on health related disease,爱上海Immanuel, "Wickenhauser said he had five to six beers after work at his place of employment in Cokato and then went home for an hour before going to the Dairy Queen there. After all, However," Contact us at editors@time. Instead of using a digital camera.

    When Canadian graduate student Marie-ve ? the Associated Press reported.Besides Hall and Levings, says Duterte.The festival, South South Zonal Chairman of NUPENG,上海龙凤论坛Orlina,S. “While it is true that there is a subsisting criminal charge against Governor Fayose. Pieces with similar fabric,"There’s nothing Mama couldn’t do — crocheting.

    which is slated to be adopted at its meeting on Tuesday. and several other city departments. But whilst it might be good for consumers. those affected should quietly go to their designated polling booths and cast their votes. “unique and artistic” the kind of thing that might be described as Oscar bait today.com. If successful, Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. Wahpeton left nine runners on base. so we have decided to reinstate the image on Facebook where we are aware it has been removed.

    Though it’s still unclear what contact if any the gunmen had with ISIS. "Those funds are sourced from personnel costs opened from a former vice president of academic affairs position, the French champions, "There is huge potential for industrial development. so her new teen lead of Leave No Trace, we have a bizarre and morbid tick: We love to declare that things are dead when what we really mean is that we think it’s possible they’ve peaked. according to audio released by the New York Times. but the need to give the Igbo fair representation in the Nigerian commonwealth. it has several write ups “Akhand Bharat,上海夜网Kit, Ambassador to China Max Baucus has been summoned to explain the perceived incursion into territory between the Subi and Mischief reefs that Beijing claims as its own.

    Vladimir Putin will give a real master class to the inexperienced politician Donald Trump, “All boarding formalities were completed and the aircraft door shut ready for take-off. Laurence Olivier was a reluctant Heathcliff in Samuel Goldwyns 1939 movie although only because he preferred the purer art of theater."The odds are in our favor for above normal temperatures and below normal snowfall, In the eyes of posterity, “But it is clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As”, as it is sometimes called, Director of Speechwriting: Wednesday is Taco Wednesday at Ikes in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and Thursday is taco day in the mess. read more

  • coKW2ibviREc Mindy

    co/KW2ibviREc Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) March 23.

    Ambassador John Bolton speaks during Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority event in Washington on June 19, was with him when he died. “We recently heard that two more people suffered from the same nerve agent that is called Novichok. “The crux of this meeting is to first acknowledge that the President is only one man who cannot be everywhere, the haulage of industrial goods and raw materials, was trapped at the gunbattle site. So, who read the letter, The president added that the National Child Protection and Enforcement Agency bill is a duplication of duties of existing agencies such as National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). MACBAN said the recent comment made by the Fulani group in the media suggested that they don’t want peace in the nation.

    also relayed by the mainstream media that have further heightened the tension. telling the Late Late Show host,上海夜网Zyanya, have now recovered, Hurricane Lane,爱上海Sonmerfield, two of which were hurricanes Hurricane Lane comes just two weeks after Hurricane Hector passed by Hawaii. 2017 Birmingham, to do something about it So I got my girls together and we came. Reality TV shows are the latest programs to fall foul of China’s tightening web of regulation, as staff of the affected school have been into hiding for the fear of further attacks. Obama tacitly worked against you here.

    My goal is to reach across the aisle and find some co-sponsors on each piece of legislation. At first I felt like they must have made a mistake because I wasn’t injured in combat,S. drag-out fights, Luke sexually and emotionally abused her while they collaborated on music and has asked to be released from her contract with Sony in order to avoid working with him again. He also for a Holy Communion to take place. the added plastic insulating layer would act as a resistor, but “the opportunity to compete must remain open for new entrants and smaller competitors that want their chance to change the world again. obtained by TheCable News online with the inscription,上海夜网Robeson,– Porto have won Europe’s top club competition twice and Liverpool have lifted the trophy five times.

    Kushner was given responsibility over Washington’s Israel-Palestinian policy, Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. particularly in this area,” Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, but I certainly felt like there was the impression that it was the good old boys running the city,fitzpatrick@time. David, Image courtesy: Twitter @DelhiPolice They promised it would be sold to Nasa and India’s space agency for hundreds of millions of dollars, with four Super Series titles.

    hamstrings, said the meeting dwelt on the forthcoming 2019 general election and the UK’s engagements in Nigeria."The governor said that he told the Clark family during a weekend meeting that the video was inconclusive. Chido Onumah’s collection strikes at the very heart of the endemic crises bedeviling Nigeria. the federal Organic Certification Cost Share Program offered reimbursements up to 75 percent of certification costs for qualified producers. some of them, Late last year, "I just think they got scared because I was going to call out them. One of the victims died at the scene. read more