• Programs Help Graduates Manage Student Loan Debt

    first_img The province is paying $4.7 million in interest for students who are still in school this year. Tuition for Nova Scotia students in Nova Scotia universities is $500 lower than it was last year. Tuition is frozen at the 2006-07 level for most other students. — 2,853 students are receiving less than $4 million worth of loan forgiveness under the Debt Reduction Program in 2006-07. — This year, the government introduced a $1,000 graduate tax credit. This will increase to $2,000 in 2008.center_img University and college graduates will have more flexibility in managing their student loan debts through two new provincial government programs introduced today, Aug. 8. The Enhanced Repayment Assistance Program will reduce the payments for graduates who are having difficulty paying their provincial student loans. The Payment Deferral Program will allow graduates to postpone their provincial student loan payments until they can better afford them. “The Enhanced Repayment Assistance Program is more flexible than the program it replaces so more graduates will be eligible,” said Education Minister Karen Casey. “Payment deferral is something new for the province and would be especially attractive to graduates who must accumulate several years of on-the-job experience before they are deemed qualified for a professional designation.” Any graduate or apprentice who has a student loan in good standing can apply for the programs immediately. A graduate who is finding it difficult to pay a provincial student loan would apply to the Enhanced Repayment Assistance Program through the Department of Education’s student loans office. Staff would review the application and consider how much student loan debt the graduate has, how much they earn, how many dependents they have and other factors. If the graduate’s debt to income ratio is too high, their payments will be reduced to more affordable levels for six months. The Department of Education will pay the interest to keep the loan in good standing. The graduate can reapply to the program for additional six-month periods, up to a total of 54 months. Each renewal application would require proof of income. The provincial Income Relief Program, which the Enhanced Repayment Assistance Program replaces, had a 30-month limit. Graduates and skilled trades workers who must complete an internship or apprenticeship that lasts longer than 12 months can apply to have payments deferred for as long as it takes to qualify for their designation. Other graduates can access the Payment Deferral Program, in two six-month increments, for up to a total of 12 months. Their student loan, plus interest accumulated during the deferral, would still be paid in full but usually when their income is higher. The interest on the loan would be calculated at the rate that the government borrows money, which is a lower rate than the graduate would normally receive from a financial institution. The Department of Education has received several requests for payment deferral from graduates in long-term internship programs such as medical residents. Following consultations, the department proposed the programs being introduced today and expanded the program to include anyone involved in an internship or apprenticeship. Through these two new programs, almost any student who has a valid reason why they cannot honour their repayment commitments can avoid defaulting on their provincial student loan. Defaulting on a student loan could have serious implications when applying for a mortgage, car loan or credit card in the future. “We know that graduates want to repay their student loans and we are willing to work with those who are having difficulty in making their payments,” said Ms. Casey. Last year, about 9,600 people in Nova Scotia received a provincial student loan. The Enhanced Repayment Assistance Program and the Payment Deferral Program, which together will cost an estimated $800,000, are part of the government of Nova Scotia’s strategy to make post-secondary education more affordable. The provincial government has taken other steps to make education more affordable as well. For example: last_img read more

  • Calgary decides to stay in the game for possible 2026 Olympic Games

    first_imgCALGARY – Calgary is continuing down the road of bidding for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games, at least until the next off-ramp.City council voted Monday to spend up to $2 million more on work towards a possible bid.City administration said if council didn’t vote for the funding, Calgary should stop pursuing a bid.But only $1 million of that money will be released until it is known what the federal and provincial governments are willing to contribute to a bid. Council wants that answer by early 2018.“What I heard clearly from members of council is they didn’t want to kill this.” Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said.“They wanted to move forward, but they also understand that one of the really critical things is we’re going to need all three orders of government — federal, provincial and municipal — to agree to move forward.“This is going to a mutual decision between the three orders of government on whether or not to move forward.”City staff estimates a bid price tag would be between $25 million and $30 million.Calgary was the host city of the 1988 Winter Olympics.The International Olympic Committee’s executive director of Olympic Games was pleased Calgary didn’t bow out of 2026 on Monday.“I’m extremely happy that the council came to that decision,” Christophe Dubi told The Canadian Press from South Korea. “Calgary has got tremendous assets to bid. You hosted the Games already so you have a number of venues that are there.“You have tremendous capabilities to host in Canada. You have very good expertise in Games organization. You also have the support of the population for winter sport in general. It’s a die-hard sport-loving nation. I think you have all the raw materials to do something extraordinary.”The IOC will invite cities to bid in October, 2018 and the deadline is January, 2019.A project team of city staff and consultants took over the work of the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee, which estimated the cost of hosting the Winter Games at $4.6 billion.Calgary wants a deeper dive into five areas before it greenlights a bid: capital costs; security; operating costs; finances; financial guarantees.Council gave $5 million for CBEC to conduct its research. CBEC’s work came in $1.5 million under budget and those savings were passed onto the project team.The money approved Monday will be used to prepare Calgary to make a successful bid if the city decides to go ahead, and lay the groundwork for a bid corporation should city council decide early next year to form one.“This $2 million we’re asked to spend, or $1 million until the province and the feds are in, is a risk,” Nenshi acknowledged.“We may end up not bidding or there is a small possibility that we bid and we lose the bid, but are we willing to take that risk to do something that could be incredibly special for Calgary.”Council also voted to study venues outside of Calgary as a cost-saving measure, which could mean using Edmonton’s facilities or incorporating venues from the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler, B.C.last_img read more

  • Broncos forever – Global Affairs CEO and Humboldt alum on bus crash

    first_imgLong before he was the head of one of Canada’s biggest global affairs organizations, Kelly Ogle was a Humboldt Bronco. Twice. “I played for the Humboldt Broncos when helmets were almost optional,” he said Monday at the University of Calgary. “I’m sorry if I get a little bit of emotional here, that’s 45 years ago, but I spent two years of my life in Humboldt.” Ogle is the president and CEO of the Calgary-based Canadian Global Affairs Institute, which also has an office in Ottawa and publishes research on defence, diplomacy, trade and development. But before he graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1978, Ogle played junior hockey, suiting up for Humboldt in the 1972-73 and 1975-76 seasons. “I will always remember the community and people, it was a large part of my life, I rode those buses for a couple of years,” he said. “It’s been a tough weekend, and I’ve talked to a number of former players over the weekend, and this is, it’s a large tragedy.” Ogle is originally from Coleville, Saskatchewan near Kindersley and touched on the team’s importance to the town, even when he played. “It is the community from October to April,” he said. “It’s just such a large part of a small community.“I’m beside myself with grief, all I can do is pray.” He was one of the panellists for Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s announcement on the federal government launching a new innovation program for addressing defence challenges. The minister addressed the Humboldt disaster at the start of the event. “We are here for you,” Sajjan said.Despite the national and international coverage of the bus crash, Ogle tried to stay focused on his appearance at the university Monday. But that didn’t stop the conversations with former teammates all those years ago and the flow of memories from his trips on the team bus. “Your life is on the bus,” he said. “The hockey’s part of it, but the bus is where the comradeship and brotherhood is, it’s on the bus.” Ogle paused before answering what those conversations were like. “Broncos forever, heavy hearts,” he said.last_img read more

  • Moroccan Oil Companies to Lower Fuel Prices for 6 Months

    Rabat- Following several meetings with Minister of General Affairs and Governance Lahcen Daoudi, fuel companies in Morocco have agreed to lower fuel prices for six months.The National Federation of Traders and Managers of Service Stations issued a statement on Tuesday, denying that fuel companies have increased their profit margins to 70 centimes per liter.The federation said fuel operators attended seven meetings with Daoudi to negotiate with the government, and decided to narrow their profit margins. The federation further noted that the six-month period will enable fuel companies to continue to negotiate on new prices that will suit consumers’ purchasing power.Some companies doubled their profits following fuel deregulation, which allowed the price to vary with market trends. The government requested that companies narrow their profit margin, after a major boycott of Morocco’s largest fuel distributor, Afriquia gas, began April 20.According to the chairman of the House of Representatives’ Finance Committee, Abdellah Bouanou, the difference between the government’s regulated fuel prices and the unregulated prices is nearly MAD 1 per liter.Daoudi was the first government minister to accuse oil companies of doubling fuel prices. In 2017, he pledged to convince all distributors to revise their margins down.The minister, who also defended the boycotted dairy company Centrale Danone, handed in his resignation after joining a protest with Danone employees to the boycotters’ disgust. His resignation has not yet been approved by King Mohammed VI, but Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has taken charge of the fuel negotiations in Rabat. read more

  • UNbacked meeting aims to eradicate torture in Latin America and the Caribbean

    15 June 2011Human rights experts and government officials from 11 countries today began a United Nations-backed meeting aimed at eradicating torture from Latin America and the Caribbean, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported. United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture Juan Méndez said the meeting of more than 40 experts – which is taking place in Santiago, Chile – is the first in a series of such regional conferences that he expects to convene. Attending the meeting are representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, México, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.“Torture and ill-treatment is a major concern in Latin America and the Caribbean region,” said Mr. Méndez, “and much remains to be done to ensure that States’ international obligations, national policies and legislative as well as other reforms are effectively implemented to achieve the desired result: torture’s eradication.” “Over the past decade, some promising policies, reforms and legislation have been promulgated in the region,” he said. “However, these institutional developments and good national practices are vital and need to be further enhanced, strengthened and replicated across the region.” “I am hopeful that this consultation will provide a much needed push in our efforts to eradicate torture and ill-treatment in the region.” Mr. Méndez serves in an independent and unpaid capacity and reports to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. read more

  • Toronto home sales in 2017 fell 183 from 2016 but the average

    TORONTO — The Toronto Real Estate Board says home sales in the Greater Toronto Area fell 18.3 per cent last year compared with a record pace set in 2016.There were 92,394 sales through its MLS system in 2017, down from 113,040 in the previous year.The board says there were record sales in the first quarter of last year, followed by a decline in the middle two quarters before sales picked up in the last three months of the year.The average selling price for 2017 was $822,681, up 12.7 per cent compared with 2016.The board says sales in December totalled 4,930, down from 5,305 in the final month of 2016.The average price for the last month of 2017 was $735,021, up from $730,125 a year earlier. read more

  • More than 50 men in Europe claim they were tortured in Sri

    “While the U.N. is unable to confirm this until we mount an investigation, clearly the reports are horrifying and merit a much closer inspection from our part, especially if they occurred in 2016 and 2017,” said Zeid, the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Human Rights.The International Truth and Justice Project has gathered testimony from more than 60 Sri Lankans across Europe – 52 of whom were part of the AP’s investigation. The group has been lobbying governments and international organizations to get justice for victims. (Colombo Gazette) Most of the men say they were blindfolded as they were driven to detention sites. They said the majority of their captors identified themselves as members of the Criminal Investigations Department, a police unit that investigates serious crimes. Some, however, said it appeared their captors and interrogators were soldiers based on the types of uniforms and insignia they were wearing. One man reported seeing army uniforms hanging on a clothes line and many of the men wearing army boots.In an interview last week in Colombo, Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake denied the torture allegations.“The army was not involved – and as for that matter – I’m sure that police also were not involved,” he said. “There’s no reason for us to do that now.” More than 50 men from the Tamil ethnic minority seeking political asylum in Europe say they were abducted and tortured under Sri Lanka’s current Government, the Associated Press reported.The men told their stories to The Associated Press and showed extensive scars on their legs, chests and groins photographed in July and August. Piers Pigou, a South African human rights investigator who has interviewed torture survivors for the past 40 years in the world’s most dire countries, says the sheer scale of brutality is nothing like he has heard before.“The levels of sexual abuse being perpetuated in Sri Lanka by authorities are the most egregious and perverted that I’ve ever seen.” The AP reviewed 32 medical and psychological evaluations and conducted interviews with 20 men. The strangers say they were accused of trying to revive a rebel group on the losing side of the civil war. Although combat ended 8 years ago, the torture and abuse occurred from early 2016 to as recently as July this year. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, one of the U.N.’s top diplomats who has pushed for accountability in Sri Lanka, was aghast at the AP’s accounts of the 52 tortured men. Sri Lankan authorities deny the allegations. read more

  • UN health agency scaling up measures to help those with both HIV

    “TB/HIV is a deadly combination and needs to be tackled with an approach treating the whole person,” said Dr. Lee Jong-wook, WHO’s Director-General. “With effective treatment, TB can be cured, HIV managed and the health of millions of people preserved.”Dr. Peter Piot, the Executive Director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), agreed that TB is perhaps the most deadly opportunistic infection associated with AIDS. “By tackling TB and HIV together, we can have a significant impact on improving the quality of life of people infected with HIV, while also controlling TB and preventing new infections,” he said.The new programme will give critical support for “3 by 5”, the WHO plan to provide anti-retroviral (ARV) drug treatment to 3 million people living with AIDS by the end of 2005.A principal focus of the programme will be Africa, where 70 per cent of the world’s 14 million people who are co-infected live. Up to half of the continent’s people with HIV/AIDS develop TB and almost four out of five TB patients are HIV-infected, according to WHO.A key guideline will be to train health workers to increase voluntary HIV testing and counselling in TB programmes, with the aim of identifying and referring more than half a million TB patients who are also HIV-positive for ARV drug treatment in the next two years. In this way, TB programmes will help with HIV prevention, ARV distribution and patient care, WHO said.At the same time, the agency promised to add screening and testing for TB at HIV/AIDS service delivery points in regions of high HIV prevalence.By routinely screening and testing people with HIV/AIDS for TB, people without TB can be treated with prophylactic drugs that prevent the development of active tuberculosis and people with the disease can be cured, WHO said. read more

  • Recordsetting offense leads Ohio State past Rutgers 5617

    OSU football players exit the players’ tunnel to begin warm-up drills before a game against Rutgers on Oct. 18 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 56-17. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor Redshirt-junior tight end Nick Vannett (81) celebrates after one of his 2 1st-half touchdowns during a game against Rutgers on Oct. 18 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 56-17.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorThe Ohio State football team took a 28-point lead into the half on its way to a 56-17 win against Rutgers in the first-ever matchup between the two schools.The Buckeyes (5-1, 2-0) gained 585 yards of total offense while forcing the Scarlet Knights (5-2, 1-2) into six punts and three turnovers Saturday at Ohio Stadium.The Buckeyes’ offensive explosion led to their fourth straight 50-plus point game, which is a school record. OSU also tied a program record with its fourth straight outing with 500 or more total yards on offense.“We’re definitely rolling right now, we’re clicking,” junior offensive lineman Taylor Decker said after the game. “Things are going right.”Even though some may expect such success to get to a team’s head, coach Urban Meyer said he hasn’t seen the Buckeyes get complacent so far in 2014.“The good thing is that I don’t feel like there’s a complacent attitude,” Meyer said after the game. “Complacency is awful in this business and with the players, because when you watch the film, we could actually have played a lot better in certain situations.”Following up on a fast start to the first half, the Buckeyes marched down the field to score a touchdown less than two minutes into the second half, extending their lead to 42-7. Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett’s 33-yard run gave OSU a 35-point lead with more than 28 minutes to play in the game.Despite the offensive success, co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Herman said he’s still not sure exactly how good the Buckeyes are, but expects to find out in the coming weeks.“Obviously we’re getting into the meat of the Big Ten schedule here very shortly, so I think we’ll find out a lot more about what the potential is and how good we are in the next few weeks,” Herman said after the game.On the Buckeyes’ next drive, Barrett sparked OSU with his legs once again. On fourth-and-goal, he evaded the Scarlet Knights’ pass rush to scamper in from five yards to make the lead 49-7. With more than eight minutes to play in the third quarter, the OSU signal caller had 107 rushing yards and a pair of scores to go with two touchdown tosses.After the game, Barrett said having a year to learn before stepping on the field for the Scarlet and Gray has helped his development just six starts into his OSU career, and added the same may go for other young players on the roster.“I think it goes to show the time we devote to the younger guys and I was developed last year when I was redshirting,” he said. “That preparation has helped me to get better every day.”Rutgers tacked on a field goal to cap the ensuing drive, but a 42-yard pass from Barrett to senior wide receiver Devin Smith set the Buckeyes up at the Rutgers 11 on OSU’s next possession.Senior wide receiver Evan Spencer hauled in a touchdown with one hand two plays later to make it 56-10 with 19:14 to play in the game. The touchdown pass was Barrett’s 20th of the season.The Scarlet Knights answered with a touchdown drive, but their deficit was still 39 with less than a quarter to play.Despite Rutgers putting up the final points of the game, it was well short of making up a big first-half deficit.Barrett opened the game nine for nine on pass attempts, totaling 117 yards and a pair of scores. He hit redshirt-junior tight end Nick Vannett from 12 yards out on the Buckeyes’ first drive before finding Vannett again from 26 yards out to start the second quarter.Barrett finished the first half with 147 yards through the air and another 50 on the ground, leading OSU to a 35-7 advantage through 30 minutes.Redshirt-sophomore offensive lineman Pat Elflein said Barrett has been stepping up for OSU behind support from the offensive players around him.“He’s playing great and it’s a credit to everyone else playing well,” Elflein said after the game. “I think he’s been playing great since he stepped in. We’re protecting him well and that gives him time to make decisions.”In addition to the quarterback’s hot start, sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott and redshirt-senior running back Rod Smith each had short rushing touchdowns in the first half to go along with a four-yard fumble return for a score by redshirt-freshman cornerback Eli Apple.Elliott said the Buckeyes’ goal is to take control of the game whenever they stop on the field, but he added there is still room for improvement.“We want to dominate every week,” he said. “But I think we can be a much better team.”Rutgers was forced to punt four times in the first half while also throwing an interception and losing one fumble.Barrett tallied 261 passing yards and three scores while finishing with 107 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. Sophomore defensive lineman Joey Bosa sparked the OSU defense with a pair of sacks and five total tackles.Rutgers senior quarterback Gary Nova finished the game with just 192 passing yards and no touchdowns while throwing one interception.Redshirt-freshman linebacker Darron Lee chalked the Buckeyes’ ability to slow down Nova up to the pressure they brought.“Pressure was crucial,” Lee said after the game. “We knew they ran a lot of boots and a lot of play action, we knew if we got pressure on him it would help out our secondary tremendously.”OSU is scheduled to hit the road on Oct. 25 to take on Penn State in State College, Pa. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m.Meyer said the Buckeyes will have an opportunity to “enjoy the win tonight,” but added he wants his team to be focused when it comes back to practice.“Do what you gotta do and come back ready to go,” Meyer said. “The good thing (is) this is a really good team to coach right now. They’re as hungry as our coaching staff and that’s a good sign.” read more

  • French kids confirm spectacular domination

    ← Previous Story THW Kiel win PIXUM Super Cup 2015 Next Story → THW Kiel richest team in DKB Bundesliga France is the leading handball country but this season confirmed amazing domination which couldn’t be seen before. All French teams and generations are at the TOP! After senior team and U21 and U17, the generation 1996 won the gold medal at the World Championship 2015 in Russia by beating Slovenia 33:26 at the final match.The guys of coach Eric Quintin extended domination in Ekaterinburg after winning the European gold last year in Poland.SLOVENIA– FRANCE U19 26:33  (13:16)SLOVENIA U19: Kastelic 19+1 saves, Leben; Moljk, Stojnič 3, Kavčič 3, Vlah 3, Kocbek, Janc 5, Krečič 2, Prevolnik 1, Kotar 1, Malus 5, Sokolič 2, Planinc, Marguč, Cvetko 1FRANCE U19: Harbaoui 7 saves, Bonneau 9 obrana; Mocquais 2, Ferrandier, Lagarde, Minne 4, Kounkoud 5, Limousin, Nozeran 3, Pelayo, Kamtchop, Bouchillou 2, Fabregas 4, Lenne 2, Richardson 5, Mem 6Iceland won bronze medal against Spain 26:22.PHOTO: IHF.INFO read more

  • Greek Indiana Jones to dig Greece to riches

    first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Just like a scene from Indiana Jones, a Greek Australian treasure hunter has begun a search in the mountains of central Greece for the treasure of a notorious 19th century Ottoman pasha.The loot is valued in the millions, and can hold the key to plug the country’s vast debts, state TV says. Vangelis Dimas is financing the excavation to locate the hoard of Ali Pasha near the village of Vassiliki, 352km northwest of Athens. “The sensors show me that there is great treasure hidden below,” Dimas told TV channel NET as a crew manned a heavy drill on a small hill a few metres from the local road. The state-approved operation is proceeding slowly and would likely extend into next week. “So far we have drilled to a depth of 23 metres but the rock is very tough,” he said. “If at 30 metres we have a breakthrough, it will mean that there is an underground chamber below.” A drill has been brought from Athens for the purpose and cameras will be inserted to help locate the chamber believed to hold the treasure. Ali Pasha was an Albanian-born leader who ruled the area for the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, shortly before the Greek revolution that ended the country’s four-century Turkish occupation. Prior attempts to locate the treasure near his stronghold in the northwestern city of Ioannina have been fruitless. The Greek state is entitled to 50 per cent of the finds and the municipality will also be given a percentage. Source:Kathimerinilast_img read more

  • OGM Bruxelles autorise la culture et la commercialisation de plusieurs dentre eux

    first_imgOGM : Bruxelles autorise la culture et la commercialisation de plusieurs d’entre euxEurope – Pour la première fois depuis plus de dix ans, la Commission européenne vient d’autoriser une culture OGM, celle de la pomme de terre génétiquement modifiée Amflora. Elle a également autorisé la commercialisation de trois variétés de maïs transgéniques, pour l’alimentation humaine et animale.Mardi 2 mars, la Commission européenne a autorisé la culture de la pomme de terre Amflora à des fins industrielles, ainsi que le commerce de plusieurs variétés du maïs MON 863. Elle assure avoir pris cette décision en s’appuyant sur les avis favorables de l’Agence européenne de sécurité des aliments (AESA), les cinq OGM autorisés ayant “été examinés avec la plus grande attention, de sorte que les préoccupations exprimées au sujet de la présence d’un gène marqueur de résistance aux antibiotiques ont été pleinement prises en compte”.La pomme de terre Amflora sera utilisée pour la production d’amidon et de papier, a précisé Bruxelles, affirmant que “cette technologie innovante contribue à optimaliser le processus de production et à économiser des matières premières, de l’énergie, de l’eau et des substances pétrochimiques”. Et la Commission d’ajouter que la culture de cette pomme de terre sera soumise à des conditions très strictes, afin d’éviter que des légumes transgéniques ne soient oubliés dans les champs après la récolte ou que des graines d’Amflora ne soient répandues accidentellement dans l’environnement.Quant aux variétés de maïs transgéniques qui viennent d’être autorisées, il s’agit des MON863xMON810, MON863xNK603 et MON863xMON810xNK603. Leur culture reste interdite mais leur importation, leur transformation et leur utilisation dans l’alimentation humaine et animale, sont désormais autorisées en Europe.Par ailleurs, la Commission européenne a annoncé son intention de soumettre une proposition visant à laisser aux États membres de l’UE “plus de latitude pour décider de cultiver ou non des OGM”. Cette proposition devrait être faite d’ici l’été prochain.Le 3 mars 2010 à 13:04 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

  • About 150 migrants try to cross border US fires tear gas

    first_img Categories: Local San Diego News AP, KUSI Newsroom, SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The new year ushered in a cross-border clash during which tear gas was used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to block approximately 150 migrants attempting to climb over — or crawl under — the U.S.-Mexico border fence into California, officials said.The Associated Press reported that at least three volleys of gas were launched across the border onto the Mexican side near Tijuana’s beach early Tuesday, landing among the migrants, including women and children, as well as press members.Some of the migrants told the news service they arrived last month with the Honduran caravan.U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said the tear gas was directed at rock throwers on the Mexican side who prevented agents from helping children, who were being passed over the concertina wire. The agency said 25 migrants, including two teenagers, were detained.CBP said several teenagers were put over the fence’s barbed wire in heavy jackets and blankets. The agency said small children were also being put over the fence, adding the migrants were “having difficulty accomplishing the task in a safe manner.”The agency said it couldn’t assist children attempting to cross the border because of the rocks being thrown at its officers.Agents deployed smoke, pepper spray, and tear gas to stop the rock throwers, according to CBP, which said deployments were directed at the rock throwers, not at the migrants trying to cross the border in a separate area.“No agents witnessed any of the migrants at the fence line, including children, experiencing effects of the chemical agents, which were targeted at the rock throwers further away,” CBP said.Under CBP use of force policy, the incident will be reviewed by its Office of Professional Responsibility.A migrant with his face covered in white after receiving a treatment against tear gas looks at the border fence as he attempts to get into the U.S. side to San Diego, Calif., from Tijuana, Mexico, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019. Discouraged by the long wait to apply for asylum through official ports of entry, many migrants from recent caravans are choosing to cross the U.S. border wall and hand themselves in to border patrol agents. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza) Updated: 1:50 PM About 150 migrants try to cross border, U.S. fires tear gas AP, KUSI Newsroom Posted: January 1, 2019 January 1, 2019 FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

  • Fishing report 73

    first_imgSummer chinook anglers get four more days — today through Sunday — to retain adult hatchery fish in the lower Columbia, then it’s a steelhead show until Aug. 1 when fall salmon season opens.The sockeye run will begin to wane pretty soon, but sportsmen are allowed to keep sockeye through July 31.Steelhead counts at Bonneville Dam are improving, as is the catch rate downstream of Longview.Bonneville pool will reopen for sturgeon on July 11-12 and July 18-19.Anglers at Ilwaco averaged 1.4 salmon per rod with the catch 88 percent coho last week. At Westport, the average was 1.6 salmon per rod with 64 percent coho.Canyon Creek in northeast Clark County was stocked in late June with another 1,000 rainbow trout, while Council Lake near Mount Adams received 3,000 rainbow trout.Angler sampling from the Washington (WDFW) and Oregon (ODFW) departments of Fish and Wildlife:Lower Columbia — Tongue Point to Wauna power lines, 23 boaters with one summer chinook, one jack chinook, one steelhead and one sockeye kept plus four adult chinook released. (ODFW)Estuary, 33 boaters with four adult summer chinook, one jack chinook, 17 steelhead and one sockeye kept plus one adult chinook, one jack chinook and one steelhead released; five bank rods with one steelhead kept and one released. (WDFW)last_img read more

  • Facebook at F8 says WhatsApp to get shopping catalogs

    first_imgF8 is Facebook’s developer conference.  James Martin/CNET Changes are coming to Facebook’s messaging services, including WhatsApp Business.WhatsApp Business is getting product catalogs, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday during Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8.Those catalogs are aimed at small businesses that may not have a website but are using private social platforms to communicate with customers, he said.WhatsApp Business launched earlier in April. Tech Industry Share your voice Tags 5 apps for group video calls 0center_img Now playing: Watch this: Post a comment 1:10 Facebook WhatsApplast_img read more

  • 2nd level flood alert issued at Dowleswaram

    first_imgSecond warning was given at $ir Arthur Cotton Barrage at Dowleswaram. At present the flood level at the Barrage is 13.75 feet and 14 lakh cusecs of water discharging into the sea.last_img

  • Ooyala CEO Jonathan Huberman on the Companys Future After the Brightcove Deal

    first_img Related More Than Half of All Video Viewing Now on Mobile, Tablet Viewing Flat (Report) ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Brightcove Acquires Ooyala’s Platform Business for $15 Million It’s nuts and bolts kind of stuff, but it’s been paying off for Ooyala, with Huberman saying that the company’s Flex business has been doubling in size year-over-year, compared to the single-digit growth it had seen in the video platform business. Some of Ooyala’s Flex customers include HBO, Turner and Arsenal FC, with the company set to announce a new deal with U.K. post-production house The Picture Production Company this week.But while much of what Ooyala is doing is about the plumbing that’s powering online video behind the scenes, there is also a bigger industry story behind the company’s shift of focus. Traditional media companies are increasingly being challenged by tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Netflix.The tech giants aren’t just spending billions of dollars on content, but also have huge teams to develop sophisticated technology for their video businesses in-house. And in may cases, these companies can subsidize their massive tech investments with money from other lines of business — be it ad sales for Google or iPhones for Apple. “Profits have a different meaning” to these companies, said Huberman.To compete with these deep pockets, media companies not only have to step up their game and bet big on online content, but also increase their efficiency to make sure they squeeze out every penny out of the videos they have — something that’s not that easy if you rely on spreadsheets and Google Docs. That drive to efficiency will further help Ooyala grow its suite of video management tools. “It is a green-field opportunity,” said Huberman.center_img When news about Brightcove acquiring its long-time competitor Ooyala’s online video platform business for $15 million broke in February, many assumed that this would be the end of it for Ooyala. Turns out that was wrong: The acquisition officially closed last week, Ooyala is still and independent company, and its CEO Jonathan Huberman recently caught up with Variety talk about his company’s new focus, and the changing online video business.First, a bit of a refresher: Ooyala had been one of the companies providing the plumbing for the nascent online video business ever since its founding in 2007. Initially, it focused on providing video hosting for other companies, with a particular focus on the media business. Later, complemented this with ad-tech and video management tools.The entry into the ad-tech market in 2014 coincided with Ooyala getting acquired by Australian telco giant Telstra, which at the time hoped to become a major technology player, with a significant digital advertising business to boot. Ooyala’s second major focus at the time was the video platform business, as hosting and related infrastructure services are called in the industry, with video management tools ranking last on the list of the company’s internal priorities. However, Telstra made a course correction last year, writing down much of its investment in Ooyala, and subsequently selling the company to Ooyala’s management for an undisclosed amount.That newfound independence forced Ooyala to take a hard look at its existing lines of business — and realize that its priorities didn’t make a lot of sense, argued Huberman. “We had that pyramid inverted,” he told Variety in an exclusive interview last week. The ad-tech business in particular was a lot more challenging than Ooyala had anticipated. “We were competing with this little company called Google,” joked Huberman. Ooyala ended up selling its ad-tech business in December.What’s more, the traditional platform business wasn’t seeing nearly as much growth as Ooyala’s video management tools. “The media and entertainment space has become saturated,” said Huberman. There wasn’t much room to grow with video hosting for media organizations anymore, and competitor Brightcove was much better positioned in the enterprise video market — which is why the company decided to sell its platform business to its longtime competitor earlier this year.The new Ooyala is entirely focused on what it calls its Flex Media Platform — a set of video management tools that help publishers with their entire supply chain, from production to publishing and analytics. It’s an underserved niche, argued Huberman, with many media companies not having anything similar in place. “We are replacing spreadsheets and Google Docs,” he quipped.Much of Ooyala’s work these days has been about helping companies integrate various bits and pieces from a variety of vendors into a unified workflow. Just this week, the company announced an integration with Google Cloud Video Intelligence and Avid’s Media Composer tools at NAB in Las Vegas. Popular on Variety last_img read more

  • Twilight Zone Episodes That Need Black Remakes

    first_imgStay on target ‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting…‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Trailer Shows Bawdy Blaxploitation Biopic Earlier this year Jordan Peele went from beloved sketch comedy performer to full-blown auteur with his incredible racial thriller Get Out. If you haven’t seen it (and if so what’s wrong with you) the social satire is a barely exaggerated examination of what it means to be Black even in “liberal” America. And since the film was big hit, Peele is already prepping a new “social thriller” for 2019 while helping other African-American filmmakers get their Black horror projects off the ground.Get Out is part of a long legacy of smart horror stories that use frights to examine real social ills. It’s basically the Stepford Wives but with racism instead of sexism. But one of the best and most famous examples of this type of terrific terrifying storytelling is Rod Serling’s seminal anthology series The Twilight Zone. Like any good twisty science-fiction, the show metaphorically discussed politics of its era. Serling would practically spell out the end message for you with his irresistible voice.That’s why it makes perfect sense that alongside his other projects, Peele is now prepping a new (4th) Twilight Zone reboot for the Star Trek: Discovery delivery service known as CBS All Access. At the moment, that’s pretty much all we know about the show. Daredevil season two showrunner Marco Ramirez may also be involved. But the idea of Peele infusing classic Twilight Zone stories with an even more provocative racial bent is enough to get us very excited.Obviously the new Twilight Zone should tell its own original, contemporary stories, but here are our suggestions for classic Twilight Zone episodes that could use a Black reboot. Oh, and maybe get Forest Whitaker to host again.ShatterdayThis episode is from the 1980s Twilight Zone reboot, not the 1950s original, and stars a young Bruce Willis. It’s about a man whose life is slowly being supplanted by his own doppelganger. Get Out deals with similar existential crises of replaced identity, so a Black update of this one should be pretty easy for Peele and company.It’s a Good LifeOne of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes, “It’s a Good Life” of course features an all-powerful little boy who banishes adults who displease him to the cornfield, keeping everyone else in a permanent state of terrified, false happiness. My pitch here? Keep the little boy white but make everyone else forced to bend to his childish whims Black.The Eye of the BeholderIn “The Eye of the Beholder,” a woman prepares to undergo surgery to fix her hideous face. In a classic Twilight Zone twist, the woman is actually beautiful by our standards. It’s everyone else who is ugly. Considering the ways racism intersects with unfair, inconsistent beauty standards, the metaphor here could work even stronger in a Black reboot.The Monsters Are Due on Maple StreetSmall suburban towns sure do love being afraid of some unknowable other. Past versions of this seminal story of self-destruction have grappled with paranoia over aliens, communism, and terrorism. But if recent history has taught us anything, Black people are totally still one of those irrational fears, too.No Time Like the PastIf you could back in time, obviously the moral thing to do would be to try and prevent history’s greatest atrocities. Unfortunately, as this episode demonstrates, that may end up causing the problems you’re trying to prevent. Remaking this episode but centered around past racial atrocities, perhaps alongside the difficulty a modern Black person may face if they were sent back in time, would add even more ironic tragedy.Dead Man’s ShoesAfter a person is murdered, his spirit lives on in the bodies of people who wear his shoes and continues his revenge. So imagine if the spirits of countless Black men killed by police could haunt their oppressors in similar ways? Anything is possible in the Twilight Zone. Making the shoes Air Jordans or whatever flung over telephone pole wires might be a little much, though.The FeverI don’t really have a racial pitch for this episode, but “The Fever” features a dude being chased by a giant slot machine and I just want to see that again but with modern effects.Buy The Twilight Zone Complete SeriesBuy Get OutLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

  • UK lawmaker defends making 14 cent expenses claim

    first_img Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Quick workouts for men LONDON (AP) — A British lawmaker is defending claiming 9 pence ($0.14) on expenses for a short car journey, saying such claims may look “odd” but the mileage adds up.Conservative lawmaker Rob Wilson said the 322-meter (352-yard) journey in March 2014 was a “constituency engagement.” He also made several other small claims for short journeys, including 13 pence for a trip in his car to attend a business meeting. Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top Stories Sponsored Stories Wilson told Metro News on Tuesday he was an active lawmaker who often met with local voters. He said many of his trips are fairly short, but add up because he takes a number of them each week.Beginning the end of July, British lawmakers will get a 10 percent pay increase from 67,060 pounds ($104,271) to 74,000 pounds ($115,000) a year.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologistlast_img read more

  • This year Armin Strom moved into its new business

    first_imgThis year, Armin Strom moved into its new business headquarters in Biel and now the brand just launched its first calibre, under the Armin by Armin Strom label, this past November, thus becoming an authentic Bienne watch manufacture.The ARM09 (ArminReserveMarche09), as the calibre is known, has emerged in a relatively short time as a result of dynamic teamwork and total motivation. As far as CEO Serge Michel is concerned, a proprietary movement lays an even firmer foundation for an exciting future. “Of course this step is the fulfillment of a dream for us, but it also ensures our independence in other areas.”Designer Claude Greisler was brought into the team to build the calibre and develop the manufacturing side of the business three years ago. Mr. Greisler set about his task with a group of precision engineers, watchmakers and a hand engraver and is now proud to present the finished movement.The Armin by Armin Strom/ARM09 is a manual winding calibre, with an eight-day power reserve, which focuses on perfection of technology and craftsmanship to create a distinctive design. The movement provides a great insight into the mechanism, has a power reserve display and meets the most demanding quality expectations. Watch lovers are sure to be immediately struck by the shape of the cogs. “We implemented an idea that gives us an almost endless range of design options!” says Claude Greisler. After a close look at the movement, it becomes clear that great emphasis is also placed on the watchmaking tradition, as well as innovative features. Finishing, for example, is top of the range and the technical specifications speak for themselves.For more information visit www.arminbyarminstrom.com.last_img read more