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  • Killed two people after posting Facebook fear on the news

    killed two people after fear, Facebook posting: I boarded the car accident caused 2 dead "news! What a wonderful woman! This behavior also caused users to blame, at the moment, the incident is actively investigating.

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  • How to make money fast food

    today’s food and beverage industry after years of development, no doubt has become the most concerned industry, catering industry and continuous hot domestic earlier risk investment real Kung Fu fast-food restaurant is expected to add 100 to 150 investment in 2010, an early start in the Chinese fast food brand and country base, a grandmother, one heart in recent years, the rapid development speed with an annual increase of 30-50 restaurant.

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  • Home textile store location tips

    home textile store location need to pay attention to what problems? If you don’t know much about this problem, look at the skills. Home textile store location need to go from a number of aspects of the investigation and analysis, the following recommendations a few focus on the investigation, I hope to help you.

    The most basic element of

    home textile store location is to facilitate transportation. Only traffic convenience stores can be convenient for the residents to patronize and consumption, so the convenience is very important. If the goal is to join the home textile group of workers, white-collar workers, etc., can be considered in the city’s main roads, such as the vicinity of the subway, bus station is a very good shop address. This address is convenient for office workers to choose when they are off duty. read more

  • Bank executives resigned to start the nternet banking journey

    for 10 years ago, people, leaving the business may be a passive move. And now more people are in the hearts of a dream and choose to leave the business. Former bank executives, Liu Bo is such a person, he chose to leave to join the financial venture.

    2015 December, from the Bank of has been removed from the identity of senior executives have been.

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  • What are the famous children’s furniture brands

    beneficial to children, the children are good, parents are willing to, therefore, the children’s furniture market is becoming increasingly popular, becoming the new darling of the furniture industry in recent years, leading the furniture market! So, the famous domestic children’s furniture brands have?


    Hellokitty is a brand of children’s furniture furniture designed for Hellokitty girls, crazy girls tailored the most high-end children’s furniture, lovely, fashion with fantastic color Hellokitty children’s furniture brands, has been chasing girls. read more

  • Synthetic liquefied petroleum gas project real reliable

    is now on the market despite the birth of a lot of business opportunities, however, the authenticity of many projects have yet to be investigated. In the current complex entrepreneurial market, the choice of a real and reliable business opportunities is more important. So, synthetic liquefied petroleum gas project real reliable?

    media now advocated "liquefied gas", "synthesis of liquefied gas, liquefied gas and other energy" advertising is more, this kind of advertising that "liquid synthetic gas" to ordinary chemical raw materials as the main raw material, the cost is only half of the liquefied petroleum gas. But this project is feasible? read more

  • Wang Dongde sell plum cake sell good fortune

    in the case of your original craft, you will learn another craft, and then leave home to start a business? More importantly, this time you are old, you have to bear the risk of a very large business, which is a lot of people are afraid to try. However, Wang Dongde, the hero of the novel, has done it, and has created his own fortune.

    is the king of the old man northeast barbecue king, the famous last year, after ten years of barbecue but he changed the line, left his home in Heilongjiang, his family moved to a strange city of Ji’nan. But the old man’s business was only two months old, and the sales were over a thousand times. The king of the old man that music ah, say Ji’nan is right. Wang old man to sell what is it? Why did he come to Ji’nan? The original sale of plum cake is a very profitable industry, since he learned the business, he immediately move up a big idea. read more

  • Several principles of inventory management of health care chain stores

    now society, people’s health awareness has become increasingly strong, and the whole society also has a lot of different health food stores, some stores need to pay attention to health care products are some tips in the business process.

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  • Your name right infringement

    most of the time, the owner is obviously want by successful name to a similar name, but because do not grasp the degree, resulting in his own name infringement, so don’t make money, the shop late is unlikely. So, your name infringement? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

    recently, many Anji passenger station of the public will find a shocking shop – "eating hamburgers, because the German" homophonic with rage Kentucky, after people have seen are tempted to smile. This burger shop name is reminiscent of the movie "dragon and Phoenix shop in shop" fierce competition "eating up" fast food shops, let live the Anji passenger station near Mr. Liu lamented: it is opportunity everywhere ah. read more

  • Shanghai one of the entrepreneurs to raise funds to shoot nude blackmail 500 thousand

    business needs a lot of money, the threshold for many entrepreneurs to flinch, also let many enterprise managers start soon with broken halberds defeat. But in any case, can not take the money on the road to crime. Venture in Shanghai Wu paid for their own moment of confusion.

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