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  • That is why the cross border corporate princess so capricious

    Recently WeChat

    circle of friends was 95 in the "magic department" scraper, facing Waterloo people began to question the so-called generation, personality in the business world position. In fact, it is not self willed, Princess House founder ten years only food, but that is not engaged in cross-border cross-border business. But in the selection, supply has real advantages, 70%-80% goods from the brand side direct procurement, in the new deal also said cross-border dignified and imposing live well. read more

  • Bank credit card blocked Alipay deal is going on

    recently, Minsheng Bank credit card business cooperation with Alipay to stop a renewed attention. The industry generally believe that the prevention of illegal credit card cash to bring the industry risk is part of the main reason for the bank to halt this business. However, it is understood that the bank stopped Alipay credit card business is the main cause of unprofitable.


    card to the bank credit limit

    recently, part of the Credit Card Cardholder illegal cash rampant use of Alipay, some banks have also taken corresponding measures. read more

  • Yi Jie Luxuries leveraging the nternet to do a professional business men

    According to a recent

    iResearch released "2009-2010 Chinese apparel online shopping Research Report" shows that the clothing has become the first online shopping categories of goods, including clothing, B2C turnover in 2009 is about 2 billion 400 million yuan, representing a growth rate of up to 100%. The VANCL to 28.4% of the market share of independent sales clothing B2C website first.

    clothing e-commerce bring garment industry not only reduce the cost, increase profits; can help clothing enterprise real-time tracking the market, predict the changes of customers’ needs, quickly and accurately respond to customer requirements. UNIQLO, Lining, peacebird mainstream brand, also continue to follow up, to select network marketing platform for market expansion. read more

  • Focus on 2012 GOMX global network marketing conference business focus to identify business

    March 30th – 31 days, two days of the 2012 GOMX global network marketing conference (GOMX Conference) at the Xiamen International Exhibition Center successfully held the annual meeting in 2012, the first field in Chinese held the largest global network marketing event, conference will continue adhering to the "professional, open" attitude to the general practitioners in the Internet industry. The research of network marketing personnel with rich content.

    According to the organizers timev read more

  • How the 30 year old boy family members do not understand the technical success

    throughout the summer of 2011, there was an idea in my mind. No matter when I am awake or sleeping, I will think of this idea, and even sleep every night with a smile. I found I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, I just had to choose to make it work. I know that if you are reading this article, you will be curious about what it is and how it works.

    at that time, my wife had to stay at home to take care of our three children, so I had to work full-time. I am the only source of income in the family, and more importantly, the whole family needs to rely on me to maintain health insurance. read more

  • Ad4all players to stop the promotion of tourism products notice

    dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

    Hello! Advertisers travel game player decided in 2008 01 month 08 days (Tuesday) to suspend the travel product promotion game player, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products


    if you have any questions, please contact our customer service, contact details are as follows:

    QQ:301001142? 301001148

    Tel: 86-10-51692624

    Fax: 86-10-51692625


    if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

  • n order to get married took off

    Taobao for 5 years, from experienced many hardships is the ordinary people can not understand that, I can now understand just how open the green hand, step by step up up! From 1 hearts to the crown, from purchase to delivery, from the delivery to the customer service service, I had time soon, all efforts are put into the Taobao shop, in order to avoid advertising and I suspect the letter I, re apply for the issue of the.

    may be most full-time Taobao people have this experience, say do Taobao, pressure against all came home, people not only do not understand also often give you pour cold water, you can earn money is OK, the problem is that we simply do not earn money early, so the family every day is a fight. Blow constantly scolded us, say you young not to go to work to play at home all day ah…. I play! A day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., that really is not playing, that is real in hard work, every bed is dizzy, the home, do not understand the same makes me very sad, because his girlfriend’s understanding and support, is my only motivation. If, without her, I wouldn’t stick to it, so I take all the pressure to bear. read more

  • Jingdong global purchase of the United States on the line to carry the domain name jd hk banner

    renamed China ( July 21st hearing, prior to April, Jingdong to enable domain name on-line platform for cross-border electricity supplier "global purchase". Recently, Jingdong officially launched in New York, Jingdong cross-border electricity supplier business – the United States to buy the world’s Museum, like the sea to buy small partners in the future can be purchased in the u.s..


    : Jingdong global purchase page

    currently visiting Jingdong global purchase the domain name, can be found on the first page of the pavilion hanging on the grand opening of the promotional picture, click the picture after the page Jump to Jingdong USA Pavilion page covers wine, toys, clothing, bags, beauty, mother, movement by Chinese consumer favorite American goods. read more

  • Wong Kwong Yu is expected to be released this year the United States had missed the opportunity for

    source: China chain

    everyone has a hero complex.

    Wong Kwong Yu is a national hero, but also the soul of the United states.

    is such an ideal infinite expansion of the people, let the capital market, the United States management, staff and fans expect, hope that the return of the king, to regain the world retail industry first "Zhuang bold.

    – the husband of a cuckoo and weak woman, also waiting, waiting for her husband to return.

    after the market Xilian, she has gone from "mothers" role to become a master of capital operation and retail master, become the new "Gome sea needle set". read more

  • Fresh electricity supplier first step to make the product with internet thinking

    Internet has such a concept, the one hundred person may have one hundred kinds of Internet based thinking, but not all of them are able to withstand the test, verified after to practice the idea will be reused, more and more successful cases show that the idea of value, and then evolved into a theory, it is the Internet thinking.

    at least at this stage, no matter what people are talking about the Internet thinking, more or less will mention the user thinking or is a fan of the economy, which includes basic interactive fans, sense of participation and user experience of three elements. Today, we do not talk about how the Internet thinking, more is to put forward a possibility, and then explore how to apply this kind of user thinking in a field. Provide the basis for the millet and carved sirloin and other cases, if the mobile phone is millet technology products can be directly linked with the Internet products, carved sirloin is just a dish, how to make a dish also have the nature of the Internet or the Internet, this is the real question should be discussed. read more