Georgia Republicans are pissed they lost after a surge in mail voting, so now they want to curb it

first_img– Advertisement – For now, fortunately, there’s nothing Fleming can do to undermine mail voting before the all-important Senate runoffs on Jan. 5. However, there’s plenty we can do: Republicans, however, are not serious thinkers, least of all state Rep. Barry Fleming, who chairs the Judiciary Committee in the Georgia House. His reaction to the newfound popularity of mail voting is so unhinged we must reproduce it in full:Instead, Democrats are relying on the always-suspect absentee balloting process to inch ahead in Georgia and other close states. If elections were like coastal cities, absentee balloting would be the shady part of town down near the docks you do not want to wander into because the chance of being shanghaied is significant. Expect the Georgia Legislature to address that in our next session in January.This analogy is so bonkers it’s not worth parsing (does he think voters are somehow being tricked into using absentee ballots?), but the real problem is that Fleming has a powerful perch from which he can make voting harder. When he says we should expect Georgia Republicans to find new ways to suppress the vote, we should believe him—and prepare for a fight.- Advertisement –last_img

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