Month: March 2017

  • Xining non public economic organizations have a home

    The non-public sector of the economy of Xining City Party Committee Organization

    as the director of the Department of non-public enterprises party building work, to promote the healthy development of non-public economy, the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness and provide a strong organizational guarantee. June 17th, the city of non-public economic organizations and the establishment of the Party Working Committee held in the city hall opening ceremony. read more

  • Xining to carry out a clean government culture to promote environmental remediation project pilot

    To comprehensively push forward the contiguous rural environment remediation work in Xining City, the work of innovative ideas, working methods and working system, and a typical experience in performing the duties of supervision in rural environmental protection projects, to ensure the realization of project safety, financial security, safety of cadres "goal

    to comprehensively push forward the contiguous rural environment remediation work in Xining City, the work of innovative ideas, working methods and working system, and a typical experience in performing the duties of supervision in rural environmental protection projects, to ensure the realization of project safety, financial security, safety of cadres "goal. Earlier this year, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Xining Municipal Finance Bureau, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection jointly launched a clean culture into the rural environment contiguous remediation project activities, and to determine the pilot area of Huangyuan. read more

  • Recruits have gradually entered the provincial military region a certain nfantry Regiment

    From September 12th to 15, accompanied by drums cheerful and loud song, Qinghai province military region continue to usher in the 2014 annual independent infantry recruits. The group since late July has actively carried out the preparatory work related to the various aspects of the training of recruits, learning, cultural activities, social security have made careful arrangements and careful preparation, and actively create a good training conditions and comfortable living environment, so that the new soldiers from entering the camp will be able to feel the force of family the warm. A new recruit soldier Chen Guangjun said, must be hard military skills, improve personal quality, strive for the early completion of transformation from a local youth to qualified soldiers, rooted in barracks, love the resident, to provide security is important for Qinghai’s economic and social development, for the motherland rich, strong and prosperous to fulfill the obligation of citizens.   read more

  • Xining West 16 million 500 thousand fund to support small and micro enterprises

    this year, Xining city district government allocated 16 million 500 thousand yuan to set up Small and micro businesses to support the development of the fund, capital shares, small loan guarantees, financial discount and other means, consistent with the direction of industrial development in the west to support small and micro enterprises, promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, to achieve economic and social healthy development.

    west of Xining area in accordance with the "open access, the bigger the total, optimization services, improve quality, enhance energy, help the poor" ideas, take a number of measures to promote Small and micro businesses bigger and stronger. Improve the support mechanism for the healthy development of small and micro enterprises escort. Establish a working group to the District Economic and Trade Bureau, district development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, the District People Club Bureau and other units as the main body, coordination and consultation in accordance with the division responsible for the requirements, the full implementation of provinces and cities on the support of small and micro enterprise development policies. The establishment of Small and micro businesses to support the development of the fund at the same time, strengthen policy guidance and training, held Small and micro businesses preferential policies and financial knowledge training three, 110 Small and micro businesses responsible for learning provinces and cities to promote Small and micro businesses to support the development of policies and preferential tax policies. IYB (to improve your business) training phase, 30 small and micro enterprises attended the training. read more

  • Xining FRST Youth Film Exhibition

    2012 Xining · Youth Film Festival Youth Film Awards ceremony was held yesterday


    Huang Bo most attention

    19 represents the highest honor of the youth film "crystal tiles" were produced by

    Qinghai news network July 27th, 2012 annual China · Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival Awards ceremony was held in Qinghai grand theatre. In the evening, the festival of 19 pieces of tile Qinghe minghuayouzhu award, Huang Bo, Tang Wei won the most attention of the young Chinese film actor. The international famous actor Tony Leung, actor, producer, producer, the two Golden Horse Award winner Xu Feng ·, a famous Hollywood movie producer Michael; anderin, the famous actor Yan Ni, Na Renhua and Yu Na as the winners of the awards. read more

  • This year the province built 156 workers

    on the shelves neatly stocked with books, reading desk workers, staff smiled the borrowing formalities…… December 4th, Ning food group’s staff room, the workers are immersed in thick books. The reporter learned from the Provincial Federation of trade unions, as of early November this year, the province has built 156 staff house.

    since 2008, the province’s trade unions at all levels based on the actual production and life of workers, vigorously carry out cultural activities to send workers, workers have become one of the province’s millions of workers’ gas station". As of the beginning of November, has completed 156 Random House employees this year, including the demonstration 7, provincial demonstration 50, grassroots enterprises built 99 points, an increase of 22.8% over last year. read more

  • Xining annual performance appraisal more scientific and fair

    recently, Xining City, 8 assessment work teams to the county and municipal units to carry out the annual performance appraisal. This year, Xining city became the annual assessment for performance evaluation, the evaluation can be more prominent than that of "people" assessment system more robust, more accurate positioning, the evaluation method more perfect, the annual performance appraisal more scientific and fair.

    evaluation comparability is more prominent. According to the comparison of four districts and three counties, Party committee, government economic and social groups, and in six categories of assessment, assessment ranking fall into 13 groups over the years, often rated as excellent place ranking in the key sectors in the same group according to the examination scores, do strong contrast between departments can increase ratio of and mutual competition, increase the other departments in the premise of the effort was rated as excellent chance. At the same time, the Party Organization Department as the examination departments only accept examination, no longer participate in the order of evaluation. read more

  • Provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Ping An

    June 23rd afternoon, the Qinghai provincial government and China Ping An insurance (Group) Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of project construction, livelihood security, precision poverty alleviation and other areas, marking the bilateral cooperation to a higher level. Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, deputy general manager of Ping An Group, attended the signing of the activities and speech, Cao Shifan. read more

  • Xining to the rural collective three capital network supervision

    is the standard of rural grassroots cadres power operation, effectively prevent the loss of rural collective assets, promoting the construction of rural clean government, rural collective funds, assets and resources "funded" value, actively build Xining funded network monitoring platform, to achieve network supervision in 1/3 towns before the end of the year, efforts to promote the "three rural" institutionalized, standardization, informationization, democratic management.

    in recent years, with the deepening of rural reform, rural collective "three capital" management has become the focus of attention of the masses of farmers. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, Xining city has issued on the strengthening of rural collective funds, assets and resources management departments to strengthen the work responsibilities of the "opinions" and the rural collective funded regulatory network platform construction "implementation plan", the county, directly under the relevant departments in accordance with their respective division of labor, improve the rural collective funded and run the management mechanism, based on the definition of the ownership of assets, and the establishment of the rural collective funded management accounting, lay a solid foundation for the rural collective funded management work. read more

  • Qinghai to solve the problem of the transfer of agricultural population children

    how to speed up the process of urbanization in the protection of the transfer of agricultural population children education problems? This year, the province conscientiously implement the State Council on the protection of the transfer of agricultural population of children equal access to the right to education, to effectively solve the problem of the transfer of agricultural population children.

    for the transfer of the agricultural population of children enjoy equal education in rural migrant in our province continue to optimize resources, implement the entrance examination in accordance with the principles of the nearest school, and according to the population density and the growth rate, adjust the structure and scale, and do all kinds of schools to the extension work. Conscientiously implement the "Compulsory Education Law" and the deployment of the State Council, to further improve the relevant policies and systems, and promote the transfer of agricultural workers to protect the rights of equal access to the right to work institutionalized and standardized. Further strengthen the agricultural population transfer school children management, strengthen the construction of teachers, improve teaching quality, protection of the agricultural population transfer children can enjoy the equal and more high-quality education resources. read more

  • To promote the development of youth

    June 30th morning, the Xining Youth Entrepreneurs Association held its second members of the general assembly. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Federation of trade unions. More than 90 young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Xining participated in the general assembly.

    Wang Haihong on behalf of the municipal government since the establishment of the association of the affirmative, and the work of the association of young entrepreneurs and the ardent hope. She pointed out that the majority of young entrepreneurs to further the strength and wisdom to the objectives and tasks of economic growth, people’s livelihood and stability ", take the initiative to shoulder the glorious mission entrusted by the times, Li Yong forefront of entrepreneurship, showing youthful style in promoting the reform and development in Xining. To learn as the source of wisdom, the entrepreneurial innovation as a relentless pursuit, to serve as a glorious responsibility, to return the community as the goal of life.  
    read more

  • The province’s 18 cultural industry projects to obtain the central special funds to support

    September 15th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of culture, press and publication, this year, the province’s 18 cultural industry projects to obtain special funds to support the development of the central cultural industry, support funds up to 73 million 900 thousand yuan. This is the province in recent years to get the support of the project up to the maximum amount of money a year. This year is also the central city of Xining, the development of special funds to support the development of cultural industries up to a year, a total of 6 projects to get $22 million 800 thousand to support funds. read more

  • Social security People’s livelihood priority to let happiness knock

    has been the social security is a hot topic of the people most concerned about, in the country to speed up the pattern of integration of urban and rural social security construction, although the face of the provincial government is an underdeveloped province in Western China, and the economy is small, the natural environment is poor, low per capita level, a large proportion of the poverty situation in the province, but still the social security system as "people’s livelihood", attaches great importance to the construction of social security system, increasing financial investment, continue to explore and improve the system innovation, policies and measures, to let the people enjoy more happiness goal, first step to build up a sense of security, let the people of the province lost insurance, medical treatment, and hurt some old age support the social security system. Improve the system of people’s livelihood by
    [] policy to force the province continue perfecting the policy system, improve the level of protection, the implementation of standardized management, to promote the overall development. At present, the basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance system has been basically established and gradually improved. Urban workers pension insurance collection mechanism gradually improved, the basic pension for retirees to pay in full and on time, the social rate of 100%. Urban and rural residents endowment insurance system has made a major breakthrough. 2014, the province set up a unified old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents. Universal coverage of medical insurance, to establish a new rural cooperative medical insurance, medical insurance for urban workers and residents as the main body, to the medical insurance and commercial insurance as a supplement, to the urban and rural medical assistance for the underpinning of the multi-level medical insurance system. To establish and improve the overall planning of the residents’ and employees’ medical insurance outpatient service, which is based on the protection of chronic diseases of special diseases. Establish and improve the medical insurance turnover and outpatient clinic fee system, the implementation of the first hospitalization settlement service model. Unemployment, industrial injury and maternity insurance.
    [] – >
    – the basic old-age insurance for urban workers historical issues and closure of bankrupt enterprises retiree health insurance problems in the lead to solve.
    – in the lead in the old industrial synchronization into the overall management of work-related injury insurance, the basic realization of full coverage of religious personnel basic pension, basic medical insurance system, to achieve effective convergence of landless farmers social insurance and new agricultural insurance system.
    – the province’s social assistance system to continuously improve the basic construction of urban and rural rescue; read more

  • Protection of well known trademarks of industry and commerce departments announced a typical case of

    reporter learned from the business sector, the Department of industry and commerce, since the launching of "mutual protection", "Sanjiang", "the Yellow River famous trademark" special law enforcement activity since the month, the city’s industrial and commercial departments investigated 26 cases, involving 363 thousand yuan, a number of dens were eradicated, the day before, the business sector has released some typical cases to the public.

    June 1st, East Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers after nearly a week in the months of waiting, smashed together selling fake dens, seized 30 bottles of "four" tianyoude, Wuliangye series 336 bottles of wine, worth nearly 20 thousand yuan. June 4th, the Bureau of law enforcement officers in Sanming market law enforcement inspection, the scene seized suspected counterfeit soft (hard) box of Chinese cigarettes 56. Then in the riverside road on a tricycle found a number of suspected counterfeit Wuliangye series, tianyoude, liquor and Wine Cabernet and furongwang brand 11 cigarettes, a total value of more than 3 yuan; in June 7th, the law enforcement personnel Mopai search, inspection of the hospital No. 56 Delingha Road, rental housing in accordance with the law, the scene seized suspected counterfeit Wuliangye series 86 bottles of wine and 30 bottles of wine tianyoude, Chinese, jiaozi and other brand-name cigarettes 25, worth more than 2.8 yuan. read more

  • The twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress held the twenty fif

    March 23rd to 25, the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fifth meeting held in Xining on the twelfth. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deng Bentai, Mao Mao, and so on, and so on, the Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the general secretary of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, 42 people attended the meeting, in line with the quorum of the people, and so on, and so on, and so on, and the deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the people’s. Mu Dongsheng, Deng Bentai presided over the meeting. read more

  • Qinghai University road opened to traffic yesterday

    In September 9th, Uncle Wang, who lives near the Qinghai University, looked at the new road, the wide lane, so happy that he could not agree. From that day onwards, the 30 thousand teachers and students and the surrounding residents no longer have to worry about travel. Qinghai University opened and opened the road to the end of the students to go to school and travel inconvenience history. Qinghai University East Road from the South Gate of Qinghai University, West to Lake Road, the total length of 810 meters. Design criteria for the New Urban Branch Road, roadbed width of 8 meters, the design speed of 30 km / h. The opening of the city’s traffic network becomes more accessible. It is reported that in the past here, with seriously damaged pavement, is worthy of the name of the unfinished road. In this regard, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the provincial transportation department attaches great importance to, and gave strong support. The Provincial Executive Council since August 4th received construction tasks, quickly organized the design unit inside and outside the industry design work; in August 12th the provincial transportation department in conjunction with the Provincial Executive Council and Qinghai University road engineering design unit held a construction plan design review meeting, experts from the technology, cost of design were reviewed and optimized for the project the early construction schedule and laid a solid technical support. Since August 12th the completion of road design review, is the Provincial Executive Council Ma extension projects do urge the construction unit to quickly organize team play, the top of the sun, take the heat, overcome the impact of unfavorable factors such as the inconvenience of rainy weather and through the work day and night construction, after 30 days of fighting, catch the opening in the school of Ji Shunli.   read more

  • Xining won the gold medal of China tourism commodities competition

    in May 24th, from the Municipal Tourism Bureau came the good news, held during the "2013 Chinese International Tourism Commodities Fair" and "China tourism commodity competition, I selected the meticulous organization" Qinghai yak Horn Pendant Jewelry "," Qinghai sheepskin embroidered "two pieces of tourism commodities in many entries in the talent shows itself, get" 2013 Chinese tourism commodity competition "gold and bronze respectively, another 9 send the work won the National Award for outstanding works. read more

  • South Gate Street residents sewer plug Xining drainage company overnight repair

    7:40 last night, more than a dozen employees in Xining city water company is the South Gate street repair sewer blocked near the family home, they fight for the night.

    , according to Yang Hua, director of the Xining Drainage Company water 110 drainage center, South Gate Street sewage wells have been for several days, the nearby residents reflect relatively strong. The water company staff investigation that the main reason is the South Gate Street, No. 58 households without consent of the company, secretly illegal installation of a sewer pipe, the water wall bricks and other things came to wells, resulting in blockage of the pipeline out of water. He said: we are 3 meters long a sewer completely scrapped, coupled with the cost of repairs, the loss of serious." (author: Zhu Xiquan) read more

  • Xining two or more medical institutions to achieve two way referral

    recently, the city of Xining in more than two medical institutions (including two) set up a two-way referral department, construction of grading clinics, two-way referral management service mode, to provide integrated medical services convenient and fast, continuous and efficient for the masses, to promote the effective implementation of grading treatment system.

    The city of

    for more than two (including two) medical institutions will be in accordance with the grading treatment and two-way referral management service mode, in the hospital to establish grading clinics smoothly referral "Easy Access", is mainly responsible for the hospital and medical treatment in two-way referral work, provide high quality medical service integration for patients. Will be transferred to the hospital patients into the green channel, giving priority to treatment, examination and hospitalization. At the same time, the hospital discharge and discharge is required after the rehabilitation treatment of patients in Xining area, all included in the scope of management and transfer to the number of patients, patient information and follow-up rehabilitation program feedback to the community health service institutions where patients timely, by community health service team to undertake follow-up and rehabilitation Guide to patients. read more

  • The southern Beltway opened on the first day nearly 50 thousand times the traffic diversion

    Yesterday, reporters from the provincial road network monitoring center was informed that 24 days after the opening of the southern beltway, Pingxi high-speed traffic from the previous day to reduce the traffic flow of nearly 50 thousand times, shunt effect.

    Xiakou to rhyme ieguchi section of the traffic flow is 20542 times higher than the previous day, a decrease of 49.60%, is the flow of four monitoring points in a section to reduce the most obvious. Rhyme ieguchi to Chaoyang section traffic flow on the day of 34871 motorcycles, 26.42% less than the previous day. read more