Month: May 2017

  • What details need to pay attention to open hot pot

    now open a hot pot restaurant, you can choose a lot of investment projects. Even if you choose an investment project, you need to use the right strategy. If you do not know how to open a hot pot store business, then it is a very dangerous thing, Xiaobian compiled a few business advice, I hope to help you.

    To place

    1, sent to service, courtesy of

    good service can make customers comfortable, in the heart to leave a good impression, so that you can not". So in order to business boom burst, the store must keep up with the service. Do not have to ask the clerk as comprehensive as the hotel, but in the course of training must be polite, courteous and patient to the guests. read more

  • The next door neighbours Western style food Singapore Tofu pudding

    we all know the saying: there are paradise, it is because lots of Suzhou beauty, camellia, food more beautiful is an earthly paradise. Chinese traditional food exists everywhere in China, wherever you go, you will find the local characteristics of food culture. When it comes to Chinese food we can think of major cities, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Jiangsu, etc.. But when it comes to Western food, the first reaction is only singapore.

    Singapore is a gourmet paradise. The rich culture and rich history make Singapore have a proud food. From Chinese, India, Malaysia and other countries of the diet culture in this Asian delicacy cauldron of the fiery collision, each director. This is a great pleasure for singaporeans. Thus, the food has become another image of Singapore endorsement. More and more tourists from all over the world come to Singapore to plunge into the sea of food. Whether it is leisure tourists, or business guests, their "very Singapore" trip is also a wonderful taste buds trip. read more

  • Twenty two suggestions for college students’ Entrepreneurship

    employment pressure is so great today, entrepreneurship has become a new trend, but just from the university graduates lack of experience, lack of understanding of social security, how can a business? It is small to collect 22 of entrepreneurial suggestions, in the hope of your business on the road to help you:

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  • Chengdu municipal Party committee and municipal government leaders visited the town of Pixian the t

    What are the differences between

    and entrepreneurial reality? In today’s entrepreneurial environment, the reality of an entrepreneurial vision, it may take only a day. Pixian Yung Yung town to create a customer service center, one day to complete the registration process.

    "day on the run, did not expect so soon."   in January 7th, just graduated from college for more than a year of Wang Liulai to the town of Pixian Yung Chong Chong Passenger Service Center for business registration procedures. And just half a month ago, he also has a dream of entrepreneurship. Online submitted a business plan, and soon passed the audit, I started the road of entrepreneurship." He said. read more

  • The key to the success or failure of clothing store

    opened a clothing store, some unique techniques must not be overlooked, a clothing store really needs great patience and meticulous observation! Today, the clothing and clothing shop in the terminal market is like emerge in an endless stream of market environment, in order to achieve absolute victory in this kind of situation. We should pay attention to their own business in the details of


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  • 2012 suitable for youth entrepreneurship

    2012 immediately stepped on the tail of 2011 came, and now the continuous development of society, a lot of entrepreneurs have also opened their own entrepreneurial life road. Barbecue, as a kind of food, by the majority of the urban youth favored urban high streets and back lanes everywhere, the baked goods, nothing more than two kinds of meat and vegetables, varieties and tastes are very simple. If you do not have their own characteristics, it is easy to be eliminated by the fierce competition. The fruit is barbecue, barbecue replacement products, but also eat the fruit offbeat varieties; novelty, unique taste, a flower is the barbecue industry; especially for the beauty of women is thin, and can meet the demand of the leisure food. read more

  • Analysis of China’s entrepreneurship in 2016

    from the economic development situation in 2015, China’s employment market is still more severe, which will also stimulate more young people in 2016 to choose to start their own business, start their career path. So in 2016, China’s entrepreneurial work should be how to do?

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  • Women entrepreneurs do not show the same entrepreneurial style

    women’s entrepreneurial strength is different from men in the entrepreneurial market burst out of a different life. Today, to share the experience of two outstanding women entrepreneurs to see how they embark on the road to success.

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  • The pet shop purchase skills which are

    for the physical store, if you want to get the store to get a better operation, but also need to do more work to buy goods in place, which is also a natural skill can be mastered. So, pet supplies store what skills? Let Xiaobian to analyze all the simple.

    for a pet supplies store, there are many channels of its purchase. For example, they go to the wholesale market to purchase, from the pet supplies agent that purchase or purchase from the manufacturer. Of course, if you join a brand, on the issue of pet supplies store will not be considered. According to your local market and the level of consumption to set up pet products. read more

  • How to join the two Hand Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef

    Xi’an is a place where people’s feelings are strong, and the people of Xi’an give people the feeling of being bold and generous. Of course, the most outstanding characteristics of Xi’an and its unique cultural delicacy, what Hand-Pulled Noodle hamburger etc.. With the deepening of modern people’s health awareness and understanding, rich in health effects of Lanzhou traditional cuisine – bone soup pure beef noodles are favored by more and more people and love. While the two Hand-Pulled Noodle is such a franchise. read more

  • Short sales certificates do for holiday sales

    temperature is decreasing, the time of day by day in the past, from the new year’s Day is more and more, from the major stores during the year is the busiest time is also getting closer. The festival is also a major market, businesses earn a rush period look cheerful. But we can not see the good things in the eyes, we have to calm the mind to see what they do not have sufficient preparation.

    in this full of customers, Business Flourishes period, have what is called us retail customers blanket? There should be! In particular, the short supply of goods is even more so that we retail customers "worried nose" of the. Also, due to inadequate preparation, many retail customers during the holiday sales will encounter this situation, that is, we do not have the results of inventory reserves. read more

  • nterpretation of the status quo of Anhui express industry

    in the current market environment, online shopping has become one of the most basic consumer, which undoubtedly led to the development of related industries, which is one of the most important courier industry chain. The main content of the survey includes staff service specification, inspection system, the implementation of the charges and bills issued by the door to send and delivery time limit test." Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, said the Yangtze River, in terms of the implementation of standardized services, work dress and the use of civilized terms satisfaction by 21.57% in 2011, rose to 43.37%, 64.71%, 88.66%. read more

  • What are the four factors to make money in the glasses shop

    since the choice of entrepreneurship shop, especially glasses, such a huge profit, it is natural that everyone wants to succeed in their careers, to create greater wealth for themselves. However, if you want to make money through the glasses shop, but also need to meet the four elements.

    glasses is not the most profitable industry, but it must be a very profitable industry, we talk about how to open a profitable glasses shop. A profitable glasses shop needs four elements to meet: technology, equipment, documents, ports. read more

  • nterview with Song Lingwen deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and

    to achieve the development of a region, it is necessary to have adequate labor and abundant employment opportunities. In recent years, in order to open up new development in Qinghai Province, the introduction of policies to support entrepreneurship and employment, and create a better and more entrepreneurial environment.

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  • Tea tea make money

    we are the tea brand tea for having heard it many times you know? Have you ever thought about joining the project? If you echocardiography, the first to make a small series together to learn about the tea brand. Guangdong Xizhilang Group Co. Ltd., founded in 1993, the existing management, marketing, R & D, production staff of nearly 10000 people, the group has in Guangdong Yangjiang, Nanjing Lishui, Hebei, Baoding set up three modernized industrial park, covers an area of about 900000 square meters, one of the production and sale of enterprises in China, a large instant seaweed jelly pudding, milk tea. read more

  • These six people are not suitable for investment and Entrepreneurship

    everyone wants to start a business, everyone wants to get rich. I want to go to, not all people are suitable for business, with a different business people business may lead to two different results, then what kind of person suitable for business, what kind of person is not suitable for business? Let’s take a look at it.

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  • How to achieve innovation and development

    innovation in order to develop, especially in the pursuit of fashion personalized era, you want to succeed in the transformation can not be separated from the innovation, in particular, want to do catering business. Today Xiaobian from snacks to join the project to a simple analysis of the brand development of innovative thinking, hoping to help more snacks to join shop practitioners.

    change the traditional ideas, strengthen the innovation of thinking. Innovation is not blind, snacks to join the brand of innovation can not make subjective mistake, not by virtue of their own hobbies and worship to change the brand image and product features, they think is the best is not necessarily suitable for market development. Snacks to join the brand to the latest market trends and brand development goals, through the new business model to promote the development of the brand. Therefore, the innovation must be based on the actual situation on the basis of doing the most comprehensive analysis and research, seek truth from facts to innovation, to avoid old-fashioned ideas. read more

  • Join the home textile shop to pay attention to what decoration techniques

    home textile industry in recent years is very hot, but the home textile products are not easy to join, but also in the decoration of the store is also very particular about. Today we look at, to join a home textile shop, store decoration what skills.


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  • Female college students start to grow 240 thousand

    now female entrepreneurship in the whole society to occupy the proportion actually continues to increase, at the same time, society, some female university students in the proportion is increasing year by year, there are a lot of female college students will look into the rural entrepreneurship.

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  • A few steps to teach you men’s clothing stores more attractive to customers

    with the continuous improvement of per capita consumption level, men’s clothing market is now ushered in the development of the peak period, for entrepreneurs to open a men’s clothing store is a good opportunity to make money. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the business men’s clothing stores, shops need to attract people correctly grasp the skills in the market have to understand, let the business men’s clothing stores in the market is an advantage, then shop in the market to create success is simple! Next, let’s talk about how to open an attractive business men’s clothing store! The read more