Month: August 2017

  • The rain Shanghai dragon ranking worth the webmaster to ponder

    2, one-way Links

    industry and the related high weight Links, this is probably the main reason for Shanghai’s Phoenix ranking. Because Links are the anchor text for the link of high quality, but only so I think it is not enough to support the Shanghai dragon why may have more than. We have not found a new love Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai guests, that is established by Shanghai Longfeng Dean Robin website, the website one-way links and the rain Shanghai dragon almost, and the quality is also very good. Unidirectional links and Links accumulation is the major way for Shanghai dragon ranking ah. read more

  • The three factor analysis of Shanghai’s recent update of love

    recently love the upgrade of Shanghai has great influence on many sites, analyzed the reasons for the love of the weekend Shanghai revision of the cause, more requirements for the quality of the site, the content and structure of

    content is the value of your site, this relates to the development of the website, the update is timely, text arrangement is appropriate. I propose a few, first, website update should be timely, an article propagation speed is very fast, especially as the fixed source, you do not, others will send. On behalf of the website included fast update frequency efficiency, not necessarily the first collection of it can get good rankings (other factors), but are often the original content. Second keyword density, this problem is bothering you for a long time, keyword density, how to reasonably arrange how to insert, how to save time, after all, sometimes we don’t have so much to do, I think the following can knock on the door read more

  • 200 years ago Marx advised entrepreneurs down valuation site Analysis of Taobao recharge software i

    customers will pay for the steamed stuffed buns, which is not for cash, or for mobile payment.

    but some entrepreneurs just have to learn Internet Co’s "valuation thinking", telling investors: "I’m not profitable, because I want to get listed, to expand.".

    but my views are not acceptable to anyone. Readers say that you’re too narrow, and startups are going to have valuations.

    first, a lot of free Taobao recharge software beyond count greatly small Taobao recharge, free software projects such as the network, click on the hook, investigation, registration, voting and so on, are everywhere, continue to have the old station closed down, there will be new birth, so, from this point of view, Taobao recharge software is free don’t stop, as long as you want to operate these free items, you can find the new station. But we should also see the limitations of free Taobao recharge software, it can bring wealth for you is really very difficult, can be said to do these free items only earn some money, most suitable for novice Peng Yougang joined Taobao recharge software learning and experience. read more

  • 360 search market share increase even to love Shanghai scheme

    two, love Shanghai solutions:

    4, from above we can occupy 360 market share in search 19.84% see love, Shanghai accounted for 63.14%, accounted for 10.54% of the three Sogou, the search engine occupies almost the entire search market, other search occupancy ratio is too low is not worth mentioning, believe to see a chart of cnzz, many owners will sit up and take notice of the 360 the search, because it in just a year’s time the love Shanghai 1/3 site, also let love Shanghai dare to ignore our webmaster. read more

  • Love Shanghai SkyDrive also began to participate in the search engine rankings

    Author: Lu Songsong (WeChat LuSongSong), reproduced please keep the source

    love love Shanghai past practice, their products rankings are very stable, so it is good for some people, but also to BS ing for some people.

    According to the Shanghai

    presumably a lot of people already know, love to participate in Shanghai SkyDrive search engine rankings a few months ago, and follows the idea of the love of Shanghai library, even the content can be indexed, as you know how to use?.


    such as the PDF file snapshot is some love Shanghai, that spiders can crawl. If you want to participate in the document search engine ranking, need to share files in SkyDrive. read more

  • Niche M potential big entrepreneurs eyeing business operatorsSterling Silver start up company exper


    5. to find a core selling point, you can flagship private, communications quality, high-end communications, etc., anyway, there must be some differentiation.

    1. users have no meaning, only meaningful data.

    3. is, the better voice calls, voice calls, IM, video calls should be added.

    for the new project, I will tend to design, then "put some time" instead of getting started immediately. Of course, we don’t have time to invest in R & D right away. Putting it aside will make the idea mature and get more feedback from outsiders to improve the design. A App may have been able to correct several prototypes before it begins to encode and fix a lot of details. read more

  • 100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know three


    sometimes happens, there will be some problems. The tool itself, don’t check for a few more tools to try. With the tools of the query itself is a reference to the official standard.


    from the user experience point of view, of course is the quality of the good, the timeliness, popular is the user’s favorite, their original can not write well. But from the angle of Shanghai Dragon said, of course the original article is good, but not so much of the original can be written, so many good articles is also a good choice. In fact, not contradictory, the original content is reproduced boutique + means high quality content is the best part of the original or reproduced. read more

  • Analysis of Shanghai dragon case new two months do weight 6


    first, look at the key words for the site to bring traffic index, we can see a total of 40727 from the record, I looked at all the records, the index is not very high, many are in the dozens, more than a few to more than 100, not more than 400 of the highest, that is to say this website do the words are very easy to enter the home page of the long tail word. This is on the.

    station in general not what is special, just do the long tail word index is not high a lot of traffic, is a very good idea. read more

  • 13 methods for the construction of the website chain most only know ninth

    chain work for Shanghai dragon and the webmaster, even if it is fast to get an optimal method of search engine development after the green basket algorithm do the chain is the site, well-known sites are outside the chain from the start, so we still focus on the chain work. No matter for the novice or veteran Shanghai Longfeng most chain is sometimes very messy.

    blog links into the self blog and blog in two ways, self built blog, now many large platform, Sina, Sohu, blog bus, news and other many blogging platforms are free from the blog, here we recommend to buy a treasure can blog account, particularly cheap, buy over after doing these corresponding settings update one or two article, put on the chain you want to send. Then is the blog, the blog has a lot of skills, usually in addition to the chain is also the drainage, although now the blog mostly have nofollow tags, but on the strength of your execution is not enough to persuade you not to perform, after the nofollow label link but does not transfer the weight, not to say not crawling, did not say not to give weight as well as the search engine index for construction, so that the blog is still relatively important. Blog do drainage, veteran Shanghai Longfeng certainly know Lu Songsong, when he first is in each big blog, attracting a large number of bloggers focus on him, why can’t we go to implement this message. read more

  • Arvin Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the chain share several methods

    in Shanghai dragon world, the chain has been numerous Shanghai dragon Er that is to improve the site weight, improve website ranking the most important factors that how do the chain, what methods? Now do general chain method: Links, BBS signature, blog message, do the chain of free blog built, text and so on, I believe you do it for a long time friend should have experienced it, but these methods have been many people with bad, get a lot of Web site message with nofollow tags, even in some mainstream free blogs are added on, then we how to find a good method for the chain read more

  • Grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng travel third station Shanghai dragon common noun

    related domain we use domain command to check out, in a lot of query tools in the relevant domain as a chain of love Shanghai. In fact, this is a mistake, love Shanghai related domain is each website content contains the URL of the content that can address the link or text address, the anchor text is not included. For the keyword ranking effect is not great. Now love Shanghai webmaster tools is very strong, which can have a love of the Shanghai chain query tool, you can use.

    3. love Shanghai related domain read more

  • Eight causes down the right site and included the decline which you meet

    is my personal experience, the update rate and the frequency has a great impact on your weight, but this effect is not overnight, but slowly change, and even make people imperceptibly.

    2, update rate and decreased frequency of

    love Shanghai suggestions:

    however, love Shanghai does not require each site of each article are original, but also very welcome simple collection articles. Shanghai love view is that the station can be documented, that is to determine the theme, the contents related to the collection, and then through the collation, and then generate the. This article is not original, but also love Shanghai recognized. Now many of the best websites are using this way to edit the article. read more

  • Get inspiration from a set of link building scenes in the movie

    (3) the story of viral spread in social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn;

    1, begin with the end of action

    (2) of our two home page and contains links to a deep page on our website and related anchor text;


    (1) our company repeatedly mentioned in an article, so we can through these efforts a little media exposure;

    do the work for such a long time the Shanghai dragon optimization in thought and behavior consciousness will inevitably have some fixed content, speaking of thought of high quality, high original, on the same link, or the quantity and quality and so on, in the end how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng? The author when watching movies in the United States. In the process, suddenly thought of Shanghai Longfeng link building is also able to do so, and we share. read more

  • A how to improve the quality of the tree for keywords

    4, choose more specific and more obvious keywords

    Keywords optimization of the quality of the commercial intention

    creative writing is to ensure that the sentence is smooth and complete meaning. High quality creative hand can attract users attention, increase the click rate, on the other hand, is also conducive to enhance the relevance of search words, key words and ideas, so as to enhance the quality of network marketing. An optimization method is creative in originality into the wildcard to get more rosy. read more

  • Discussion on several points to improve the site weight principle

    , the first regularly updated website good article

    site outside the chain second to attract more and better


    third, friends of the chain to daily supervision

    when a good website ranking, to maintain a good website ranking, how to maintain long-term good website ranking? It is necessary to improve the weight of the website. The weight of the website is what things? The weight of the website search engine is a comprehensive evaluation of the site from 0-9, the greater the value, the higher the weight! So how to improve the weight of the website read more

  • 2015 in depth understanding of user needs to do the real value of the website

    3, so we in the site keywords location when you can live outside in addition to add keywords, some keywords in the long tail, so you can make us more better for >

    Xiao Bian here simply give an example for everyone, for example the keyword Zhengzhou wedding dress shop, his search users are usually more what type of person? Of course is mostly some people want to get married to buy wedding and competition with some areas. So by the user and search some competitors, search keywords and long tail, producing more and more, such as "Zhengzhou where to buy the dress" and "Zhengzhou a wedding shop good" etc.. No matter what kind of search, actually have been virtually recorded by search engine. It is also a kind of user demand. read more

  • 2017 Financial Times commercial Oscar why China is a truck to be selectedWuhan a university student

    this is the Wuhan Textile University a group of college students to develop "children’s network", since last year on line, has about 200000 of the amount of visits, the site has become the country’s largest children’s dating platform.

    yesterday, the members of the project team, who were participating in the final competition of the Chinese college student entrepreneurship program at the eighth "Challenge Cup" in Shanghai, were interviewed by our reporter.

    "now most of the students are products of education for children, we can find the project team from the status quo in inspiration." Project Manager Shi Peng said, "inter generational care reduces the burden of young parents, but some problems should cause the attention of parents." read more

  • Entrepreneurial choice living in the platform looking for a good tree to enjoy the coolAdvertiser

    from 08 January to now, in the mother batch put more than 10 thousand of the advertising fees, mostly to buy their forum advertising. Because of my station type and stationmaster concerned. But what makes me so angry is… The money into the account, upload the advertisement pictures, regardless of how to modify the audit is not passed, there is no way, the money is certainly not back back, there is no way to put up originally did not want to advertise for the station advertising, through the modification and verification of 5 times, one of the key words are not. Not a "most" not a "full" this kind of words, so what is the use of advertising. How about that, read more

  • Wangzhuan front how to check the site optimization is qualifiedPoor webmaster water network the firs

    navigation; : Wangzhuan front

    What is

    many beginner SEO people don’t know how to do, is to see where there is a problem where the problem, do not order, then don’t know whether I finished all the work, do not know how to check that all the work finished, here Wangzhuan forum to introduce the self checking method the nine part:

    6, if you do the long tail word list;

    2, if you analyze your competitors website;

    I know many friends there, just a few years on the net worth of millions of friends, in their body, I do not see such as the legend of legends, their path in life is filled with too much imitation, is a common station road to success. In fact, as long as the heart, we can also achieve this income, but also with them, not in many of the above diseases accompanied by fatigue. read more

  • How to use the three methods micro blog Wangzhuant’s really hard to say it’s hard to make money on

    attachment change return was a failure, give up gradually occupied

    : a micro-blog account can be sold, as if now can be sold as a micro-blog account inside the fans many listeners, another micro-blog to have a professional equivalent, so micro-blog accounts tend to sell a good price, but want to sell micro-blog account natural you have several, if only one sold out that they are not did not have to play the

    ! !

    is that many well-known Internet advanced big glasses off, even Sohu head Zhang Zhaoyang did not see the micro-blog speed, now can only see Tencent, Sina and micro-blog continue to develop and grow, in their own back beat, this is not some time ago also fired some executives of micro-blog so squid! The popular, naturally a huge money effect, there are now many have been using micro-blog to earn a lot of money, in addition to some wisdom, nature also need some methods, methods let the author talk about how to use micro-blog to Wangzhuan read more