Month: September 2017

  • What is the mechanism of search engine cache

    search engine cacheWith two

    search engine cache

    snapshot of Web sites is not the same, why? Because the update frequency and weight of each site is different. Even with different keywords to search the same website, this website will also show a different love Shanghai. Why? Because the search engine cache. You search for "the return of the word Xiamen Shanghai dragon" search results, is likely to be directly in the call cache search engine results directly. Because the cache directly matched to your search, search engine without the need to re sort. read more

  • nterpretation love sea will handle not related to static search results page

    September 6th, Shanghai station in Shanghai love Lee love Webmaster Platform issued a "static search results page will be dealt with harshly" article. The following is my interpretation of this article reads as follows:

    interpretation of

    , a sample page theme "online Script Font Converter", but the search results page for a variety of goods list, content not related.

    from this understanding is the love of Shanghai targeted mainly for the search engine manufacturing unreasonable page (this process there are three main categories, detailed below). read more

  • Love to share the latest data algorithm and thinking of Shanghai

    two, click on the ranking algorithm is implicated in

    blog, K, this is because many of the original blog, collected over, and are usually just send articles, no attention to the hair of the chain, to attract users in the blog, always think you updated, you can, and some stations do is flow station and they went directly to Bo master program, released a collection of go, lead to excessive when love was reproduced, Shanghai K station, a blogger site implicated.

    Hello, Zhu Weikun and share with you a newly discovered data, Shanghai is the best time of grasping has been updated, at 628k station, love Shanghai also more humane, let more users get the best experience. At the same time, also for the webmaster, is to be adjusted in time to grab out. read more

  • How to increase the method of novice webmaster site outside the chain

    can send the chain site with some key words in the article, and then get a hyperlink, an article had put too much, otherwise when the garbage

    !Remember to regularly check the

    how to shorten the time, quickly get a good start, small winter this nearly a month of learning Shanghai Longfeng promotion, to suggest the following

    place to send the chain very much, the weight is good (see PR). For example, Shanghai dragon Why forum, a push, WordPress Chinese Forum (this time seems unstable), Ruili forum, Tianya forum, and Sohu, Sina, NetEase (guest included slower), love Shanghai space, can also go to some classified information network, such as network people, 58 city and Ganji etc.. read more

  • How to survive the rebate network


    the love of Shanghai in order to "user experience" and the modified algorithm, kill a large number of "junk" website, especially Taobao customers almost 80% are dead, many owners have been downhearted rebate do not want to continue. And now love Shanghai aftershocks, there are more sites will be buried, because of this, we want to stick to the people in the future is more opportunities and challenges, the survival of the fittest is the natural law, but also the strong ego. So, as a special rebate network sites such as how to love in order to survive in the earthquake in Shanghai, please read this article. read more

  • Make site optimization strategy in five ways to tell you the answer

    2. in addition, the site code must be more concise, JS is called to be less as far as possible, flans is not the best, because these for the search engines is not friendly, not included. So, try not to place around the site. If can not put it as little as possible.

    This paper consists of: Two,

    now love Shanghai above search webmaster tools, we will find many such sites. You want to know about the latest developments in the search engine, to analyze the latest status of other websites, can use Adsense tools inquires. read more

  • Now do you have no future in Shanghai Dragon

    first, Shanghai dragon was bad mouthing already for a long time, many years ago, there are people who say Shanghai dragon will die, but in reality is always in progress. I am referring to the progress is that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners still in the expansion, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners skills has been in progress. After many years of

    second, search behavior will not disappear. The Internet is the biggest characteristic of diversity of information, people can through the search to find whenever and wherever possible the various information sources of information. Since the media in the development of SNS growing, people or things but the demand for new information is not just limited to known. For example, in micro-blog, we often visit is that we focus on people’s information, but we can also find the hot events of different point of view through the search. If we just put their information stay in known people, so our horizon will be limited, will miss a lot of wonderful content. Any person from the media and a circle of creative and fresh is limited, so we need to explore the unknown by searching. read more

  • How to set up the optimization of long tail keywords mining long tail keywords

    This article is to share my

    at this time and did not see what we want "Shanghai dragon Title Optimization", "how to optimize the title" the two long tail keywords, click on the love of Shanghai, see the relevant search results, as shown below:

    specific method of

    is how to mining the long tail keywords and detailed steps of mining, but in writing before literally, because I was writing a paper is the first to link the fixed guanjianci.html at the end of the article, there are a lot of people say that the search engine can read, some people can not say, Xiao Tan believes search the engine can read Pinyin, because when you fall in love with the sea type "guanjianci" of the three Pinyin, you will find the drop-down bar will appear keywords this three words, so I think it is able to read, but this set there are other reasons, this is a link to promotion, users readers can understand, if you really need to get key knowledge, we use "贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon -wangzhan-youhua/ Ml "this link, the user can understand, it is possible to click in to see, so it is more conducive to the promotion of the chain of read more

  • The text of the list of advertisersFrom refugee to chief technology officer of Uber the story of an

    uncovered the story behind an Asian face and touched a strange history……

    editor’s note the legendary investor George · Soros is Jewish refugees, MSCI CEO Henry. Fernandez is the Nicaragua refugees, the late former Intel CEO Andy · grove is the Jewish refugees…… Hail to the builder of miracles. The translation is from the ostrich FM. Click the text at the end.

    3 days later, MT-2377 arrives at Mara Thea. How many people died in these 3 days, without any record in interviews with Thuan Pham. Only know > read more

  • The local tourism website how to love the experience of Shanghai to do outside the chain of high qua

    this map is not approved before the author’s experience, this can be seen from a "reference is not clear or not related to reference resources and experience, the information I did not do it, but from this point we can see to do outside the chain in Shanghai will love experience. We must do these ideas can, so you can experience through the audit in Shanghai. How the local tourism website through love Shanghai experience outside the chain of high quality the author exchange with you under. read more

  • Talk about search engine judgment standard station concept may be a false proposition

    site user groups determine the extent of website operation and means, compared to a local small forum and certainly not a large portal or a field site, but it determines a range of service users, I like a village which is the northeast, if the user access, may flew out of, but for the life of the people around, the village network may be a relatively good communication platform, even more advertising, section more, water and more, it is in the face of the groups of these people, do not apply to a wider audience, so the users in other places serious the garbage station in this range of people, this concept can also define the garbage station. read more

  • How many crazy love behind the June and July Shanghai Shanghai dragon road transformation

    second: Shanghai, transformation and upgrading of the road, toward the technical development of

    is now in the company in addition to maintain the company’s Shanghai dragon, also maintain the company’s noble baby PPC account, this is two different systems, but the two systems for marketing is indispensable, when you hand to pay the maintenance of this PPC, every penny you are looking at the flowers, when you look at the overall structure of the website under your adjustment when more and more perfect, you will be happy. SEM, the Shanghai dragon, is a kind of ability of sublimation, master of advertising PPC can give you a better understanding of the significance of Shanghai dragon, specifically how to say read more

  • Guiyang suit company to talk about web site optimization considerations

    three, to define the title information content, we usually refer to the key word description, Guizhou website said the best on the long tail key word to add the deployment of Web site traffic. Keyword density to a reasonable spread, advocate control in less than 50%.


    , a Guizhou construction site said to pick the first domain name and domain name space, the best is not being used, but not before been punished search engine of the domain name, domain name easy to remember to pick it. The space is relatively stable, do not have regular closed space or will slow to open the page, such as on the user experience is greatly affected by the. read more

  • Share of love Shanghai two level domain name and directory advice understanding

    , a web page can row to the front of the search results, "background" is very important, if from a site weight high website, the row to the front of the possibility of greater and vice versa. Usually the weight of zhuzhandian is the highest, the site will inherit a partial weight from the primary site of inheritance, depending on the site quality and decide. The content is not rich enough to be an independent site before content in zhuzhandian under a directory in search engine can get better performance. read more

  • Some experience of pushing the media network love Shanghai day snapshot

    personal website that keep updated every day is also very important, a lot of enterprise website or company website maintenance and update no one on Monday and Friday, love Shanghai slowly in the spider crawling speed, weight and website ranking gradually will be affected, because of the different personal website or small business website, the portal itself has a very high weight love Shanghai, give a high degree of recognition, so the personal website or small business website be updated every day is very necessary, in addition to the website must have professional editing, best understand the point of Shanghai dragon edition, know the long tail word update a large number of articles, these articles are useful to the user, is also good for I have seen a lot of enterprise search ranking, website update content seems to please love Shanghai or in order to optimize and add content, what In order to optimize and to add a lot of website content has nothing to do things, such a short period of time will be used, will be very good rankings, but for a long time is not good, suggestions from the perspective of the user needs to organize the article, someone may have doubts, we industry is very small, do not know what to write from the start hand, not so much news or content updates do? A little industry there are a lot of things can be written, a small company, industry trends, industry exhibition industry exchange market transformation, the industry demand for talent, each product usage and so on are able to sort out a pile of paper. As long as attention, a lot of material to dig. read more

  • The common problems in the use of noble baby Analytics two

    in answer to this question, we should first look at the index definition of advertising and click Page of the PV two index is the meaning of what, how to calculate? And whether we should use these two indicators were compared.

    1, why station advertising click and the PV of the target page is not consistent with

    Click: Click Advertising advertising refers to the number of visitors to click on ads, there is no click in the index of nobility baby in analytics, so we actually see the click figure is in fact behind the advertising target page PV. read more

  • The Domain page is not the first extension point a

    In the morning,

    site is some temporary right down. The above mentioned do this website hot water boiler. Because at that time had come this, so to find some articles, a total of only 10 articles mentioned on the website of domain is not the first home page, and the solutions are very vague. Later discovered that time domestic good Shanghai dragon why forum also appeared in the domain is not the first case. In addition the feather teacher’s blog www.yumao Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 was also appeared in this situation. (the former is obviously not a new forum, which was launched more than 1 months. > read more

  • The 3 Cheats its website optimization

    if you site things are reproduced or pseudo original, not a little bit of the original, the love of spiders in Shanghai several times will not come again to you as a mother, a result is that you have no way to update the snapshot, snapshot old, weight is low, the website also ranked to think and to the. For example, another story, but every time I go to listen to him is something new, other places have not heard, once so, twice too, you will often come to listen to his stories, because here you will harvest. Love every time Shanghai spider crawled over and found you there are fresh, not elsewhere, it will be used to. In the course of time, the search engine is more and more, the snapshot of the update is timely, the weight of the website is also bigger, ranking also naturally go up. Every day, the spider put you as a bride, search engines like us, love new things. read more

  • Shanghai Longfeng optimization in processing before should first plan

    so, personally think that Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology in the prior to treatment should be planning "

    finally to the person in charge of the company’s Shanghai dragon keyword optimization recommendations are: optimization work, not just rely on code optimization can achieve the effect; the first need is for the analysis of key business company, to determine the optimal keyword necessary, according to the key words do website content planning, content planning, text content update, all to around key content areas, and to ensure continuous updates, to improve the content of the web site of the weight. At the same time, coupled with the external promotion of optimization, and ultimately improve the key objective. read more

  • Reduce the mixed signal effectively consolidate the paging URL

    in this.

    page has been in Shanghai Longfeng community has been discussed, whether it is e-commerce product categories or a blog, or a lengthy news articles, numerous examples of cross web paging. From the analysis of usability perspective, web paging solution to the user without the endless rolling, can browse pages load faster, provide a good experience for mobile users.

            < link rel=" next" href=" page=2" />


    webmaster decided to implement rel = "a = rel page" and "next" link elements in each page of the head. Let’s see how this is performed. read more