Xining annual performance appraisal more scientific and fair

recently, Xining City, 8 assessment work teams to the county and municipal units to carry out the annual performance appraisal. This year, Xining city became the annual assessment for performance evaluation, the evaluation can be more prominent than that of "people" assessment system more robust, more accurate positioning, the evaluation method more perfect, the annual performance appraisal more scientific and fair.

evaluation comparability is more prominent. According to the comparison of four districts and three counties, Party committee, government economic and social groups, and in six categories of assessment, assessment ranking fall into 13 groups over the years, often rated as excellent place ranking in the key sectors in the same group according to the examination scores, do strong contrast between departments can increase ratio of and mutual competition, increase the other departments in the premise of the effort was rated as excellent chance. At the same time, the Party Organization Department as the examination departments only accept examination, no longer participate in the order of evaluation.

"people evaluation" system is more sound. The party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members and rural community, non-public enterprises, social organizations, service object and subordinate units on behalf of the masses become the subject of performance evaluation, and to a large number of random sampling to ensure the authenticity of public opinion. To expand the scope of the assessment of the people, the district to carry out computer assisted telephone survey (CATI) survey of the masses to expand the sample size to 2000, and the new municipal authorities to assess the satisfaction of the masses. The whole society to further improve the evaluation scores, social evaluation scores into leadership "report card", the real public opinion by "soft targets" into a "hard pressure" from the system level evaluation of the implementation of the right to protect the people.

evaluation form more diverse. In the past the cadre examination of the "short board", a comprehensive evaluation of the county cadres assessment, the new chief and city leaders in charge of elements of percentile score and assessment team, reduce the weight of the team performance and team member performance, will be placed in the county cadres have strong relevance and informed superiors, peers, a group of multi-dimensional evaluation and assessment, to realize the transformation from one-way evaluation to multidimensional evaluation; the past is not easy to quantify the qualitative indicators, set for excellent, qualified, qualified and unqualified five grades were evaluated; the efficacy coefficient method is used to avoid the county assessment objectives, assessment of the past only pay attention to the speed of development, the lack of the contribution rate of the score; into the daily evaluation factors, combined with the introduction of this daily assessment supervision and accountability two way daily Assessment of supervision, information submitted, six months of democratic evaluation, such as quantitative scores, according to the proportion of the total score, breaking the year-end assessment of a hammer sale drawbacks.

assessment results more reasonable. The results will be linked to the use of cadres, awards, honors. On the completion of the city’s key construction projects, key tasks outstanding achievements, or by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the state ministries, provincial and provincial governments in recognition of incentives for the region and the Department of individual incentives. It is clear that the county leading cadres score 3% points after the evaluation of cadres, into the scope of the screening, the implementation of the Party Organization Department, the two inspection;

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