Xining FRST Youth Film Exhibition

2012 Xining · Youth Film Festival Youth Film Awards ceremony was held yesterday


Huang Bo most attention

19 represents the highest honor of the youth film "crystal tiles" were produced by

Qinghai news network July 27th, 2012 annual China · Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival Awards ceremony was held in Qinghai grand theatre. In the evening, the festival of 19 pieces of tile Qinghe minghuayouzhu award, Huang Bo, Tang Wei won the most attention of the young Chinese film actor. The international famous actor Tony Leung, actor, producer, producer, the two Golden Horse Award winner Xu Feng ·, a famous Hollywood movie producer Michael; anderin, the famous actor Yan Ni, Na Renhua and Yu Na as the winners of the awards.

this festival is the ultimate winner of the seven assessment by the open and fair selection, selected from the 1037 finalists in the work of the 19 awards in the selection of the 65. Among them, Yong min moon "won the award for best music here, there", Mo Shenshen "ashore" Communication University of China won the best documentary award, Beijing Film Academy Pan Zhixin "drive" won the best drama award. At the same time, the "West" "" "" "top six hundred singles to Fuyang in the" Beijing "" "" "Liu Liwu" ashore and other outstanding youth films have gained their own awards. In addition, Tang Wei, Huang Bo, and "the girls we chase together" won the most popular Chinese actress, actor, director, and the most popular Chinese Film Award for young people in the year of the year, as well as the most popular Chinese Film Award in the year of the year by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In this paper, the author of the paper, the author of the paper, the author of the paper, the author of the paper, the author of the paper, the. (author: Wu Yachun)

"special observation: 2012 capital and film

about forum held yesterday

Qinghai is a dream plateau

Gio de Maja attended and delivered a wonderful speech

Qinghai News Network on the morning of July 27th, one of the series of activities of the sixth Xining FIRST youth film show, special observation: about 2012 capital and Film Forum held in Qinghai hotel.

provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja attended the meeting and made a speech, President Zhang Baiqing China Film Critics Society, China CBRC non silver department director Min Luhao, Shanghai excellence Group Chairman Lu Hao, the famous director and producer Stanley Tong ·, a famous Hollywood movie producer Michael; anderin attended the forum and delivered their own views and opinions on the relationship between film and capital.

Gio de Maja said in his speech, Qinghai as a rich area of film resources, has a unique natural conditions. Walking in Qinghai, you can see the swaying willow green, fragrant wheat, green the Yellow River Qianmo smoke, like a girl quietly flowing; you can see snow capped mountains meandering, vast grasslands, cattle and sheep flocks Eagles cleaved the sky., Yangtze River, Lancang River, the Yellow River, from the glacier source; you can see the smoke;

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