Xining West 16 million 500 thousand fund to support small and micro enterprises

this year, Xining city district government allocated 16 million 500 thousand yuan to set up Small and micro businesses to support the development of the fund, capital shares, small loan guarantees, financial discount and other means, consistent with the direction of industrial development in the west to support small and micro enterprises, promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, to achieve economic and social healthy development.

west of Xining area in accordance with the "open access, the bigger the total, optimization services, improve quality, enhance energy, help the poor" ideas, take a number of measures to promote Small and micro businesses bigger and stronger. Improve the support mechanism for the healthy development of small and micro enterprises escort. Establish a working group to the District Economic and Trade Bureau, district development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, the District People Club Bureau and other units as the main body, coordination and consultation in accordance with the division responsible for the requirements, the full implementation of provinces and cities on the support of small and micro enterprise development policies. The establishment of Small and micro businesses to support the development of the fund at the same time, strengthen policy guidance and training, held Small and micro businesses preferential policies and financial knowledge training three, 110 Small and micro businesses responsible for learning provinces and cities to promote Small and micro businesses to support the development of policies and preferential tax policies. IYB (to improve your business) training phase, 30 small and micro enterprises attended the training.

build a recruitment platform to crack the problem of small and micro enterprise employment. According to the survey of the west area area 1780 Small and micro businesses, a comprehensive grasp of the employment needs of enterprises, the recruitment or targeted promotion form, organize and carry out the "spring action", the private enterprise recruitment week special recruitment 7, providing 6183 jobs, employment intentions signed a total number of 1354 people, including small and micro implementation hotel the employment of 206 people. (author: small words)

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