Provincial and municipal industrial and commercial organization of 2007 glorious Service Week activi

  September 17th, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Xining province and Xining Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau SEPEA organized 2007 "brilliance service week" activities started in Xining, located in the Xining stadium, a free haircut square in front of the home appliance repair, repair, property management, medical consultation, fake and inferior commodities exhibition service area before Wai the people.

the same day, in the fake and shoddy goods display stage, Xining trade and Industry Bureau fair trade department staff to explain to the public how to identify the pros and cons of goods, true and false. An old man said: "today, learned a lot of skill, to buy things after the bottom of my heart." Guo people are interested in how to identify counterfeit products, methods to identify staff Industrial and Commercial Bureau patiently selling wine for Guo explain various. Mr. Guo said: "long knowledge, long experience."

in the medical advisory area, the people who came to the interrogation team. Community health service workers are busy to the masses to measure blood pressure, auscultation, and some elderly patients to explain the multi meals, eat less, low salt and other modern scientific eating habits. A woman holding her cell phone, said: "this phone button is not good, can repair it?" Qinghai Joe master mobile phone repair center technical staff quickly test, and for the lady to replace the mobile phone key pad. Just a few from Wangfujing supermarket shopping out of the old, to the active site of a shoe repair obligations before service staff warmly greeting: "old man shoes? Make sure you are satisfied."

on the same day, Xining Province, Department of industry and commerce, and the four district SEPEA and nearly more than and 50 real estate, property management, mobile communications, telecommunications, business services and other enterprises to participate in the "glorious service week" activities ceremony, the event ended in September 23rd. (author: Cui Zhenlin)


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