Tourists comment on the most memorable beauty in Qinghai

The tourists to the beautiful Qinghai nostalgia in addition to beautiful scenery fairyland and the cool climate of Qinghai, and the unforgettable delicacy. Recently, the reporter visited the sea, Xing Fu Kou street, Mo street and several of the concentration characteristics of the Qinghai delicacy street, interviewed several foreign tourists, what is the guest "eyes mouth unforgettable" Qinghai delicacy.

A: Qinghai lamb unforgettable delicacy

Two: Qinghai face unforgettable delicacy

in Xing Hai Lu beef noodle, noodle shop, a patch in the crowded. A tourist from Henan told reporters that they where people eat noodles, eat a few meals this time in Qinghai, almost fell in love with the pasta, especially Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables tablets and sheep, with a bowl of fragrant soup, absolutely meet the love of "face" of all expectations. "If I miss my pasta in Qinghai, I’ll try to do it myself." The tourist said with a smile.

Four: Qinghai yogurt unforgettable delicacyMo street

unforgettable five: Qinghai’s grains of sweet delicacy

Xinghai Road, several are eating grains of sweet Guangzhou tourists told reporters, heard that the grains of sweet barley wine, wine prominent, cool sweet, had heard of Qinghai’s famous highland barley wine, not drinking a bowl of sweet pickled, fermented glutinous rice is better than drinking one hundred times.  

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