Learn from the moral model and transfer positive energy to society

The day before, with the moral model of our province to participate in the fifth session of the national moral model award in recognition of awards return. One of them was chosen as a national moral model, and the nine won the nomination. Their deeds warm the hearts of people, for us to practice the socialist core values set a benchmark, calling us from the self start, start from the side, from the little things, for the community to transfer positive energy.

"the world only two things can make us deeply shocked, is a brilliant starry sky above our heads, one is our noble moral mind." In the face of world hustle, out from the grassroots in the moral model with inclusive world’s love, good spirit connotation, coordinates show the value of life. Their good deeds without Xinjiang, self sacrifice, dedication, in a solemn promise, mortal charity, inherit the excellent traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, highlighting the collective will of the Chinese nation, strong with the backbone of the Chinese nation, they are the symbol of the spirit of the times.

"when one, see not capable oneself." Is the Chinese nation since ancient times, the moral gene, has long been integrated into the spirit of our blood, the spirit of good people always stay in the heart, with the moral model around peers. Each era has a moral model, they are the moral leader, is to lead the social trend of thought, the formation of social consensus model strength, but also ordinary people around. They stick to the traditional virtues of filial piety, benevolence, righteousness, diligence and honesty and simple, these things easy to perception and simple, as all citizens moral model. They make people believe that morality is never far away, moral energy has always existed, upward is still the mainstream of social values.

"a thousand miles; not small streams, no seas." From the side of the "most beautiful" details throughout the country and the city of mortal charity; emerge from the crisis of civilian heroes, to be the moral model, each one of us can be beautiful China add a touch of warm. To practice the socialist core values into practice and dedication, honest labor, hard work, responsibility, love and dedication, helpfulness, into the social services act of;

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