Huangzhong industry and commerce to cultivate local brands

in recent years, Huangzhong County Industrial and commercial bureau in the trademark cultivation, combined with the actual situation of the county’s agriculture and tourism industry, and vigorously cultivate local brands.

Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau focus on fostering a service trademark of Kumbum Monastery, South moon hill and Lantau Peak, DOPA national plateau sports training base around the hotel, tea gardens, homes and other farmers and traditional folk heap rust, carpet, peasant paintings, Thangka painting art trademark etc.. Such as the "eight petal lotus" series, "Cameroon art" trademark reflects the Huangzhong farmers’ artistic wisdom, "great", "HD", "Alpine" on behalf of the Huangzhong rapeseed oil and oat agricultural products, "South Moon Mountain", "ant ditch", "Valley" and "West Nachuan" on behalf of the geographical features of trademark, "Surgy", "ban Zhong" on behalf of the vegetables in Huangzhong. Huangzhong Hongda the purchase and sale of Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Qinghai green wheat by cultivating the characteristic brand, not only to expand the scale of production, but also solves the difficult problem of employment of the surrounding farmers. Huangzhong Surgy vegetable sales cooperatives "Surgy" brand trademark registered by vegetables, cabbage, spinach and other vegetables not only expanding the visibility, vegetable planting area from more than and 600 acres to more than 1 thousand acres, an increase of more than ten kinds of varieties, but also increased the income of farmers.

at the end of July, the county’s 268 valid registered trademarks, including 1 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks 4, 8 well-known trademarks. 1 to July, the cultivation of trademarks of 90, an increase of 28.57%, to complete the task of cultivating trademark of 90%. Apply for 50, an increase of 78.57%, to complete the task of 83%. (author: Fan Shengzhong)

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