Chinese Folk Artists Association to send laughter to Xining today to see the stars in the Central Pl

on the evening of August 14th, the Qinghai Convention Center in the city of laughter – the Chinese Quyi artists association literary volunteer service group to send laughter into Qinghai, Xining special performances held here. The service group of folk artists have showed their special skills, interpretation of comic, sketch, parody, songs and other programs, brought laughter to the masses of the community in Xining area. Provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja attended the show.

famous young crosstalk performance artist Zhou Wei and the famous CCTV host, Zhou Yu, co host the performance. The first play performed is famous young comedian Zhu Shaoyu and Zhang Luxi, they shuoxuedouchang everything, also to the audience and audience interaction; imitation show champion, young singer Liu Jiamei sang the "holy", "home", it is in the build or sound like Han Hong; a parody of famous performing artist Ren Shihe superb humorous imitation techniques to make the audience find everything fresh and new; the famous performing artists Qizhi and partner Peigemoqi, vivid performances; famous sketch artist Guo Da is showing excellent acting skills, language frequency poke humorous bursting point, exaggerated facial expressions just perfect; famous young tenor high poly and famous soprano singer Han Yanwen concert classic songs, the audience applause; Chinese association chairman, the famous performing artists Jiang Kun Dai Zhicheng, a famous crosstalk performance artist, performed "the music in the outside", which brought the performance to a climax.

Jiang Kun: hope to bring better works to the audience

is very excited to go to Yushu, Jiang Kun.

he said, half a month to come to Qinghai, to Yushu to show sympathy on television, have received a dozen telephone, said: "every day you go to that place so blue, the grass is so green, so beautiful scenery it!" Jiang Kun said he is very proud of, we are in the great beauty of Qinghai that is the real performance for local people in the prairie, where the most beautiful sight, beautiful of course.

Jiang Kun said: "the people of Yushu through unremitting self-improvement reconstruction, with the help of people, from the shadow of the earthquake came out in Yushu, I saw that the ruins has become a beautiful new home round. We are very pleased to be able to bring their own folk art, to send them to laugh, we will learn from their spirit of self-improvement."

Jiang Kun said, less than a month once again came to the beautiful Qinghai, all still feel very fresh, the scenery intoxicated, and I hope that through contact with the people of Qinghai, to enrich their own creation inspiration. He hoped that there will be more opportunities to come to Qinghai, he will perform without pay, will be better works to bring more viewers.

Guo Da: literature and art should not seek large ocean for luxury

in the mid 80s of the last century, Guo Da’s reputation is growing. In the sketch "door" after the production shortly after, Guo Da came to Xining.

at that time, Guo Da to the northwest capital city;

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