Liaocheng provincial Party committee and government leaders met with the delegation of Shandong

days ago, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met in Xining with the Shandong Liaocheng government delegation led by the Liaocheng municipal Party committee secretary Xu Jingyan line.

meeting, wangguosheng welcomed the delegation of Liaocheng in recent years, and give a powerful help in Haibei Prefecture and Gangcha County thanks. In the economic and social development in our province situation, Wang Guosheng said that Liaocheng and Qinghai drinking water of the Yellow River, has a long history of friendly exchanges. Currently, we are in accordance with the General Secretary Xi four solid major requirements, adhere to the concept of ecological protection to promote coordinated economic and social development, continue to promote the construction of the "three zones". I hope to seize the great opportunities in Haibei Prefecture of Liaocheng City, targeted aid, to further expand areas of cooperation, promote pragmatic cooperation in ecological protection, poverty alleviation, education, cultural tourism, breeding characteristics, personnel support and other aspects, so that the cadres and masses have obtained real sense of counterpart assistance.

Xu Jingyan said it would actively fulfill assistance responsibility, to further improve the supporting mechanism, and strengthen the Haibei Prefecture and Gangcha County in the project, technology, personnel and other aspects of the exchanges and cooperation, especially the increase of the Gangcha County help efforts in health, occupation education and environmental protection etc..

Xu Jingyan and his party went to Gangcha County, on-the-spot investigation, research work with the leadership of the Counterpart Assistance in Haibei Prefecture and Gangcha County, and identified a number of aid projects, laid a good foundation for the deepening of Gangcha county’s assistance and cooperation.

Zhang Guangrong, Wang Yubo attended the meeting.


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