China launched a good teacher charity action

is to promote the construction of teachers in primary and middle schools in our province, enhance the education level, the province’s basic education in November 21st, "China good teacher – dream Qinghai public action plan in the West District of the ancient city of Taiwan started primary school.

According to

, "Chinese good teacher – dream Qinghai public action plan by the Qinghai Provincial Department of education and Beijing Normal University Chinese basic education quality monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center initiated, Taiwan city primary school 17 school will rely on national normal colleges, linkage of all social forces, with the help of foreign high-quality educational resources and communication platform for helping. The province’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, comprehensive quality through a variety of activities to enhance the experience of teachers, especially in the aspects of improving self-cultivation.

"China good teachers" action plan will be the National Normal Colleges as the basis, the linkage of all sectors of society, for the national primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, enhance the overall quality of millions of teachers especially in morality. Activities will be "four good teacher" requirements into teacher’s daily work, to implement the teacher’s every word and action, the socialist core values from the school transfer to all aspects of society, so as to guide the good social fashion.


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