From tomorrow on Xining is going to cool down The highest temperature may drop to zero centigrade

consecutive days of fine weather, people have a spring illusion, but this kind of weather is coming to an end. Reporters learned yesterday from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, a sweep of the province’s most parts of the cold air process, will visit Xining during the day tomorrow, then, the highest daily temperature in Xining may fall to zero degrees celsius.

meteorological observatory foreman, February 7th to 8, there will be a cooling, blowing snow, weather process in most areas of our province, the Tanggula Mountain cloudy weather, there will be snow or snow weather in our province, the rest. Among them, in February 7th, most of the northern region of the province’s daily maximum temperature will drop 7 to 9 degrees Celsius, parts of the cooling rate will be above the temperature of 10 degrees celsius. In February 8th, the southern area of our province will drop 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, Hercynian, the region around Qinghai Lake, northern Yushu, Guoluo north will be around six level westerly.

due to the strong intensity of the northern cooling, coupled with the positive benefits of Xining in the northern region, so it is expected that from February 7th to 8, Xining cooling rate is more obvious. At the same time, there will be snow and snow weather. In February 6th 20 to February 7th 20, Xining will appear cloudy snow weather is expected, the daily maximum temperature will be 9 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus 9 degrees celsius. February 7th 20 to 20 on February 8th, Xining will appear light snow weather, the daily minimum temperature will be minus 10 degrees Celsius, the highest daily temperature of 1 degrees celsius.

weather experts, it is expected that the cold air will be the end of the day in the new year’s day, but the temperature will not rise quickly, will only show a slow recovery trend, so to remind the public to add clothes to keep warm. (author: Wang Yalin)

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