The whole of a good community store to do what others do not see

community store, although there is a market, but now, after all, the operation of many people, the competition is fierce, the business is not good to carry out the. Therefore, if you want to open a good community store, you also need to master a certain business skills. For me, if you want to fire a community shop, you need to do what others can not do.

my retail store in the city’s high-end residential "Pudong garden" before, the owners of the district is not a senior manager is senior white-collar workers, strong spending power. At the same time, the front of the District, is a bustling urban trunk road, the flow is larger. The area where the owners usually are busy, as a small one, in order to facilitate communication, I built a "super owners group", the members of the group of more than and 600.

usually, which drains water, peeling, in front of the fence is who broke, big and small, in the group where you drink a sound, I can timely find the property to help solve. If they were busy scoring off, no one at home, it is safe to put the key in my here, by my tracking, after the end of the project, I will act as the "acceptance" role, holding to the owner, responsible for the construction of personnel attitude, also let me in the area set good reputation.

do others can not do, to provide customers with enthusiastic family service, not only need the mind, but also the opportunity, but also enthusiastic people to help. For our community store, we must make good use of this advantage and the owners, to provide customers with the best value added services. Now, I am not only engaged in the department store operations, but also provide cleaning, laundry, construction, decoration and other domestic services.

actually, I do these are laymen, but I have their own channels, because often help the owners to do these things, most of the time, the construction side will leave contact information, if someone needs cleaning, I am a phone call in the past, there are professionals come immediately. The sum of the owner and the service side is with me. So, the owners worry, the owner can find me, before I and construction coordination, and I want to long-term cooperation because of the construction, if encountered quality problems, they can in the shortest time is properly dealt with.

since it is a community store, you need to have a good relationship with the residents, so it will help store operations. So, as the retail community residents door shop, only our time for the sake of customers, do according to "will", and keep pace with the times, to absorb new knowledge, master new skills, new ways to use the service, to expand in depth, to diversify, in order to better customer unity in their own surroundings.

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