Lemon workshop need how many money nvestment

see there are half a month in 2016 will be over, the new year, you have to think about what to do? Do you know what’s going on in the food and beverage market this year? Xiaobian not other said, but the drinks project in small and medium sized series that the development prospects of a good lemon workshop.

in 2016 many special wealth program, lemon drinks workshop champion, also obtained the consumers, so become a hot lemon drinks workshop wealth project, this market position, lemon drinks Workshop on the strength, so the lemon drinks workshop get countless entrepreneurs attention. Many entrepreneurs want to know the lemon workshop fees, following small series to introduce.

How much money


lemon workshop

joined the


join fee:

join fee: 80 thousand (venture)

performance bond: 5000 yuan

brand and management fee: 5000 yuan / year

join conditions:

1. has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the basic concept of enterprise management.

2. has a certain financial strength, the venture capital investment and the risk of a correct understanding.

3. have a certain understanding of the service and retail industry, can get the support of the family, and detailed investigation of the project.

4. recognizes and is willing to comply with the company’s development philosophy and operating standards, and is willing to work with all the company’s favorable decisions.

5. management of the store can maintain the heart of the input, can accept the continuous promotion training.

6. able to abide by the law, and follow the professional ethics, and the company does not conflict of interest.

7. does not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities.

regional agent

join fee:

County, county-level city: 200 thousand

capital city single area, hundred counties: 400 thousand

ordinary prefecture level city: 1 million 500 thousand


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