Bedding shop named 4 principles you know

when we dragged his tired body back to the home of the most want to do is that it should be in bed to sleep, good sleep cannot do without bedding, do you know what is the principle of bedding shop name? Today to his shop a good name is required, then today, let people open bedding shop, what bedding shop name


bedding shop named principle:

(1) bedding company should have an extraordinary spirit, with the impact of the spirit of the people to shock. For example, the four links of the group of four, from the English STONE homonym, meaning stone, a symbol of Caine stone to the high-tech cutting-edge impact.

(2) bedding company name should be brief and lively. Fewer words, fewer strokes, easy to communicate with consumers, easy for consumers to remember, but also arouse the public’s imagination, meaning richer.

(3) bedding company should be consistent with the concept of the company, the purpose of service, which helps to shape the image of the company. If the blue island mansion LAN really have a word, such as blue island in the sea, quiet and peaceful, in order to provide people with a rest of the land, to pour out the feelings of consumers Ladao, so as to establish a good corporate image.

(4) bedding company name should have their own uniqueness. The company has the name of the individual bedding company can avoid the same name and other bedding companies, in order to prevent confusion of public memory, and can deepen the public impression of the company. Such as: Beichen group of Beichen, heaven and earth express in heaven and earth, Lenovo Group Lenovo and other names, have a unique personality, impressive.

is the name of the content is more attractive, can get more people’s attention, if you do not know how to name it, can refer to the above several small said, perhaps there are still many deficiencies, I hope you don’t mind, no matter what, hope that you can be successful by their appearances, have their own I wish you success in business!

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