Entrepreneurial bosses offer warmth to the elderly love

in the social exercise, can always keep a heart is not easy. Dadukou have such a new boss, with their love to the old people brought a lot of warmth.


3 24 in the morning, the new village of Xinyi elderly care center Dadukou District, dressed in white uniforms of the young Chen Shasha and on time provided to two bags of cakes. The old man opened his eyes and saw the fresh 24 loaves of bread and the 16 flowers.

88 year old Li Chengfang grandmother while enjoying snacks, while told reporters: these cakes are free to send bread shop nearby, every day, more than a year. Not only does he grow handsome, but he is more handsome".

  the people in order to keep the life ideal, desperately running forward, want to respect such as the Chinese virtue has gradually been ignored, like Wang Hongxing’s behavior should be more people to learn.



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