Shaanxi province Yangxian County to do small loans boost employment and entrepreneurship development

in the venture capital market, venture capital for people’s entrepreneurial career will play a very important role. In order to alleviate the entrepreneurs of this problem, many governments have introduced the current loan policy, so as to help countless entrepreneurs who embark on the entrepreneurial truth, get better development of entrepreneurship.

Shaanxi, Yangxian County, the small secured loans as an important starting point to support entrepreneurship, promote employment, improve people’s livelihood, continue to increase the intensity of small loans, and effectively help entrepreneurs solve the problem of venture capital. Up to now, Yangxian County handled a total of 563 small loan guarantees, the amount of small loans issued by $62 million 30 thousand to support the implementation of the 598 unemployed self-employed, to promote employment of 1230 passengers.

Yangxian County to promote employment and entrepreneurship policy advocacy, to carry out spring action, "employment assistance week" and "the lifelong employment service month" activities as an opportunity to set up advisory services, accumulated small loans of more than 1 promotional materials to the masses, in-depth understanding of enterprise preferential policy and small loans handling procedures, expand awareness the rate of microfinance loan policy. Yangxian County has established a "business consulting + entrepreneurship training + + loan tracking service" linkage mechanism, effort for laid-off workers, college life, industry veterans, migrant workers and other entrepreneurs to provide high-quality, efficient and quick service for small loans.

to apply for small loans to carry out free SYB entrepreneurship training, so that each entrepreneur can truly grasp the basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, to guide entrepreneurs to choose less investment and quick, small risk "six small" projects, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

in addition to the above preferential lending policies, the local government also has more favorable policies to help people start a business. Yangxian County also increase the employment difficulties of staff more labor-intensive Small and micro businesses credit support, and actively help Small and micro businesses to solve financial difficulties, at present, a total of 8 households eligible for business loans amounting to 16 million yuan, resettlement employment difficulty of 600 passengers.

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