Engaged in foreign trade women’s brand agents need to pay attention to what

there are many consumers like to buy foreign trade women’s clothing, relatively cheap and design sense. So there are a lot of entrepreneurs to see business opportunities, choose to invest in foreign trade shops. Brand beginners just shop will think of a problem is the supply of goods, many people do not know where the shop is better, looking for a good reputation, more well-known suppliers. So how to choose a good brand of women’s clothing?

1, as a female distributor to learn more, more observation, do shop promotion and publicity. Because the consignment is no risk, so there is no corresponding pressure. If you want to do brand dealers need to expand, they have a strong sense of urgency, always give yourself pressure, pressure is the driving force, often to the forum to see the experience of others, and common progress and women’s brand dealers.

2, to be able to endure, not three days fishing nets drying for two days. Of course, the early stage of the best to choose the right brand of women’s sales agents, or there are a lot of people want to open several shop. But once you determine who you work with, you have to stand in the same position with the brand sales agents, and actively do a good job of publicity and sales

3, to learn how to solve the problem of independent thinking can be separated, can not rely on all the brand women’s agent. Some ladies sellers is a novice, no shop experience, encounter any problems to ask brand women’s affiliate customer service, customer service nature, will help them answer very enthusiastic, but open shop inside the program is very complicated, sometimes not one or two words can say, but often the brand women’s affiliate the customer who has a lot of work, not so much energy can not be timely help. In fact, ask who are not understand their own society, is the best way to meet what problem, search engine search keywords or related community forums, good posts to search out very much, or with some graphics, see clearly.

4, to understand the brand dealers, but also to understand the product, only to have the profound understanding to ask when customers can easily answer customer questions, so that customers will believe you, believe in your product you can buy your products.

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