Accommodate tens of thousands of entrepreneurial enterprises stationed in Beijing Xihongmen Venture

in order to further respond to the call of the country, the people of entrepreneurship, the people of innovation, Beijing, Xihongmen formally set up a Venture Street, the size of 5 kilometers, can accommodate tens of thousands of entrepreneurial enterprises to stay. Here and Xiaobian together to understand the details of the situation!

has been a part of the village of Xihongmen star city land, and now has been built up a modern stadium, financial Valley, film park……

yesterday, Xihongmen Venture Street officially opened street, 3 million square meters of entrepreneurial space, can accommodate tens of thousands of entrepreneurial enterprises stationed.

5 km entrepreneurial space to accommodate 7 industries

more than 10 years ago, there are 11 villages, according to the relevant person in charge of Xihongmen town government, said the industrial complex and tile economy is the main source of income for farmers in the region, gathered a large number of floating population.

after years of integration of urban and rural construction and management of rural collective construction land reform, now here is a business street, West iicg IKEA, East Hongkun financial Valley, about 5 kilometers east-west, yesterday officially opened the street.

it is understood that the Xihongmen Venture Street in Chong Hing International Shopping Center, Jia Yue square and Hongkun shopping center and Star Park North of 7 parts, innovation and entrepreneurship volume more than 3 million square meters, covering the financial, cultural and creative, innovative e-commerce, creative design and Internet plus five industries, is expected in the future can accommodate tens of thousands entrepreneurial companies stationed in.

currently has the Kunlun decision, Hugo workshops and other dozens of well-known enterprises stationed in.

will develop policies to support enterprise innovation and development

Xihongmen Town, responsible person, Xihongmen Venture Street in the introduction of the industry has been devoted to the introduction of the scope of the format, the final determination of the above five industries.

at the same time, the town government also plans recently introduced policies to encourage enterprises stationed in the town of Xihongmen innovation and entrepreneurship, "we will be in the housing, financial and other aspects of support," the town of Xihongmen relevant responsible person said, in the core equipment, if the enterprise can not afford to buy the government will consider to help with, also for enterprises in the introduction of investment company.

yesterday, the 2016 Beijing Daxing District city innovation contest officially Gong, mainly includes two major events: green innovation design and floral contest, "Internet plus agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship competition, will start from May until October.

is reported that the first prize of the contest will be achieved by the construction of the construction work of the building, two, etc.

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