Beautiful transcripts LETV 2015 revenue up to 13 billion

gem can not pick up, but also need to look at the strength of the development of the enterprise, recently, as the sun drying out of the 2015 revenue, 2015 is a good year for the music network, the specific details we look at it!


3 17 evening, LETV released annual report for the year 2015. The 2015 year hurricane Mengjin company gave a quite beautiful transcript: during the reporting period operating income 13 billion 17 million yuan, representing an increase of 90.89%; among them, the terminal business income of 6 billion 89 million yuan, an increase of 122.22%; membership and distribution business was 3 billion 782 million yuan, an increase of 56.17%.

content homemade music video website traffic king


2015 at the end of the year, the music as homemade two big drama "and" Mi month biography "Princess promotion" as Bo eyeball. As of the disclosure of the annual report, "Mi month biography" the terminal playback volume has exceeded 12 billion 500 million; "Princess promotion" the whole network playback volume exceeded 2 billion 600 million, one-day player to break 200 million, micro-blog in the topic list for ten consecutive days, ranking leader, and won the network drama throne.

"Princess promotion" is a 2016 fire network oratorio, this homemade drama also brings music as 50 new members to join, direct income reached more than 10 million yuan, has become a model for a new era of IP film. It is worth noting that, as the music as a mobile phone and music as the content of the ecology to achieve a more depth of integration, hot end of the popular content with each other recommended

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