2015 rural small and micro enterprises reached 23 7

rural electricity supplier business has gradually entered thousands of households, for farmers to bring new business options. Now the Ministry of agriculture is also encouraging the majority of farmers to integrate the Internet model, so that the development of agricultural reform.

1 13, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of agriculture show that in 2015 China’s home business farmers founded Small and micro businesses 23.7, agricultural products processing enterprises 45.5, leisure agriculture in various types of business entities 180, farmer cooperatives amounted to 147.9, farmer entrepreneurship and innovation is a good development trend.

2015 years, the Ministry of agriculture to actively promote the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship of farmers, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship boom. A part of the traditional agricultural city is no longer dependent on the weather, but with the electronic business platform, combined with local characteristics, led to the development of local economy.

The Ministry of Agriculture / national

" ‘Internet +’ modern agriculture can form a mass upsurge in rural entrepreneurship, innovation, to make rural each ‘self-employed’ release new entrepreneurial potential, it can drive the information, technology, material and capital flow of rural talents, the birth of a number of new products, new formats and new business models, promote rural economic prosperity and development, provide new momentum for stable economic growth. "   Wu Xiuyuan representation. < / recommendation

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