Clothing stores to pay attention to the details of what

shop business can choose many projects, I believe many people will consider the apparel industry in the business of all, more and more people choose to do clothing business, in the face of such a hot market, we are inviting. In fact, open a clothing store, we must pay attention to the problem is still quite a lot, in the time of purchase, there are a lot of problems need attention. The following details to give you a look at the clothing store to pay attention to what?

1, ignoring the wholesale flicker

clothing purchase, novice to learn to ignore the flicker of wholesalers. In the wholesale market, there will always be those who prefer to buy a new dealer flicker, encountered this situation directly ignored. In fact, a lot of clothing prices of water, in general, did not put the price cut 2/3 are not bargain.

2, to have tolerance and style

novice when you want to sell the performance of a person who seems to think you are the kind of smart big business people, do this, it is estimated that you do not have to speak to wholesalers, wholesale businesses to take the initiative to curry favor with you. Of course, this is not so easy to do, the general shrewd businessman who is naturally manifested after exercise. When you go to the wholesale store, do not discuss the price with those shopping guide, you can talk directly to the boss, to show calm. No matter how the price is discussed, the decision is in the boss, so it is the most direct and effective way to discuss the price with the boss.

3, brain high-speed operation, the accumulation of experience

novice purchase is to exercise their own fast operation of the brain, discuss when the price should reflect this with wholesalers, because you want to quickly know what to get the goods at this price there is no money, you can earn, or how to earn more. The new clothing will be in the usual time to exercise, accumulate experience, and sometimes some of the knowledge is in a critical moment to show its role.

4, calm and cool

whether watching the goods, or in the discussion of product prices should be calm, can also be followed by some experts, learn from others is how to get the goods to bargain. People are always calm, make the decision is more correct, keep a clear head, calmly deal with the purchase of all things. To be calm in the bargain, try to say, not all of a sudden death, because they have to pay, to avoid later regret, or suffer.

garment industry to do business in the shop need to pay attention to the local small already told you about the above problems, is the need to pay attention to in the purchase, there are good sources, can better shop management, so we recommend

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