First open shop to avoid the five traps

now, the store’s investment is very high, so many investors who want to start their own businesses can not afford. With the rapid development of the network, more and more people open shop, a lot of online sales business is better than the store. But want to open a good shop is not an easy thing, for the first time to open the shop more difficult, in the process of opening the shop to avoid the five traps.

a trap: no opinion, follow the trend of buying and selling.

trap two: too casual, seriously.

trap three: too many unrealistic fantasy.

heard all day on Taobao said month thousands of sellers, he imagined that one day he will become a small boss. To understand the present situation of Taobao online shop has become saturated, more and more difficult to do business, after a monthly income of over a million are crown seller and the appreciation of Taobao’s sales system. This is as a novice seller must have the patience to do the following things:

A, there is time to look at the forum, many hot paste shop links left back. Two, go to a number of free information posted on the website of the shop and commodity links, preferably with pictures. Three, the use of QQ, MSN, blog to promote their own shop.

Trap four:

many shop online sellers have a kind of feeling is gone anyway, too bad goods can not bring me what, as long as they can sell. Recommend the defective goods or must inform buyers Weihuo sales agreement, after sales customer service, to avoid unnecessary problems, affect the credibility of the store.

trap five: the lack of perseverance, give up halfway.

start to warm ashes after numerous wait. Is there a business

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