2016 Beijing enterprise wage guidelines

soaring prices, housing prices skyrocketing, led to the huge pressure of life. Raise wage income levels, in order to coincide with the current market. Recently, Beijing 2016 corporate wage guidelines released. Reporters combed found that this year has been Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places to release the 2016 corporate wage guidelines. Among them, the Beijing wage growth from 3.5% last year to raise the level of up to 4%.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social Bureau released 8 2016 corporate wage guidelines, the average wage growth of enterprise workers is the benchmark for the line of 9%, on line for the next line, the assembly line is 4%, the total price is about $15%.


of Beijing city and Social Council, the normal production and operation, economic growth in the enterprise, reference line arrangement wage growth of the enterprise; two years before the benefits of faster growth in 2016 is expected to benefit the business is still growing rapidly, in principle, shall not be higher than the on-line arrangement of the enterprise wage growth; benefit from previous years flat or slightly the decline of the enterprise, reference line arrangement wage growth of the enterprise.

it is understood that the enterprise wage guidance line from the baseline, on-line (also known as the warning line) and offline composition. It is based on the year the government regulation of economic development goals, to the society’s annual wage growth that is not binding, but for enterprises and workers in collective wage negotiations and reasonably determine their own reference level of wage growth, but also state-owned enterprises an important means to realize the management of total wages.

with the Beijing enterprise wage guidelines released, according to reporters incomplete statistics, this year has been Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other regions announced the 2016 corporate wage guidelines.

specific point of view, the benchmark wage growth of 8% in Shandong, on line for the first line, offline for the Shanxi benchmark of 7%, the line is on the line, the line is 4%, the Inner Mongolia baseline of 8.5%, warning line of 13.5%, off the assembly line for the group of 11%, the price of is about 3%.

Beijing to raise wage growth offline

reporter combing found that compared with 2015, the region’s corporate wage guidelines this year, more or more flat or down, only Beijing offline has improved.

in terms of the baseline, the region’s benchmark line are less than 10%, and compared with 2015 levels have declined. Beijing fell from 10.5% to 9%, Shandong from 10% to 8%, Shanxi dropped from 10% to 7%, Inner Mongolia from 10.1% to 8.5%.

on the line, Beijing from 16% to 15%, Shandong down from the recommendation of the 18%

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