Female college students start to grow 240 thousand

now female entrepreneurship in the whole society to occupy the proportion actually continues to increase, at the same time, society, some female university students in the proportion is increasing year by year, there are a lot of female college students will look into the rural entrepreneurship.

85 after contracting greenhouse when the chairman

Gold rimmed glasses, hair in a ponytail. This year, 24 year old He Xiaomeng, although the surface is still not out of the atmosphere of students, but she is now a man has a staff of 27 employees, Co chairman.

2008 years, when He Xiaomeng college graduation, on his own business.

A year after the

according to Daxing District provided incomplete statistics show that the eldest son of town yufazhen, Rhenish Town, there are college students’ entrepreneurship.

"college students engaged in agricultural production, not only the labor of young, and will promote the upgrading of the level of agricultural." Daxing Commission Director Wang Baoguo said, the government funded to send these potential, the "new farmers" to participate in technical training, also funded the construction of a greenhouse for each of them, free of charge.

"but not everyone is suitable for business." The first normal university graduate student career planning guidance special consultant Chen Chang said that some college students if entrepreneurial failure, can be regarded as a kind of experience.


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