Tea tea make money

we are the tea brand tea for having heard it many times you know? Have you ever thought about joining the project? If you echocardiography, the first to make a small series together to learn about the tea brand. Guangdong Xizhilang Group Co. Ltd., founded in 1993, the existing management, marketing, R & D, production staff of nearly 10000 people, the group has in Guangdong Yangjiang, Nanjing Lishui, Hebei, Baoding set up three modernized industrial park, covers an area of about 900000 square meters, one of the production and sale of enterprises in China, a large instant seaweed jelly pudding, milk tea.

is Youlemei Xizhilang group launched a tea products, tea tea has six flavors of flavor, taro, coffee, wheat, chocolate, strawberry, with pure Ceylon Black Tea milk powder and refined into milk powder bag, then collocation translucent jelly like coconut tablets, hot flushes can enjoy. Very convenient。

There is a dessert drink store

in many places an average of 100 thousand people; an average of 8000 people in Japan and South Korea; an average of 10000 people a Singapore; an average of 11 thousand people in Thailand; an average of 12 thousand and 400 people per 1.47 in case of Hongkong…… The development of space is very large, very exciting. With the acceleration of the market economy, the beverage industry will become an important industry! Baby milk tea is a very good project, then join the brand to earn


tea tea can earn much money?

tea tea profit analysis:

Standard & tea shop

(5-20 square meters) flagship store (30-80 square meters).

tea tea shop rent 3000 yuan monthly expenses: 6000 yuan

tea tea artificial 1200/ *2=2400 spending *4=4800 yuan

yuan 1200/

tea tea water fee is 1000 yuan / month 2000 yuan / month

The raw material loss 390 yuan *30=11700 yuan 1152 yuan *30=34560 yuan

tea tea

total 18100 yuan 47360 yuan

monthly income: expected flow of 260 people / day 360 people / day

per capita consumption of 5 yuan / person (beverage) $8 / person (beverage plus hamburger)

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