nterpretation of the status quo of Anhui express industry

in the current market environment, online shopping has become one of the most basic consumer, which undoubtedly led to the development of related industries, which is one of the most important courier industry chain. The main content of the survey includes staff service specification, inspection system, the implementation of the charges and bills issued by the door to send and delivery time limit test." Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, said the Yangtze River, in terms of the implementation of standardized services, work dress and the use of civilized terms satisfaction by 21.57% in 2011, rose to 43.37%, 64.71%, 88.66%.

survey found that, as a result of the shipper and the consignee to prove the identity of the courier less, part of the inspection is only to ask the shipper’s phone number. At the same time, can not provide service invoice phenomenon is also more prominent, many consumers are urged to make up the phone repeatedly. Some couriers reply to the invoice is: Invoicing, freight to increase. Some enterprises in violation of the provisions of the industry standard, for example, the national standard for more than 6 months unclaimed express, destroyed by the express service organization in the supervision of the postal department, some courier companies are shortened to 3 months.

express service standards, the courier service organization should be notified immediately after receiving the dispatch of the recipient, the recipient should take a piece of time within 2 hours, with the exception of the agreement. City courier service time is not more than 24 hours, the difference between the domestic courier service time is not more than 72 hours".

but when the door to take parts, there are 55.75% express delivery staff to do within 2 hours to take the door, the courier delivery of more than 44.25% hours in the past 2 hours. From the newspaper sent to the door, with a minimum of 4 minutes, with the longest time of 3 days 6 hours 34 minutes. And some express delivery to the recipient, the recipient received express, with more than 24 hours. Some express arrived at the destination, the detention time is longer than the road transport time, the longest 58 hours and 56 minutes (excluding weekends).

tariff information opaque part of the format of the contract is still king terms

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the postal service, courier service charges by the express delivery company independent pricing, but the need to express the user’s business tariff standards. From the survey released the situation, 11 courier companies in the site, there are 8 sites can query to express freight information, there are no public information on any of the 4 sites, only through the phone to understand.

to help consumers have an intuitive understanding of the various courier charges, according to the corporate website and telephone quote, investigators made a comparison: express the weight of 1 kg, the city sent, the lowest freight is 6 yuan, the highest cost is 24 yuan, a difference of 18 yuan. Recommend equally

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