Short sales certificates do for holiday sales

temperature is decreasing, the time of day by day in the past, from the new year’s Day is more and more, from the major stores during the year is the busiest time is also getting closer. The festival is also a major market, businesses earn a rush period look cheerful. But we can not see the good things in the eyes, we have to calm the mind to see what they do not have sufficient preparation.

in this full of customers, Business Flourishes period, have what is called us retail customers blanket? There should be! In particular, the short supply of goods is even more so that we retail customers "worried nose" of the. Also, due to inadequate preparation, many retail customers during the holiday sales will encounter this situation, that is, we do not have the results of inventory reserves.

but is there any chance that retail customers will be able to seize the holiday in the chest? Of course, the retail customers in Jiangsu, Huaian, Zhang Honghua is a. He told the author, in order to make their products achieve peak sales continue to stall, he adopted the "careful preparation, short sales certificates" approach, which is of easy storage, long shelf life of the commodity in the off-season sales supply is not tight, advance storage preparation work.

do not only guarantee to have enough supply of goods during the holiday sales period, at the same time in this period, the price is very favorable, from cost considerations, than in popular during the period of low cost a lot. Zhang boss told reporters, some manufacturers in the production or sale of general holidays holiday, if you are in sales during the holiday is out of stock, holding money, no place to buy, have lost a rare opportunity to make money, you say a loss!

"short sales certificates, carefully prepared" is not a. Just doing business in that year the Spring Festival, because the boss Sundry Goods store opened soon, the hands do not have much money, then the tobacco companies delivery is also very diligent, a week delivery reached two times, the boss to smoke is enough to sell, anyway, not to how much reserve supply and the backlog of funds.

know, the Spring Festival and half a month, the tobacco companies not only supply cigarette brand, and the number is less and less, the family can only be a cigarette delivery cycle, not what basically the cigarette inventory. The Spring Festival approaching the last few days, but the cigarette sales peak, while Zhang Honghua did not supply available, hurriedly call the customer area manager, which know, tobacco companies are on holiday, mention this thing, Zhang boss but regret the green intestines.

is also, in the holiday sales period, watching others catch a lot of money, but they are not available here, it is the heart of the dead have". No matter what kind of goods, as a retail business to engage in the operation of retail customers, we had better do a good job before the stock, replenishment,

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