Women entrepreneurs do not show the same entrepreneurial style

women’s entrepreneurial strength is different from men in the entrepreneurial market burst out of a different life. Today, to share the experience of two outstanding women entrepreneurs to see how they embark on the road to success.


from the host to the occupation managers to entrepreneurs, change three identities, Hao Ying digest well. She believes that thanks to her return to zero.

to the hearts of the media dream, give up Harbin presided over the status and achievements known to every family name, alone went to Beijing, crowded subway, eat instant noodles, everything from scratch.

8 years of accumulation when defeated by reality, once again give glory and burst once dream, in business from scratch.

She is

this period of sales experience, also let Hao Ying realize that human potential is enormous, "when you try your best to try and you will find your life too much to do, see you with much effort to pressure yourself."

however in the audience labeled her a "sales Queen" label, she broke her public cognition again, the Han beam glory re zero, founded in August 2015, the new brand "Bella valley".

cases Shan: think of should stick to never give yourself posterior

on the opening day, Zong Shan is told several she benefited from the story.

on what we must insist on

22 year old recommend

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