nventory leads to the three reasons for unsuccessful entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship is able to change the status of a person in a short period of time, if you want to start a business in rural areas to pay attention to a lot of places, if you want to start the fund, all add up to less than 3000 yuan. Can you go, not to stop. Years of hard work, not only the replacement of computers, but also to make their own small reputation in the industry, more than one million fixed assets. He often says, "it doesn’t take much money to start a business. If the money is too much, it does not matter entrepreneurship."

One reason: there is no money


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together with a well-known Web site had a problem about entrepreneurial psychological investigation, from the feedback of results, there are more than 80% of the respondents said that if there is no good project, they would prefer to work, not to blindly investing. But the company advertising design company general manager Mr Tsang told reporters, making no profit is a relative concept. He cited an example. Real estate is almost recognized as the highest profit industry, in this area, the successful operation of less than 30% Real Estate Company. Because the project does not make money? Absolutely not! Because of the lack of money. Therefore, he suggested that if you want to start a business success, do not care too much about the project is good and bad, and to ponder whether they love this industry, like the project.

reason two: no full confidence

confidence is the key to success. But some people in the hope of entrepreneurship, always feel lack of self-confidence, on the contrary, more doubt whether he has the ability to control the project and risk. Under the influence of this negative attitude, luck and luck. A direct selling industry Chen told reporters, because the "pyramid" relationship, China’s direct selling market has been scorching, war. Can you make a textual research on the agent of the brand, think reasonable and lawful and reasonable, in opposition than support of relatives and friends, or take out "A faint heart never Wine Fair Lady" courage, dry up. Two years from a exposed to wind and rain, their store development to five, the annual income of over 1 million.

reason three: no successful experience

experience from the continuous exploration and accumulation, which is absolutely not born to understand what men and women with high ideals, what will. This simple truth almost everyone knows. When faced with entrepreneurship, there are quite a number of people in this area confused. Mr. Ji is now the boss of a shoe group, assets of more than 100 million. He talked with the author about the entrepreneurial experience, said: ten years ago, I began to get involved in sports shoes. At that time, I had no idea of the size of today. Just think, everyone must wear shoes, the world is so big, the market should not be small." So, their own loans do shoe factory. From the bottom of the start, OEM production, while walking to see, while doing the change, the day set month tired, they will become experts in this field from the layman.


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