Pocket chicken joined the details

although eat fried food is not good, but occasionally a sumptuous meal is, of course the fried chicken sales is considerable, or brand catering market in fried chicken not a day more than a day. To cater to the needs of the times, a chicken shop will also be a good choice. Xiao Bian here is a pocket chicken you recommend.

pocket core products from the "chicken fried chicken delicacy paradise island of Taiwan, the mainland catering company innovation run and optimize JIAYE, without limitation, can become meals early in the evening night 24 hours, hot spring and autumn and winter no off-season super restaurant stalls. In addition to the core product sign Taiwan fried chicken, chicken pocket according to its characteristics and the law of consumption of fast food industry, with its own technical advantages, integration of the hand hand tea, rice, coffee and other series of jacquard delicacy, develop different tastes for different consumer groups, everyone, everyone can find the four corners of the world, for their own delicious. How to join it?

pocket chicken joined the details:

a, join conditions:

1, identity pocket G row brand culture, dedicated

2, with confidence in the development and expansion of the pockets of G row career

3, full of desire for wealth and success

two, join support:

brand support: pocket G row to join the company to provide a unified store, store image and VI vision system to use, such as one hundred stores;

shop support: giving publicity supplies, clothing and so on, professional teachers with shop;

new support: pocket G row stores professional, the effectiveness of R & D team, the introduction of the new quarter of the market demand for new products taste, always lead;

advertising support: CCTV, as well as major TV circulation advertising support, network and print media to promote a strong publicity uninterrupted;

operation support: sign a large logistics company to ensure the safety of the material first time, professional operation team at any time;

regional protection: pocket G to join strict regional protection, to ensure that investors in a certain area of monopoly.

Market Outlook:


pocket G row in many markets throughout the country is still in a blank state, and the profits of infinite space, every hour of fried chicken.

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