Xiamen University special college entrance examination is how

college entrance examination is a very important threshold in many people’s lives, into the elite, the majority of candidates are the same wish! Xiamen University is renowned in China, is the choice of many candidates. So, Xiamen University special college entrance examination is what kind of? Here we specifically understand.

8:30 yesterday morning, Xiamen University independent recruitment examination in Xiamen University campus open rhine. Reporters squatting outside the examination, for you to decrypt the special entrance".

how to test?

three questions selected within ten minutes to answer the two

8 point 45 minutes or so, the first batch of candidates to test the end of the answer, out of the examination room. According to a group of candidates, said the interview a total of three examiners, each candidate randomly selected three numbers, each number corresponds to a problem, the candidates choose one of the two questions to answer. Candidates said: from the pumping problem, look at the title, thinking, answer, the whole process is only ten minutes."

who will take the test?

candidates each "skills" from far apart from each other

a total of more than and 400 people took part in the exam yesterday. They come from all over the country, reporters at the scene were asked a few candidates, from Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, is "far apart from each other.". These candidates are all "stunt", in physics and science of each examination, mostly won provincial Orsay awards, many also won the national prize; Liberal Arts candidates are not simple, mostly published in newspapers, as well as students in the new concept of "writing contest" award: students from Wenzhou Huang refused to disclose the name, who would only give awards in the new concept.

questions secret

down to earth science exam difficulty almost Orsay

According to the mathematical physics group,

group, chemical group of students to participate in the examination revealed that the science group is the test of professional knowledge, to the difficulty they had participated in the Olympiad exam. It is not difficult to see from their examination questions, the topic of life, very grounded gas.

physics group of topics, are common around home appliances, items. Such as "indoor temperature in the refrigerator, indoor temperature will change?" "Spray cans can not stop spraying, the surface temperature will become low, and why?" Etc..

chemical group questions, also look to life, but the students said "shut in". For example, carbon dioxide is not combustion gas?" See this problem, it is estimated that most people will think I am on my line, but there are three words behind the title: Recommended

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