Nanjing software Valley Science Park venture share Sharon successfully held

in the fable of education to generations of people, to innovation and entrepreneurship must understand the moral of the story. Young entrepreneurs who wish to take part in some business share activities, interact with peers, more understanding of the development of market and industry, so as to improve their business plan, do well.

11 21, Nanjing software Valley Science Park "krypton space" held a share entrepreneurial salon, attracted about 200 have entrepreneurial young people to participate in or ready to start. More than two hours, the platform guests share the passion story, Taiwan buddies learned a lot of entrepreneurial scriptures".

"Internet or software entrepreneurs, in the start-up period tend to have less money, no CTO, no development team and other constraints, and those in the field are key to the road of entrepreneurship." Coding Code City CEO Zhang Hailong said his team spent more than a year to launch the Coding code market, is aimed at this market demand, the supply and demand sides to build a software crowdsourcing platform. All of the Internet business idea, want to do things but the lack of professional personnel, related software development, programming can not solve the entrepreneurs, demand can be published to this cloud collaboration platform, and software companies, program designers through the platform of the package, Coding code tracking and monitoring of the implementation of cooperation projects, and technology support and relief project development commission to help start-ups and quasi entrepreneurs. Currently platform developers have exceeded 150 thousand.

venture by not reliable, not only to see if there is no idea, but to see the idea on the wrong way. Kilometer network founder Shi Zhengchuan said, just started to do kilometer network of Internet Co, later found "burn" too hard and catch up with the winter capital, turned to software companies, as the "dressed in coat Internet software company, do is software products, but the user centered, product sales all over the Internet, has made success.

by venture share, entrepreneurs can understand what is the practical development, out of the market will eventually fail behind closed doors. Correct targeting of market demand, in order to obtain the favor of investors, the return of the real recommendation

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