Two principles of underwear store management

wants to run a successful underwear shop, there are many aspects need to pay attention to here, can you make the most detailed, but small series through the introduction of the two principles to you, so that a lingerie shop operators have more experience, more easily achieved their success!

will store the best display location for the main product sales, we should pay attention to record can increase sales of specific display and display, in order to facilitate the adjustment. Usually, in the flow direction and wall master sight high shelf position (and so on both sides of the radiation view as the center of the 65 degree angle of the display surface covered by the main channel), cashier’s booth, next to the booth are better display; warehouse (or work), entrance lighting good, deep bottom corner shops, too many shops dead interval deep small interval.

principles of attraction

fully existing goods on display in order to highlight the momentum, the display should also be the brand style and interests fully displayed, and with the display space, make full use of advertisements attract the attention of customers, products can be used for special promotion irregular display method, can strengthen the special offer means.

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