How to set up a reasonable time to use

you set up shop business, once the guests less, such leisure time, how would you deal with it? Each owner for how to use this time will have their own ideas and practices, and the practice is different, the future operation of the store will have a different influence. So, how can we use the time to set up shop?

according to historical records, the son asked his teacher Mo-tse: "teacher, a person said that there is no better words?" Mo-tse replied, "what are the benefits of saying so much? For example, the frogs in the pond and all day long call, get it from the mouth parched and tongue scorched nobody noticed it. But the rooster, called twice only in the morning, we heard the know the day will dawn, so they pay attention to it, so to say in useful places."

the same as the truth of the speech, the use of time is not much, but the limited time used in the most useful place in order to be successful. If you want to be successful, we must make rational use of time, every minute of every second, if not properly planned, it will be wasted, it will disappear without a trace, the store’s business is naturally not improved.

experience has proved that the success of the operator and the operator of the failure lies in how to allocate time, how to use the time. Store operators in the understanding of the importance of time, often think that as long as the hard work, even if the sacrifice of sleep time will be able to make the store into a popular shop. However, the longer the time, the more profits will not be obtained, the use of time is very heavy.

in a restaurant street, there are three restaurants are in trouble. So the 3 operators want to change the status quo by giving time.

A operators to store business hours extended from 10 hours to 15 hours, the day did not light up to work, do not shop his door is still open, even the time spent a lot of sleep. But customers are still not growing. So A operators and prolong the working time, he is very hard to take care of the shop business, there are free to go on the road to the guests, personally issued leaflets, but because of too tired, make the food taste worse, business is always better. Finally, the A restaurant had to close the door.

B operators to carefully consider the situation of the store, decided to stop business for a month, the use of this period of time, a good transformation of the store decoration, to create a unique atmosphere of the shop. The results of the store environment is very popular with the students, and even the Internet also has a high popularity, many customers come to. B store has become one of the popular shops in this street.

C managers use their spare time to carefully study the menu, the development of a number of new dishes, the results of great popularity, turnover

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