Bai Zhendong beautify the store to attract customers

any one of the owners are looking forward to the store can be hot in the season, to create higher sales, to create a higher wealth. After all, the cigarette retailers, season means sales and profits is greatly improved, but some shopkeepers in every season are used for "money", that season to the market, their own recovery, I can relax, relax. In fact, the arrival of the peak season, often means more intense competition, businesses only to understand the market demand, do everything possible to attract consumers, seize the opportunity to sell, to do business booming.

bright and tidy store and reasonable layout to attract the attention of customers and stimulate consumer desire to buy plays a very important role. As the key commodities such as cigarettes, liquor store display in lots of gold or location, can catch the eye, so as to attract customers to the store, to focus on customer, promote greatly enhance the sales outlets.

Another important factor that

stores attract customers is the display of goods. In my opinion, the store in addition to a variety of cigarettes in full display, as far as possible, as far as possible, the most critical is to display eye-catching. The cigarette sales season, between peers in the types of products and promotion of the competition will be more intense, to successfully attract customers and stimulate consumer desire to buy cigarettes, product display and display must have a unique style, beautiful and neat, people find everything fresh and new.

through the great display location, display position and lively and vivid and distinctive product brochures and eye-catching display card, to create a warm atmosphere of the sale, make cigarette products more attractive to consumers in the store’s eyes, attracted the attention of consumers, stimulate consumer, so as to realize the smooth sales of cigarettes.

my shop is close to the railway workers’ dormitory, the cigarette is the main selling goods in my shop. When the sales season is coming, I’m going to re adjust the display of cigarettes in the shop. Previously, in order to save space, I shop back cabinet cigarette has been a neatly stacked up, now, back in the cabinet in three as a group of cigarette display, or horizontally or vertically, it gives people the feeling are very fresh, which highlighted, but also fully blank no, not crowded.

Before the

shop glass display cabinets in cigarette display has changed a lot. The display cabinets, the cigarette is placed flat according to the price, now, I put a single package of cigarette was stepped on the first row put into a product shape, the second row is two side by side bag. Tobacco companies issued a price tag placed on cigarettes, cigarette brand name, price, origin, tar content and other information clearly.

do not look like there is no change, but it can make a better image of the store, and thus attract consumers. So the customer enters the shop door