Using entrepreneurship to get rid of poverty

than the search for new sources of wealth, people who are still struggling with poverty need to start a business. Nanning will promote entrepreneurship services to the countryside, to help farmers in poor counties through entrepreneurship to get rid of poverty.

impoverished villagers how to start? What are the basic elements of entrepreneurship? Which industries should the poor village choose to develop? In January 11th, the Nanning municipal labor and Employment Service Center, Nanning city occupation technical training center joint Qingxiu District Bureau of human resources and social security into the two Nanyang town Tian Cun, Qingxiu District, held a precise poverty object oriented entrepreneurship training, to more than 50 entrepreneurial aspirations of the poor villagers to popularize basic knowledge of entrepreneurship.

11, labor employment service management center invited two national business advisory division Deng Yunyuan came to two Tamura, the villagers of teaching. Deng Yunyuan focused on "why entrepreneurship" and "how to start" lecture, easy to understand and "down to earth" language, the concrete examples to explain, but also interaction with the villagers, entertaining. The villagers have a preliminary understanding of the basic elements of entrepreneurship, cost analysis, risk mechanism and project selection and other basic principles, to learn the real entrepreneurial knowledge.