Do business but also let the shop originality

how to make their own shops more features, can attract more customers? This also requires the owner of the store design can be more Kung fu. 3 years ago, I decided to open a liquor store. I have been thinking about how to put the goods in the shop. Because I only sell cigarettes and wine, the goods do not like those department stores and more complex, once the store layout is not good, it will be scattered, it is difficult to attract the attention of customers.

after repeated pondering, I decided to break the traditional shopping malls, supermarkets use the shelf out of the way, switch to the counter and the lattice shop combination of goods display. In these "lattice shop", I singled out the goods, and the use of light, to better demonstrate the personality of the goods. At the same time, I did not put these "lattice shop" to make the usual common "Tian Zi", I think that is more rigid, but according to the size of the goods, make the size of the lattice, patchwork. Even if it is a bottle of ordinary drinks, placed inside, it is also different.

this unique way of placing, from the beginning to attract a lot of customers to see fresh. My business is quickly out of the "run in period", in a very short period of time into the right track.

at the same time, because the shop, one of the pillars, affects the visual effect, I do this in on this column. I made a large wooden lattice around the pillar, which contained a lot of works of art and culture. Many customers come to buy goods, like a shop here, like an art shop.

such a shop, almost every consumer came after the impression is impressive, and thus become repeat customers, so that the business booming shop. And now, there are a lot of peers have come to learn from experience, I am very happy to introduce them. Because my shop is already out of fame, and I am not afraid of competition.