What are the secrets of the success of the opening of a custom sweater

although the market has a lot of ready-made sweaters, one is the style is relatively simple, and secondly, a lot of people’s body is not suitable, so the market will be officially born sweater. The sweater industry is Chinese traditional industries, because of its relatively low threshold, competition is more intense, especially in recent years, the social objective situation and the subjective situation is gradually serious, the market the same style has been unable to meet the needs of some consumers, individuality, fashion style is the industry mainstream.

The volume of customized

high quality has become the best choice for some consumers, but how to open a good sweater and custom shop is a lot of people are confused, the author will this problem put forward some suggestions, hoping to give you some help.

custom shop, technology is the foundation of

‘s custom shop, the key is to be able to have the sweater design and weaving technology is good, have excellent technology, quality and service are not guaranteed, a good machine weaving not fashionable, high-grade wool sweater fitted. As a tailor shop will understand the design of woolen sweater and knitting machine knitting, sweater production process design, all kinds of knitting machine sewing machine and accessories maintenance technology, sewing machine, hand sewing and finishing technology and so on various aspects, therefore, a good grasp of sweater design sweater knitting technology, in order to ensure good quality. In order to achieve reasonable process, meticulous, ironing and suture.

tailored to the owner of the overall quality requirements

At the same time in the process of opening

sweater custom shop, should also be on the market situation and prospect analysis, mode of operation, purchase channels, business management, shop store design skills and content knowledge; also should have a sense of innovation, look at the issue from the point of view of development, to learn from the viewpoint of development, a comprehensive grasp of new technology to adapt to the future development of the industry. To a certain extent, we must continue to learn, continue to charge, so as to learn more knowledge of sweater design, weaving technology, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, weaving more and more popular sweater.

choose professional training school, let you successfully set up shop

many aspiring to sweater custom shop but have no basis, I do not know how to start; some have been opened, but the design is not new, weaving technology skilled enough, resulting in poor management of sweater shop. In this paper, the author suggests that we should choose a technical training school to carry out short-term training and systematically understand all aspects of knowledge. This is no matter whether you want to open a sweater or custom shop has opened a sweater custom shop, have a lot of help, you can greatly improve the chances of success.

of course, the choice of professional technical training schools should also have a few points of attention, a lot of sweater weaving training school, >

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