Rural Taobao nternet and electricity supplier together to the countryside

many well-known Internet CEO have publicly said that the rural electricity supplier will be a blue chip market to be developed in the field of electricity providers. This year’s double 11 also witnessed this prophecy, only 8 minutes, the country’s Taobao sales exceeded 10 million yuan, rural electricity supplier is moving towards opening up.

this year "double 11" online shopping market unusually hot, continue to refresh the record sales, and for the first time to join the "double 11" rural "Taobao" is also doing well: zero after only 8 minutes, the Taobao sales had more than ten million yuan.



from "to" buy "heart to buy"

in numerous the quiet rural China, one morning, a seemingly inconspicuous store lights, crowded, rural people are busy "buy buy buy", the village also came to watch the dog. This picture may not be able to imagine two years ago, and on the 11 day of this month, this scene staged in thousands of villages across the country.

"" double 11 "morning till three pm, usually less than ten points on the sleep of the villagers, the evening of 10 with the new year ‘staying-up late on new year’s Eve’, waited at the computer side and I together until 12 ‘opening’ panic buying." Tonglu County, the Fuchun River Town, Zheng Liying village villagers in November to busy, her village Amoy service station every night full, less than 20 square meters of stores inside and outside often squeeze hundreds of people.

"commodity is the villagers to buy most things, this year the" double 11 "here I order of washing powder and soap box is estimated to be more than and 100, while cheap ‘hoarding’!" the electricity supplier terms. "Zheng Liying used it more and more smooth, business volume in October from last year opened at the beginning of the more than and 100 month single, now increased to about 500 single day.

the enthusiasm of peasant in the western region is not lower than the eastern provinces, the electricity supplier in the training of new farmers online shopping consumption habits, stimulate consumer demand, while the brain hole wide open, farmers also recommend to the electricity supplier to create surprise

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