n order to promote economic development how to stimulate private investment in Xuchang

as an agricultural country, although in the economic development, the process of urbanization is accelerating, but the number of farmers is far more than the urban population. In August 8th, Xiangcheng county is located in the Xuchang coking coal circular economy industrial park of Henan science and Technology Co., an annual output of 3000 tons of silane and silane gas of high purity polysilicon project construction site, construction in full swing. The total investment of the project is 6 billion yuan, after the completion of the annual production capacity of silane will reach 3600 tons, the output value of 2 billion yuan, profits and taxes of $300 million.

2014 years ago, that the company sought to investigate the location. Xuchang, Xiangcheng two government departments attach great importance to the initiative to contact the person in charge of the company butt, promote good investment in Xuchang hard and soft environment. Eventually, the sophisticated project settled in Xiangcheng, and successfully started construction.

reporter visited found in Xuchang, such as Henan silane Technology Co., Ltd. such a large size of sophisticated projects abound.

recently, the Henan Provincial Federation announced the 2015 Henan top 100 private enterprises "and" manufacturing 2015 private enterprises in Henan 100 strong "list, Xuchang city has 8 enterprises at the same time on the two list, including Xuchang City, Henan Sen source group Co. Ltd and Henan the Yellow River industrial group, Limited by Share Ltd, Henan Zhongpin food Limited by Share Ltd 3 enterprises to enter the top ten private enterprises, the number of ranks first in the province. The province’s annual operating income of over 10 billion yuan of private enterprises a total of 14, Xuchang has a total of 4, the same number in the province’s first.

Xuchang municipal Party committee secretary Wu Guoding lamented that the private economy is an important symbol of the rapid development of Xuchang in 12th Five-Year, is the main force of economic development, pillar, but also the hope of future development.

in order to better play to the advantage of Xuchang city to develop the private economy as an important measure to stimulate private investment, puts forward to develop the market, improve financial services, promote innovation and development, strong talent support 38 concrete measures to construct the policy system to promote the development of private economy, for the development of private economy development the new space, add new impetus.

with the reform and opening up, China’s urban economy has been greatly developed, after the coastal cities have been significantly developed, the Midwest has begun to slowly rise. But the development of the vast rural areas, is still a headache problem. In response to such a social situation, Xuchang to take the way to stimulate private investment in order to promote the continuous development of the economy, the specific results we wait and see.

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