Store sharp not lying

can now often see some of the tools is the owner will be everywhere, if a customer needs, at any time can be lent to help, it can cultivate more loyal customers to the store, there will be a great help to the shop management. Some of them are in need of a shop owner, so the sharp instrument will be placed in a conspicuous place. However, if some day in the future, because of the sharp and misplacing the damage, the owner will regret. So, the shop to do business, the store can not leave sharp.

shortly before the day afternoon, the street I store where the emergence of a burst of noise, I quickly went out to see what.

on the street, and saw a young man rushed out of the crowd fled. Behind him, a face with the blood of the young men in hot pursuit. After a long way, the young man suddenly turned to flash into a deli, grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter, he lifted the kitchen knife crazy to continue to chase the guy.

shop owner back to God, and quickly call 110 alarm. The police station the police promptly, about half an hour later, the storm was stopped, did not lead to greater harm.

later, the accident also caused me to think of shops can not leave sharp.

if the kitchen knife caused by a certain accident, the owner of the Deli in the end will bear some responsibility? Some shops in the usual course of business, need to use scissors, knives and other sharp, the owner must do sharp management. When not in use, should be placed in the shade, to ensure that outsiders are not easy to get out of the counter. We sell kitchen knife, fruit knife, screwdriver and other goods, but also the need to strengthen the management, sales records, and reduce display specifications, to prevent criminals or alcoholics, psychiatric patients used to do illegal things.

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